Habs land Vanek

F Thomas Vanek
F Sebastien Collberg
2nd-Round Pick

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  1. LN91 says:

    Really like what Washington did, made small…Necessary moves:

    Brought in:
    – Penner
    – Halak
    – Klesla
    – Brown (mid-level prospect)
    – 4th round pick (2015)

    Shipped out:
    – 4th round pick (Anaheim’s pick for Perrault)
    – 6th round pick
    – Neuvrith
    – Erat
    – Mitchell (minor leaguer)

  2. doorman says:

    Klesla is one guy I wouldn’t have minded the Leafs having, I was hoping they would’ve claimed him earlier this season.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    THANK-YOU MARC BERGEVIN,THANK-YOU! FINALLY YOU ADD A GAME BREAKER ,AND A DIFFERENCE MAKER!i was pissed at the mike weaver pick up,was even more furious over the dubnyk pickup but you made up for it in spades by getting the most coveted guy on trade deadline day!
    and you fleeced garth snow in the process we got him for nothing!
    great day to be a habs fan!

    • LN91 says:

      I hated his phone call with TSN…Atleast remain neutral, he’s making it to obvious that he’s going to Minny.

      Great pick up for the run though, at a great price.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    yeah your ight he’ll end up in minnesota but i get to enjoy him for the rest of the season and the playoffs…who know it’s a very,very,very long shot but it wiould be awesome if he resigned with us,if not i can see us signing matt moulson we were in on him to
    i like our chances even more in the playoffs with vanek i think we’ll beat whoever we play in the 1st round even you guys if we meet and i hope we do it would a dream match up but we’d have a huge advantage …in that series you guys would be huge underdogs.

  5. doorman says:

    You’ll have no problem beating us as long as you take penalties lol. Fawk go from having the game looking like it is played with a system as a team and a big road win to this crap

  6. leafmeister says:

    I hope we aren’t seeing another goddamn collapse.

    • doorman says:

      I don’t think we are, though declining power plays might become desirable, lol.

      I can’t help but think of the amount of chatter we used to have on here at deadline & draft days. Where did everyone go? lol

      • leafmeister says:

        I think when the whole layout of the site changed it lost a lot of people. Now it seems to be a select few Leaf fans, Lafleur, and that Rangers fan whose name I can never remember. If I remember correctly, it used to have a decent Bruins representation, and a lot more Habs fans.

        I don’t mind that Nonis didn’t make any moves at the deadline since they so rarely work out, and I trust his judgement in regards to value, but this team needs some work. A lot of the defensive improvement will come when Rielly can reliably play some tough minutes and take pressure of Phaneuf, but they need another stabilizer back there.

        I’d go after Edler in the offseason. He is the right age, right price, and is signed for a good term. I don’t know how much more of Gardiner/Franson gaffs I can take. I don’t think they should be looking to deal Gardiner, but I want Franson gone this off-season.

        • Gambo says:

          Gardiner has been making a lot of mistakes lately, but he has the speed to make up for it a lot of the time. Hopefully he’ll smarten up and continue his progression.

          Yeah, I want Franson gone after this season unless he somehow learns to play defense. Hopefully contract talks between Vancouver and Tanev become an issue again, would love to have Tanev, a Toronto born player, come play in Toronto. So steady, a good skater, right handed. Perfect fit for one of Rielly or Gardiner.

        • lafleur10 says:

          leafmeister i was listening to the team 690 today(everyday) lol pierre lebrun was on mitch melnyk’s show they talked about the trade deadline trades and of course what the habs did and how they got vanek…he mentioned that the leafs were very much in on vanek …he said to that alot of gm’s couldn’t believe how little bergevin gave up he said at least 10 gm’s said bergevin stole vanek for nothing!
          so i wonder why nonis didn’t try to land him..especially when snow softened on his asking price of not asking for a 1st rd pick to be included?

          • leafmeister says:

            The Leafs don’t really need offense, especially on the wings. Vanek would make them all that much more deadly, but he wouldn’t solve their defensive issues, and wouldn’t be the piece to put them over the top.

            He addresses the size and scoring issue for the Habs, but he doesn’t really make sense for Toronto.

            • LN91 says:

              Yeah, it would be a small boost…But it does not really make sense.

              3/4 of the Leafs are having a very bad season, and the fact they are still in it does not warrant a huge change of philosophy to just enter the playoffs.

