Gretz has his say, I get mine…

Wayne Gretzky said today that the two best coaches in the world are Craig MacTavish and Darryl Sutter, and they should be early favorites to get the team Canada coaching job, but I have a few alternatives.1st Alternative) Pat Quinn, Ken Hitch*****, Jacques Martin, Wayne Flemming

-They lost one tournament, it aint the end of the world, and the loss was Gretzky’s fault anyways. Did the Russians fire Viktor Tikhinov after one loss? No they did not, and neither should Canada, I say, get the NHL to hold a World Cup 2008, and try this coaching staff there, if they lose gain, then you can dump em.

2nd Alernative) Darryl Sutter, Brent Sutter, Brian Sutter, Duane Sutter,

-Interesting concept. This would be a defense first team, which might prevent some of the biggest stars out there from playing their game. Crosby, Staal, Spezza, and others are offense first players, where as Redden, Jovanovski, Pronger, Niedermayer, Bouwmeester, and Marc Staal are already defensive super stars, except the latter two.

3rd Alternative) Don Cherry, Mike Keenan, Glenn Sather, Marc Crawford

-What about giving a chance to former team Canada coaches? All of them have accomplished something, and it would be interesting to see if they work in the newer era. I’m not sure this would fly with many fans, especially after Don Cherry has become Don Cherry, Mike Keenan has become Mad Mike, Glenn Sather had the Rangers thing, and Marc Crawford and the shootout thing…

I think any one of these would be an interesting situation for Team Canada 2002.


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  1. mush124 says:

    Don Cherry? Are you serious? The guy is borderline senile, and he’s losing his mind has the days go buy. And I would tell you about 75% of team Canada players would have zero respect for him.

    Your 1st alternative is standard I guess since they have done it before in either a head coaching or assistant coaching position. however I think we need new fresh faces to coach team Canada pro’s.

    The 2nd alternative in my opinion is the best choice by far, i dont even need to get into details as to why.

    Forget those 3rd alternatives, Like Lindy Ruff would say “thats a joke”

    Other coaches I would consider who would do a great job are.

    Ted Nolan, Randy Carlyle, and wayne himself

  2. SensDude says:

    you must have a brain freeze when you mentionned your 3rd alternative Don Cherry, I dont want that clown anywhere Team Canada.

    I would give a chance to Mark Habsheid, he did good with the juniors. put him with Ted Nolan and a guy like Larry Robinson and you got a very good coaching staff.

  3. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    first for the second alternative in 2010 olympics spezza staal and crosby will be old enough and probably played there way onto it. (one may get rejected cause its not good to have one of these on the third line). Marc Staal and Bouwmeester may not be defensive stars but they will get there trust me.

    Mad Mike happens to be mike Milbury.

    Team canada 2010 i think not 2002

  4. Lindy_4_Prez says:

    Are you out of your skull? You would rather have Don Cherry over a guy like Lindy Ruff! Team Canada desperetly needs a coach who can develop a little chemistry among the immense talent through their lineup. Look what lindy did with the sabres this year. He built a team by commitee and chemistry. If Team Canada had any of that, they’d be more impoing than the old Soviet teams.

  5. Lindy_4_Prez says:

    O and Ted Nolan!

  6. the_word says:

    “They lost one tournament, it aint the end of the world, and the loss was Gretzky’s fault anyways.”

    How was it Gretzky’s fault? Did he play on team Canada? Did he coach them? Oh thats right, if he didn’t put Todd Bertuzzi on the team, Canada would have metaled. When you write these articles, do you ever stop and think to yourself, I’m actually gonna post this BS. You can’t blame Gretzky for getting shutout by Switzerland.

  7. Bacon077 says:

    This joker should get no say.

  8. Lint07 says:

    ahah. Don Cherry knows what’s up!

    I’d actually like to see him coach an NHL team again!

  9. SensDude says:

    Leafs ??? lollll

  10. habs_fan_in_korea says:

    I don’t blame it all on Gretzk, but Jesus, whoever vetoed Crosby, Staal and Speeza should get a serious dressing down. Go with whoever behind the bench, Canada has pools of wealth and experience to draw from in that aspect. All the other teams countered our success of last, this time we have to be ready for their style of play.

  11. muckies says:

    Oh Yeah,

    those Buffalo teams are historically known for their tight chemistry, like whenever the players get traded out of Buffalo, their first comments are on how disfunctional the team is, and how brutal and cynical the coaching staff is.

