Gretz has his say, I get mine…

Wayne Gretzky said today that the two best coaches in the world are Craig MacTavish and Darryl Sutter, and they should be early favorites to get the team Canada coaching job, but I have a few alternatives.1st Alternative) Pat Quinn, Ken Hitch*****, Jacques Martin, Wayne Flemming

-They lost one tournament, it aint the end of the world, and the loss was Gretzky’s fault anyways. Did the Russians fire Viktor Tikhinov after one loss? No they did not, and neither should Canada, I say, get the NHL to hold a World Cup 2008, and try this coaching staff there, if they lose gain, then you can dump em.

2nd Alernative) Darryl Sutter, Brent Sutter, Brian Sutter, Duane Sutter,

-Interesting concept. This would be a defense first team, which might prevent some of the biggest stars out there from playing their game. Crosby, Staal, Spezza, and others are offense first players, where as Redden, Jovanovski, Pronger, Niedermayer, Bouwmeester, and Marc Staal are already defensive super stars, except the latter two.

3rd Alternative) Don Cherry, Mike Keenan, Glenn Sather, Marc Crawford

-What about giving a chance to former team Canada coaches? All of them have accomplished something, and it would be interesting to see if they work in the newer era. I’m not sure this would fly with many fans, especially after Don Cherry has become Don Cherry, Mike Keenan has become Mad Mike, Glenn Sather had the Rangers thing, and Marc Crawford and the shootout thing…

I think any one of these would be an interesting situation for Team Canada 2002.