Goaltending Solved?

Habs win Habs win…. Well with a 1 – 0 victory over the Boston Bruins the Habs move into a tie for eighth spot and alot of the credit has to go with the starting Halak. The rookie looked mature in net and was calm under pressure. The only problem with this is, he is still a rookie.

Yet again another problem is that rookie goalies are never really rookies because of the amount of time usually spent in the farm systems. So is Halak the real deal, the second coming of Patrick Roy or merely a viable option until the return of Huet. All I know for sure is as long as we keep having a solid group of goaltenders both on the big club as well as in the farm systems ( really 4 nhl level goalies this year Huet , Abby , Halak , Dannis) the team will be decent.

Carbs has to keep playing the kids and giving them ice. They are starting to show the older boys what its like to put an effort in and slowly the team is getting better.

PS Carbs keep playing the kids