Habs forward Guillaume Latendresse didn't make the cut.

The Montreal Canadiens have assigned forward Guillaume Latendresse to the Drummondville Voltigeurs of the QMJHL.

To bad, he looked good. But it goes to show how deep this edition of the habs are up front. He’ll be ready to go next year!


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  1. rojoke says:

    Not at all surprising, and not just because of the depth that the team has at forward. The kid has all the ability to play at the NHL level, but he won’t be hurt by going back to Drummondville. He’ll have a great team to play on, he’ll play at the world junior championships in Vancouver, and he’ll probably take the Volts deep into the QMJHL playoffs. That’s a great deal of experience to bring to the NHL when he gets there next fall. In the meantime, Plekanec and Higgins will probably make the final cut.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

    This is the right move by Gainey & Julien, Latendresse may be ready for the NHL and I do not think that he lost the job, I think Plakanek won it away from him. Higgins and Perezhogin had already made the team and the final spot for a rookie forward was between Plek and Lat and Plekanek won it with his game against Ottawa.

    Habs are going to be freakin’ wonderful this year.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    “It goes to show how deep this edition of the Habs are up front.” If an 18 year old second round pick can challenge for a spot, it means the rest of the team is so mediocre that a second or third line veteran could lose their job to a kid who just finished high school.

    LaTendresse highlights the lack of physical presence amongst Habs forwards. Ironic that the greatest checking forward of all time is GM of a team that doesn’t hit.

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    WTF are you talking about?

  5. canadaownshockey says:

    I’m tired of hearing about this kid, and would be more than happy if we never hear of him again. I was at the Ottawa game and the fans start chanting “Guy Guy Guy”, even though he wasn’t dressed. I’m getting annoyed. Don’t know if anyone knows this but Thomas Plekanec is the leading scorer on the Habs this pre-season, but no one seems to speak of him, Why no chants of “Tom Tom Tom”? I know why… does anyone else know why?

  6. afanofthelakings says:

    This guy is a Calder contender, but this year it’s sure that or Crosby or Ovechkin will get it. So waiting one year will earn him a Calder Trophy…

    Watch out for the Habs because now they have a real Goon : Raitis Ivanans !!!! Finnally a good one since Gino Odjyck. And even better …

    Message for Domi, McGrattan, Braesher, Shelley, Peters, Avery, Brookbank and others, Habs have their goon so watch out.

    Remember Habs traded Sylvain Blouin to get Ivanans from Vancouver… Finnaly great deal for Habs !!!

  7. robinson19 says:

    Yeah, 265 lbs and can make a sweet pass, too…

    Definitely haven’t had anyone like Ivanans since Odjik, probably even better.

  8. robinson19 says:

    Americans overrate and over hype guys like Roenik and Hull, all of Anglo-North -America overrates and overhypes Crosby, and yet the second French Canada gets excited about a young star everybody else jumps down their throats. Racist. Is your real name by any chance Sean Avery?

  9. Montrealsdogg says:

    this is a good move by the Habs brass, the kid would become a UFA far too early if he were to make the team at this point.

    Even though he has impressed, spending another year in the juniors can do him no wrong.

  10. canadaownshockey says:

    Hull (future Hall Of Famer)

    Roenick (Future Hall of Famer)

    Crosby (Best thing to come out of Junior since Lemieux)

    Latendresse (pretty good Hockey player, who scored a few points in Pre-Season, but “French Canada talks about like he’s the next Maurice Richard)

    I don’t know where you live but here it’s a little rediculous. And you agree that this kid should be more loved than Plekanec simply because hes a Quebecer?If you ask me that’s a little racist

  11. canadaownshockey says:

    and what’s th epoint in keeping him? He’d play the third or fourth line, and you don’t want to waste that time, Give him some time to develope more in Drummondville, then wehn he makes the transition to the NHL put him on the 1st or second line. It’s a good move by Gainey, and Julien.

  12. habswinthecup-again says:

    Roenick is not going to the HHOF.


    What is wrong with liking one of your own more than a European? It has nothing to do with racism, Hab fans will fall in love with Plakanek or Perezhogin soon enough if they play great and score a bunch of points it is just that Latendresse had a head start because he is a hometown boy.

    Case in point- who do you think Hab fans like more Ribiero or Ryder? My guess is Ryder who incase you forgot is not the hometown boy in this case. So lets please stop this racism talk, because it has nothing to do with that and you trying to incite French Canadians with this talk can only lead to trouble.

  13. distance7 says:

    Since when is Roenick not a hall of famer?

  14. mtl_prince says:

    i dont think roenick is guarented a hall of fame spot, once he get 500 goals, which should be this year, i still say to make it 100% he has to play a few more steller seasons with l.a. demitra will help his cause.

  15. mtl_prince says:

    i dont think roenick is guarented a hall of fame spot, once he get 500 goals, which should be this year, i still say to make it 100% he has to play a few more steller seasons with l.a. demitra will help his cause.

  16. mtl_prince says:

    opps, wrong place for that roenik bit, sorry 🙁

  17. TheCrosbyShow says:

    Latendresse wasnt signed because if you sign him at 18,he becomes an unrestricted agent at the age of 24.But if you wait one more year,he will only be unrestricted at 29 yr old!

    And the Habs also have a lot of promising forward like Plecakec (sp?) whom really deserve a place with the team.There’s no point in signing a guy lik Latendresse only to give him a spot on the fourth line!

    He will make the team next year..thats a given.

  18. mcpickl says:

    whether he sings this year, next year, or in two years, hes a UFA after seven years, or he turns 27, whichever comes first,


    How about he plays one NHL game before hes enshrined. OK?

  19. habswinthecup-again says:

    Only if he plays with same team the whole seven years.

  20. Deke says:

    Roenick is hall of famer

  21. Deke says:

    Montreal fans chanting Guy Guy is PAINFUL…

    They actually draft lesser players in draft because of language spoken. PATHETIC

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    Talk about racism, here’s an anti-American bias…

    NHL Totals 1124 475 645 1120

    Yeah, Roenick’s not going to make the hall of fame. He’s single-handedly one of the best American players ever, has scored nearly a point a game, and will eclipse the 500 goal and 1200 point marks probably this year, and if not this year, definitely the next.

    Don’t give me the whole no cup nonsense, because Roenick has better numbers than other players who are in there who haven’t won cups as well.

  23. mcpickl says:

    no, as long as its seven years in the NHL, doesnt matter if its with one team or not.

    either way, he can’t be a UFA at 24 like the above poster stated.

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