              Nonis said it well, they are still the bottom-5 of youngest teams in the league…And they’re still building for a couple years away.

              However, if Kesler is available…I think they need to go hard for him. The stability down the middle for the next 5 years allows players like Gauthier, McKegg, Verhaege, Holland (all C prospects that have been very impressive this year) to develop without pressure of finding a center.

  7. doorman says:

    lafleur, A lot of teams that were in on Vanek, Leafs included wanted/needed the Iles to take salary back and snow wouldn’t. I think he really shot himself in the foot with that, as a few insiders said there were better offers then Mtl’s. Pretty sad that they sacrificed a better return for it.

    • lafleur10 says:

      doorman we also said that we would take all of vanek’s salary and we told them that we didn’t want them to back salary or to pay part of it ..we did have the remaining cap space to take on his salary as well that is also what gave us the inside track to landing vanek

  8. LN91 says:

    Not sure if the Leafs would have done it considering his UFA status, but I’m surprised that Garth Snow did not go to Nonis and offer Thomas Vanek in a package for James Reimer.

    In a deal, Snow should have really focused on picking up a solid goalie. I know everyone would probably say defence…But with Hamonic, and great prospects like Griffin Reinhart, Ville Pokka, Ryan Pulock, and Adam Pelech…Future is not bleak with a solid UFA addition.

    Collberg, who I was never fond of, does give them a project player for the wings…Which is something they’re lacking in their pool.

    However, a goalie should have been the main focus in this trade…Even a young, prospective goalie.

    • LN91 says:

      I mean James Reimer, small package for Vanek.

    • lafleur10 says:

      ln91 that would be the conventional thinking and wisdom by the islanders…but with garth snow as gm he’s made that team an absolute mess and a joke,but i just hope he’s gm in a year or 2 when tavares asks for a trade,then marc bergevin can fleece him again…lol he should asked for a goaltender in any package for vanek

  9. doorman says:

    The Rangers fan is ThisGameWeLose.

  10. leafs_wallace93 says:

    TSN is wheeling out Steve Moore for sympathy again? Hey douche bag maybe you shouldn’t have head hunted the Canucks best player with a late elbow to his head, then when asked about it post game shrug it off because the ref didn’t call, maybe Colin Campbell might have save your Havard privilege (Stevie you couldn’t get another job you had to go after Bertuzzi in the court?) ass by suspending you so that maybe Vancouver didn’t decide to repeatedly take matters into their own hands.

    Moore’s ‘meh I already answered the code fighting in that game’, he was a scrub defenseman on a loaded team who head hunting a small market team’s franchise center in a pre cap era (Vancouver couldn’t afford losing Naslund, any team in the league could do without Moore). Hell Colorado should have benched him in the blow out that was that game. But everyone shame Bertuzzi again, poor Steve Moore didn’t get his make a wish of being a 7th defenseman journeyman.

    I hate Steve Moore, if you live by the sword then you may very well die by it you asshat.

  11. TmLeafan says:

    I don’t mind that we did nothing at the deadline. If you look at the teams around us nobody made significant improvements. We will have to wait for the summer. Here are a few ideas:

    WPG: Franson, Gauthier, 2015 3rd rd pick
    Tor: Bogosian, A. Montoya

    NYI: Reimer
    Tor: Strome

    NYI: Bolland
    Tor: conditional 3rd rd pick

    Sign Steve Ott

    Resign Kulemin

    Lupul-Kadri- Clarkson
    Kulemin-Ott- Cheap UFA
    D’amigo-Mcclement- Ashton



    • kessel_leafs81 says:

      I like the idea of adding strome, but i gotta think itd take more than that no? but I agree with ott also, faceoffs would be huge. Would really like the bogosian aquisition also, hes pretty mobile for a thick guy. Guy just looks mean.

      • TmLeafan says:

        Strome would be a great pickup. If you look at our prospects none of them are projected to have really high offesnsive upside. Strome has that for sure but has not shown it in the NHL yet he would be a great pick up moving forward.

        I am not sure if the Isles would do it. I do not think it is out of the question though. Look at how many goalies were moved at and leading up to the deadline Snow did nothing. He must look to address it in the summer. Reimer has a lot more value than Halak, Dubnyk, Bryzgalov etc. What seymon Varlamov was traded for a few years back is what we can expect which was a 1st round pick (Filip Forsberg) + 2nd round pick. Otherwise Nonis I don’t think Nonis is moving him.

