Habs are NOT in the market for another goalie!

TSN and Rogers Sportsnet continue to both report that the Canadiens are looking for another goalie. they’re NOT.

The Habs are not going to try and make a move for another goalie! One of the goalies the habs are rumored to be looking at his Lalime… I don’t wanna waste much breath on this pathetic peice of choke artist, so all I’m going to say is the majority of habs nation and me have more faith with Abby + Theo in goal then Lalime come playoff time. The other goalie the habs are rumored to be looking in too is Mathieu Garon, this kid looked like he might have a shot at being a real #1 goalie eventually. Now he looks like crap, I’d rather have Halak backing up Abby or Abby back up Halak. Another reason why I can’t see us making any trades for either of those goalies is cause what would we give up for em? Samsonov? I’l pass, they might be asking for a draft pick instead of a player…Gainey does not like trading draft picks for players, and when he does think of Todd Simpson…a 6th round pick…MAYBE then do it for either. This is just my thoughts, please comment.

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  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    totally agree we need a pure goal scorer, not another goalie.  most of the goals halak has given up in the past 3 games have been deflected in by his own players.  I've got a real good feeling about this kid.  He could actually make huet expendable by next tuesday and if he flounders, they still have abby

  2. sdopus says:

    I agree that the team does not need another goalie, with Halak and Price the future in net is bright.  Abby though is not ever going to be a bona fide #1, “go to” guy.  He spends more time with his back to the shooter than any goalie that I can remember, minus Hasek who can actually pull it off.  Huet however will not be come expendable prior to the deadline because NO ONE is going to want a keeper who is OUT for THE REST OF THE SEASON.  People need to settle down!!  3 games ago I must have read 10 times the sentence, “Bob it time to blow it up”; well 3 wins later those of you calling for a complete gutting of the team have disappeared and quietly snuck back onto the bandwagon.  Nearly every team goes through slumps during the regualar season (see Ottawa, Calgary, Nashville…) and I guess that’s why there are professional GM’s who realise panicing is a poor way to manage.  Yes, we need a goal scorer, and less 4 or 5 potential playoff teams, WHO DOESN’T.

  3. the_purolator_guy says:

    huet is not out for the entire season it is expected that he will be able to return for the playoffs cause his injury was not nearly as bad as first thought, and if halak actually gets them to the promise land who do you start? I would start the guy who got u there, this story has a familiar ring when theo got hurt last year and and was still traded.  I'm definatly not panicking, i'm thinking of what assets we can use to bring in a scorer that we need instead of giving up a first round pick or a top prospect.

  4. xJayce says:

    In regards to your "blow it up", I dislike the term, but I still agree with the idea.

    If we can jettison Souray, Kovalev, Samsonov, Rivet, and get something, it either clears up cap room for next year (Kovalev, Samsonov), or gives us a return on free agents (Souray, Rivet). And if Huet wasn't hurt, I would also be pushing to trade Abby if anybody was interested.

    The last three games, Kovalev and Rivet have both been out. Kovalev, supposedly our team's most talented scorer. They've scored 13 goals in those last three. Ryder's been on fire (what's with this guy anyways? He's a natural scorer, but only in spurts? 4 goals in 3 games now?), Samsonov has showed a little spunk, Halak, while not excellent, is getting the job done (if the Habs can stop scoring on themselves, it would things MUCH eaiser on the poor kid).

    Dump a couple veterans, sign a couple free agents, and we are THERE! Yeah, it's soooo easy from over here. =>

  5. sportsupyours says:

    just wanted to let you know….as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning media my father let me know that he was sitting next to two Montreal scouts last night as the bolts played host to Boston. They were there supposedly scouting Marc Denis, which is the reason Denis started against the Bruins despite playing the night before in Atlanta. After Denis was pulled in the 1st period Lightning GM Jay Feaster stormed out of his office and slammed the door so loud my father told me he thought it was a gunshot. He later heard a rumor from a Lightning rep that Feaster had been on the phone possibly working out a deal to send Denis to the Habs for Rivet or Souray. Apparently the deal fell through. But, just wanted to let you know it looks like they are definately looking for another goalie.

  6. RealisticNick says:

    Ya well my cousins husbands cousins ex-wife’s brother cleans Feasters toilets and he says that he is not looking to trade Denis to Montreal. Ps. Denis is not worth Rivet or Souray, Huet is back for play-offs (if they make it) why would they have Huet, Abby and Denis and send down Halak who has won 3 straight?

  7. habz2007 says:

    I don't think the habs are looking or need to look for goaltending either but gainey is a smart man and if there is a offer that will improve the habs he will make the deal weather it be a gaoltender or a forward but the habs r need in a scoring forward more than anything .. habs will not deal huet after all there is no market for a gaolie thats out for the season

  8. mtl_prince says:

    i have to say that if they do end up getting another goalie, it better be a package deal, or we better give up next to nothing. trade abby. call up yan danis!!!! lol

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