Habs and Ducks Talking Trade?

With the recent injuries on the canadiens blueline of Francis Boullion who status for the start of the Montreal Canadiens’ training camp next month is still up in the air and Mark Striet. The canadiens are pursuing a hard hitting stay at home defencemen. They are having serious talks with the ducks about Defenseman Vitaly Vishnevski who won his arbitration case of 1.55 mill in which the ducks have said they will accept and deal. The Ducks however are pushing for a larger package deal the includes Michael Ryder in order to replace the lost of lupul at RW. Which other players involved has not been mention yet. With both teams near the salary cap they are matching salaries at this point.

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  1. Habroller says:

    If they want Ryder, they’ll have to throw in way more than Vishnevski!

  2. bobsUruncle says:

    I’d love to see where this trade rumor comes from. To me, this is just a way to reopen the Selanne coming to Montreal rumors.

    While I check everyday for updates on trades and rumors in the hopes of BOB pulling off something major…I’m getting the feeling that it’s just not going to happen.

    I’m sure that Ryder could be moved for the right price, but although Burke is known for pulling off BIG trades…Bob isn’t!

    I guess only time will tell.

  3. newromanceforkids says:

    Streit+a draft pick




    or Ryder, Streit, Ribs, draft pick?


    Vishnevski,Andy MCdonald

    Boullion will come back soon, and Mcdonald can be a good First line Center

  4. SmileZ says:

    Is everyone talking about trading Ryder because he doesn’t like Montreal or something? Did Kovalev piss in his cornflakes? I don’t want to see Ryder traded but if he is unhappy then deal him already, just make sure we pick up a 20-30 goal man in return so we don’t look like idiots! Man, seriously, has anyone heard that Ryder is unhappy, and why he keeps popping up in trade rumours.

  5. bobsUruncle says:

    Ryder keeps popping up on the trade radars because he is one of the Habs’ best trade commodities. While there are negative aspects to his game, he is still a good goal scorer. I don’t think he’s unhappy here in Mtl…and he is pretty close to home also.

  6. Habs_to_the_top says:

    They are both intellegent GM’s. If something does happen, I’m sure it will be fair for both sides.

  7. les_canadiens says:


  8. Les-Habitants says:

    Is there a source behind this rumor, or are you just putting it together since Anahiem is known to be shopping Vishenvski??

    a couple of things too: Ryder isn’t going anywhere, not after avoiding arbritration and signing him. Gainey signed Streit again as a 7th defenceman, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be healthy and playing by the time season opens. If not, we have Cote and several other quality AHL defencemen who could step in.

    Any trade that might happen will involve Abby if you ask me. The Hamilton Bulldogs recently signed a goalie, which makes for 3 goalies on that team…and Yann is ready for an NHL backup role.

  9. urstruly says:

    listen up the reason why ryder’s name keeps on poppin up is because ppl start up these rumours with no backin of any good reliable source…

    havn’t u learned BOB by now, do u rlly think he will get rid of our top goal scorer last year and to remind u ppl who start up these rumours ryder was signed to a 1yr deal HE has something to prove to ppl consistent 30+ goal scorer…

    vishnevski for ryder hell nah however I still do believe Gaineys gonna make somekind of move b4 da season….

  10. neiltaylor11 says:

    I honestly think if people have a topic too post about, Then they should ATLEAST have a source too back them up. Because this is crazy people makin up this crap every so often.

  11. paratonerf says:

    That is yet another ridiculous trade rumour not based on anything.

    Gainey will not trade someone like Ryder, who he just agreed to a contrat with. Also, MacLean has just recently said “1.55 mill for a #5 d-man ? No way”.

    We’d be better off signin the old-but-reliable Desjardins then trade Ryder and whatnot for Vishnevski and whomever.

  12. christos says:

    ok, first off.. Whats the deal with ryder? is it just me? or is he a little over rated? even as a young player, all his goals came on the power play, in the slot, and from a beautiful pass. HE cant skate, cant check, cant pass.. definatly cant bring up the puck. Im sorry, i love the fact that he puts the puck in the net, but is that it? Im a die hard fan, trust me. Andi care for this team, i just dont see why everyone trips about him leaving.

    As for these no sourced rumors, well we have all learned how bob’s mind works. Bringing selanne here? lol, isnt that the rumor from last years worlds ? it could be interesting.

    A new face on D ? Bouillion will be back soon, although knees are fragile and need care, the man is a work horse, he will get it ready for the season. Besides, what a bout our young cote?! i liek the kid.

  13. Tush says:

    From the TSN website it said that they removed scar tissue…. probably from the meniscus. This is a very common procedure… I bet everyone knows at least two or three people who have had this done. Personally, I know 5. Not to mention it is similar to what Kovalev had done. So 6 weeks from today… is mid september/october. I think they are saying November to be safe. But if it was truely just scar tissue he will be back sooner.

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