        Bogosian is the kind of guy we need. Age fits our group, not a total rookie. Big intimidating guy who skates well.

        I would offer up the same package for Travis Hamonic on the Islanders. Franson is not good enough defensively and we have Gardiner and Rielly who should be able to play 1st line pp minutes in his absence, their offensive abilities will continue to improve.

      • I don’t think you come close to adding strome or bogo without seriously adding to that offer and making it an over-payment. You have 29 teams that will offer more than that. Although, I guess we figured the same with Vanek…

        • TmLeafan says:

          You may be right but he is the kind of guy that we need to target imo.

          What about Hamonic, I dont think that is an absurd trade request. He is again a very good dman and is signed for under 4 million dollars until the 2020 season. That makes him incredibly valuable. Islanders might want Franson and the prospects thought maybe add another prospect or pick in there as well.

          • TmLeafan says:

            We need to target a d man and not any dman we need one that can skate, is going to make an impact for a while and can play top 4.

            Look at the Chicago model and their mobile defence: Keith, Seabrook, hjalmarsson, Leddy, Oduya. All of these players are good skaters that cover a lot of ice and can move the puck quickly. We are not there yet but we have young mobile d coming up and I believe that is Nonis’ plan to follow this model.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I dunno, I was happy but keep thinking how good Lupul-Kadri-Vanek would look behind the best line hockey going into the playoffs.

      Stupid frugal Wang/Snow.

      • kessel_leafs81 says:

        That would have been awesome, even as a rental, who cares if nonis still thinks the team is young and doesnt expect to go all the way.. with those top two lines with a guy like vanek, anything could happen. I know vanek hasnt done much on montreal but new system new everything in montreal, took a bit for him to take off in buffalo also.

        • kessel_leafs81 says:

          I meant islanders sorry

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Re-thinking the misery of the never ending searching for a #1 center where we have to pay through the teeth for a bubble top line center like Kessler.

          What if we added another franchise winger? Kadri or Holland just have to play the role of Bozak between JVR and Kessel. That would provide scoring depth (where we kinda struggle) on an already potent offense.

          Leaving Kulemin-Bolland-Clarkson/Komorov in the bottom six.

          Bozak, Kadri, Bolland could suffice.

          • TmLeafan says:

            I would not be opposed to bringing in another winger. People obsess over centres and defense but there are good defensive wingers (Kulemin, Jeff Carter) to name a few.

            Evander Kane?. He will be worth the 6 mil contract he is crazy fast, gets to the net and has a wicked shot. Seems to be playing behind a lot of the others at Winnipeg so they may move him. They will probably want Gardiner though.

  12. mojo19 says:

    The Leafs are the best. Deal with that. We’re coming out of the East, bitches

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Swept the Ducks this year, Ducks aren’t going further than two rounds.

      Leafs are looking Dark Horse just like they did last season.

      Don’t mean this as a troll but how are you liking Bozak right now?

    • leafmeister says:

      Perfect win last night. They got an early lead an managed to protect it efficiently in one of the toughest buildings in the league. That will give them a much better shot at picking up at least one point tonight. The Leafs often seem to show up to big games against top teams. It is a good thing they won’t have to face any of those pesky non-playoff teams in the playoffs.

      It is also hard to guess what kind of impact Bolland coming back will have. That could be a major boost down the stretch.

      If I were a betting man, I’d guess this isn’t their year, as they are still pretty young, but I am so excited for the future of this team. I think they are at the point where for the most part they can look to internal development for the next major steps.

      I think both Kadri and JVR are not fully developed and could reach another level. Kadri probably won’t be an elite top line center, but I think he can be a very high end 2nd line center. He already has the PPG pace of a good 2nd liner, and it is only his first full year, and has been a year full of adversity.

      This year has been JVR’s breakout year, and we are just starting to see his potential as a powerforward. We know he can get the garbage goals, but he has blinding outside speed, has great hands and is good defensively. If he continues to develop those skills, the Leafs could have their own version of Rick Nash.

      Morgan Rielly is going to be the big one though. When you look at the age that these young elite blueliners who Rielly has been compared to, and followed similar career paths as, you can’t help but get excited at the possibilities. An elite puck moving d-man transitioning into an offense so deadly on the rush will be absolutely terrifying for opposing teams.

