Habs done for now

The Canadiens appear to be finished retooling their roster, after signing UFA Sergei Samsonov and trading Mike Johnson during the offseason.According to the Montreal Gazette, Bob Gainey doesn’t plan on making more moves before the team opens training camp in mid-September.

“I’d say we’re done,” Gainey told the paper.

The Gazette also squashed rumors suggesting the Habs were in the hunt for Daniel Briere, whose $5 million arbitration award seems to be too heavy for the sabres. Briere, 28, registered 25 goals and 33 assists for 58 points in 48 games with the Sabres last season.

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  1. TheStryker says:

    Gainey may be done for the next week or two, but once all the abritration cases are settled…watch out. I have a feeling that there will be some activity. Once teams know where they stand towards the cap, some GM’s may be looking to shed some salary, or add some salary. All i hope is that Gainey can find someone to take Rebiero and Bonk off his hands.

  2. camerak says:

    Other than being very overpaid, Bonk was one of the Canadiens best players in the latter part of the season. He was doing very well penalty killing and playing on the third line. Hey may not have been the cure all that Gainey was hoping for, but he did turn out to be ok once Carbonneau came on board and helped him learn an even better defensive game. I really wish teams could take under-achieving players to arbitration to cut back their salaries, forcing players like Bonk to step up and earn their 2.394 million!

  3. kinslayer says:

    For now…but if Francis Bouillon must have a surgery Gainey will be forced to ake a trade to get a good dmen to replace him while he get healty.I see Brian Leetch, he is still UFA, we could deal with him a 1 years contract 900 000 or 1 millions and afeter bouillon came bak we could trade souray in exchange off a good player (not a star but a good player)$$ or try James Sanford (play with the bulldogs), I saw sanford played with the bulldogs and he kick some ass !!!

    Go habs Go, hope Bouillon will play at the begining of the season ^^

  4. Habroller says:

    If Bouillon doesn’t start, it’ll be Streit or Côté for sure, way longer before Sanford…

  5. Habs_to_the_top says:

    According to TSN.ca Streit’s knee’s are bothering him as well. Tendonitis…..

  6. TheStryker says:

    I have no problem with trading Souray but we need to get a D-man in return. How bout we go after Marc-Andre Bergeron of Edmonton. He didn’t dress in the finals after he screwed up, and since the Oilers lost Pronger maybe they would like to replace him with another big D-man.

  7. leafmeister says:

    huet was good this year but i doubt he will be next year him and tim thomas will have starting jobs and prove that their amazing run was a fluke

  8. jayhabsjay says:

    we’ll see about that, but dont forget about your #1 goalie or was he #2 no wait, was it #3. yes im talking about raycroft but anyway im not gonna start bashing people so im just gonna say that i hope that huet does awesome (i hope that thomas and raycroft do horrible), but thats just cause im a habs fan. but all in all it would be nice to see huet and thomas perform like thay did last year and raycroft to play like he did pre lock-out

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