    Buffalo had team chemistry for 2 playoff rounds, and you call that a great sucess???

    Ruff is known league wide as a hard-ass and a a mean coach, his players don’t like him, and he would go over in the Olympics like a lead balloon – no way he gets a ticket to Vancouver

  12. BWbullies says:

    Let me guess because wayne did such a great job with the coyotes. He is a great player but not neccessary a great coach.

  13. Flames04Champs says:

    The previous comments already reflect my opinion on the outrageous proposals for the coaching situation, but how come it’s always the same “big” names on defence? Redden, Jovanovski, Pronger, Niedermayer, Bouwmeester, McCabe, those guys? What about Robin Regehr and Dion Phaneuf? By the time 2010 rolls around, Phaneuf will be the best defenceman in the leauge. By 2010, most of the defenceman mentioned above will be close to retiring anyway, not to mention that they’re already washed up (except for Niedermayer, I admit he owned us in the playoffs). And if Sutter does in fact coach Team Canada, you can bet that those guys will be at the top of his list. You can also expect to win 3-0 instead of 5-4.

  14. iginla012 says:

    Regehr was on the team

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ted Nolan coaching Canada would be a very interesting situation indeed.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    That’s who I forgot! Wayne Gretzky! I was thinking about writing this article for a little while, and I kept thinking about Gretzky, but I forgot about it this morning!

  17. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    3rd round they did fine. they lost all there dmen practically. TONI LYDMAN WAS LEADING THEM THAT GAME. ruff should get consideration. look what he did. you think that team was picked to go far?

  18. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    he got size instead of speed. its also do to pat quinns stupidty. he saw iginla sakic and bertuzzi light it up yet they did not play again after the first 2 games.

  19. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    redden bouwm prongs and niedermayer of that list will be there in 2010. Pronger and niedermayer will be A’s with one of them getting the C.

  20. flyerjim says:

    Not necessarily those three (maybe one should’ve went- Staal), but to take St. Louis over Kariya, Bertuzzi over Tanguay, & McCabe over Dan Boyle. Those were the glaring mistakes. He failed to take guys having a hot stick last year. Crosby is REALLY young and Spezza can’t play defense at all (and I think J. Martin had a lot to do with him not being on there), but Staal could’ve cracked that lineup too. Gretzky is as much to blame as anybody this time.

  21. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    Gretz is 2 for 3 in international play. 2 for 6 would still be pretty good. He also got alot a dropouts and thats not easy to rearrange. His team did not come together. With yzerman and mario there it would of helped. Plus lok at the defence.

  22. cementhead says:

    Thank you for saying this.

    Gretzky could only be blamed if the players he chose played well and they still lost. But lets face it, all of the “sure picks” did nothing in that tournament, Pronger included (whom may have been the worst of Team Canada players). Should Gretzky be blamed for choosing Pronger whom did less than nothing for that team? Anyone would have chosen guys like Pronger for that team. The true fault lies with the players themselves – and perhaps somewhat with the coaching.

    And the guy he got the worst rap for choosing, Doan, was there hardest working player and one of the most productive.

  23. the_word says:

    Crosby, Spezza and Staal all made the team, there is your speed, it’s the coaches who decide not to play them (after the first loss they were free from any pressure not the give the young guns a chance). Gretzsky’s role with team Canada is so greatly overatted. He picks the team going into the tournament which is simply a real life fantasay draft (and he did alot better than his predecessor Bobby Clarke who put Rob Zamnuer on the team) and he give the occasional motivational speech or addresses the media. So he shouldn’t be hung out to dry when Canada losses or praised when they win.

  24. the_word says:

    McCabe is much better than Boyle, St.Louis was coming off an MVP year and still was/is much better than Kariya who this year was simply a big fish in a small pond (his best days are behind him). Bertuzzi is a no brainer over Tanguay, he fills the role of power foward that no one else on the team could have done (he brings something the team lacks, where as Tanguay is just another speedy foward). Gretzsky took an allstar team that didn’t bother to show up, he can’t play the games for them, the team he picked was at least talented enough to beat Switzerland, nuff said.

  25. the_word says:

    well said, Gretzsky invites the blame after the loss because he is a class act who is willing to do anything to take the pressure off the team (I’m sure it plays into his ego a little too though). It amazes me some people (i.e. the author of this article) cannot see through that thin veneer and actually point the finger at him.

  26. flyerjim says:

    McCabe better than Boyle??? Barely, Boyle can play defense and skate better, and Boyle is a right handed shot that could’ve been useful with all the lefties back on D. Boyle is also more consistent on the score sheet, he didn’t have the big drought that McCabe did at the end of the year.