      My enthusiasm for Gardiner is on hold until he takes some serious concrete steps towards being the top 4 puck mover we know he can be. I am open to trading him, but I also like the possibility of both him and Rielly being in the top 4 long term. As long as he develops, that will do wonders for the Leafs puck possession game.

      Assuming those players continue to develop, I think they are a solid two way top 9 center, and a legitimate top 4 d-man away from being serious contenders.

    • leafy says:

      The Leafs are a dangerous team, no doubt about it.

      The first line is as prolific as any line in the NHL. The other lines are coming into their own. I see the transition game improving, as well as the forecheck and cycling game which was almost nonexistent before. Eating up time in the other team’s zone. Why is this happening now and not before? Confidence. Simple as that.

      The defense too I see huge improvement. There seems to be more confidence in making the right pass or skating the puck out. The 2 youngsters keep getting better, I like Gleeson’s toughness, and the 7 D strategy is working to put pressure of Phaneuf who doesn’t look as physically exhausted.

      It would be good to get Bolland back for about 5 games before the playoffs. He’d create a significantly stronger second or third line.

      • leafy says:

        And I hope the Leafs get the Habs first round. When 2 of your top 3 scorers are defenceman, that’s not a good sign. The Habs don’t have the fire power upfront to stage a fight against the Leafs, critical in today’s NHL. Sorry Lafleur.

        • TmLeafan says:

          Ya I would love Montreal. Leafs play a physical game and the Habs are a bunch of cry babies. Look at last year. Eller gets rocked by a questionable hit and their whole team comes totally unglued.

          Call me crazy but I want Boston again. Their defence is not what it used to be its vulnerable. And the Leafs have a ton of firepower.

          Any team with a questionable defense better watch out playoff time.

          • leafy says:

            Another team is Tampa. They just lost St. Louis, and Stamkos is probably not 100%. They could be ripe for the picking.

            Not sure I want Boston in round 1. Maybe aging a bit, but would still be tough.

  13. leafy says:

    I wouldn’t worry about tonight’s San Jose game. That’s one of the best teams in the NHL, and they got the Leafs on the second of back to back games on a California trip.

    Also doesn’t help when the goalie can’t stop a beach ball. I cannot explain Reimer’s decline. He just plain sucks now. It’s a meltdown of Vancouver Canuck proportions.

    Don’t get me wrong, San Jose might still beat a rested Leafs team even with Bernier in net, but at least the Leafs would give the Sharks a good game.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Riemer’s fine, whenever he comes off cold off the bench he looks especially bad just like when he looks great when he has a good game, he’s a victim of a small sample size.

      Refs hosed the Leafs all night but this game had loss written all over it. SJ is a bad match for the Leafs but it’s not like the Sharks can make the cup finals anyway so why sweat them right?

      • leafy says:

        I hope you’re right about Reimer. I like the kid so if anything I’m rooting for him.

        Not sure what to make of San Jose. It’s true every year they choke, but it’s entirely possible one of these years they’re due. Have to wait and see.

  14. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Reimer had almost 50 shots against and they were not from the outside. Most were from good scoring areas. He wasn’t good, but I don’t think he was that bad either. Not sure how we were hosed by the refs, I mean the Sharks had a clear goal called back or it would have been over even early and might have ended up even uglier than what it was.

    SJ outplayed us, outworked us and used their size to hem us in our own end. Most of our D couldn’t handle their forwards physically and coughed the puck up numerous times.

    I know most want him gone, but we miss Franson’s size, physicality and passing ability when he is not in the line-up. Yes, he can make mistakes, but his size down-low and his first pass ability is a huge asset. The Leafs are 0-3 and have been out-scored 14-6 without him in the line-up. So much for us being better defensively without him and just as good offensively (small sample I know, but what he brings is underrated by many).

  15. doorman says:

    Watching that game last night was like driving by an accident, just couldn’t help but watch. Reimer was not good, but wasn’t horrible, his confidence is obviously shaken though. Watching this team play in front of him, is not like the team hen they played last year.

    Franson being the only RHD was missed. He isn’t any worse then our other dmen at turning over the puck. He makes a difference at the point for sure.

    Also is it just me or do our goalies go own way too fast, way too often?

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