Habs are NOT in the market for another goalie!

TSN and Rogers Sportsnet continue to both report that the Canadiens are looking for another goalie. they’re NOT.

The Habs are not going to try and make a move for another goalie! One of the goalies the habs are rumored to be looking at his Lalime… I don’t wanna waste much breath on this pathetic peice of choke artist, so all I’m going to say is the majority of habs nation and me have more faith with Abby + Theo in goal then Lalime come playoff time. The other goalie the habs are rumored to be looking in too is Mathieu Garon, this kid looked like he might have a shot at being a real #1 goalie eventually. Now he looks like crap, I’d rather have Halak backing up Abby or Abby back up Halak. Another reason why I can’t see us making any trades for either of those goalies is cause what would we give up for em? Samsonov? I’l pass, they might be asking for a draft pick instead of a player…Gainey does not like trading draft picks for players, and when he does think of Todd Simpson…a 6th round pick…MAYBE then do it for either. This is just my thoughts, please comment.