    Kariya had the experience and the numbers to put him over St. Louis. He finished with 25 more pts and played similar minutes with lesser players. He has 2 Olympics under his belt. I like St. Louis, but Kariya was a better player THIS SEASON, when the Olympics were held.

    Tanguay had 78 pts and was +8, as opposed to Big Bert’s -17. Tanguy bested Bertuzzi by 7 pts, playing in 11 fewer games. He has chemistry with Sackic (who was having trouble scoring). Bertuzzi’s edge was gone last year, making him relatively useless.

    The Swiss rode a hot goalie that night. And McCabe was goat on both those goals.

    I *****ed about these three players before the Olympics (honestly), and I stick to it. I feel these were the glaring mistakes in the roster that was sent.

  27. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    we needed speed and line combinations. he didnt pick speed and pat quinn put kris draper on the first line. enough said.

  28. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    Crosby, Spezza and Staal all made the team, there is your speed,

    ??????? really when was this. i think you forgot to add the if at the beginning of that.

    Gretzsky’s role with team Canada is so greatly overatted. He picks the team going into the tournament which is simply a real life fantasay draft

    way to contradict yourself there. He picks the team how is that overrated? Team loses he should take some of the blame should he not. and yes he should be hung out to dry or praised when we win because HE PICKED THE TEAM.

  29. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    dont worry the word is not the smart. he doesnt realize that gretzky has to take some of the blame for picking the team. Gretzky underestimated the speed part of this game. Bertuzzi though i dont think was that bad if you sat him in front of the net. But Tanguay and Kariya then i would have even been happy with our speed.

    about McCabe well the word must be a leaf fan.

  30. the_word says:

    Easy, settle down spaz, I didn’t contradict myself.

    1 Spezza, Staal and Boyle were all alternates that that were scratchs (I was wrong about Crosby, he was to young at the time of selection to be a realistic pick anyway). The coaches could have played them (Gretzsky didn’t coach this team).

    2 Gretzsky’s role is marginal, which ever team he picks is an all star team. No matter who he picks (amongst Canada’s best players) they should be competive enough to compete for gold. How did Canada do at the olympics? They were an embrassement, it wasn’t Gretzsky’s fault they played like amateurs. Who fault is 2006 performance, its the players not Gretzsky. Scapegoating Gretzsky is BS.

    So when someone (i.e. the author of this article) says it’s Gretzsky’s fault Canada lost, I say that’s BS. So Gretzksy picks the team (fantasy draft whatever he picks should gold) and after the loss he takes the the blame (BS). There is no contradiction there, thanks for posting better luck next time.

  31. the_word says:

    “dont worry the word is not the smart. ”

    Well put shit head, you really know how to put someone in their place, but it’s really cute that you think you can talk down to me. Next time you post something ask your teacher to help you develop your predicates. Again, picking the team isn’t that big a deal, they send an all-star team either way.

    Now, to respond to something of actually interest.

    McCabe just happen to lead all defensemen in points at the time and was projected as a Norris Trophy winner, but after the olympics his numbers did fall (key point there is after the olympics) so Boyle didn’t hold a candle to him at the time.

    Karyia was really good five years ago, I’ll take St.Louis over Karyia any day, you’d be a fool not too. What has St.Louis done…. Stanley Cup ring, MVP & Art Ross winner and at the time of selection all of these accomplishments coming off the previous season. So he makes the team over Karyia (who had a his first decent year in a long time).

    Bertuzzi obviously was a questionable pick, but what he brought to the team what no one else did. He was the only legitimate power forward on the team. Tanguay’s role was filled by other skilled wingers.

    The problem with this team wasn’t the selection (we’re really arguing about 2 or 3 players, that hardly constitutes a team), it was the performance of the players, that isn’t within Gretzky’s control.

  32. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    since u wont be able to reply to this. it was both. Gretzky controlled who he picked. He underestimated the speed over there and he knew it after the olympics to. St.Louis has done what else since his art ross and stanley cup. Kariya has a gold medal atleast and has proven to be a consistent scorer. Tanguay and Kariya would have made this team a competitor no sweat because they have SPEED the one thing this team LACKED.

  33. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    so your telling me if i made a team of over the hill players or all stars whatever. and they dont do what they are expected i shouldnt take some of the blame. i picked the team so i should take the blame because obviously i didnt pick the right team.

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