Habs line up for the start of 07-08***NOT FINAL***

Ok, here’s what I have come up with so far for Montreal’s line up come October. NOTE, this isn’t final and is based on what I believe it will look like as of this very moment ( 1:23 PM, July 5, 2007)



Grabovski-Smolinski-A. Kostitsyn


Murray, Chipchura, D’Agostini, S. Kostitsyn




Bouillon, Archer, Cote, Jancevski, O’Byrne



I believe the only spots that are really up for grabs are: Grabovski’s, A. Kostitsyn’s, Begin’s, Lapierre’s, and Kostopoulos’ as well as Gorges, Streit and Dandeneault. I have Bouillon on the outside looking in because,. is it just me, or did Montreal’s troubles begin once he came back from injury in December? Now, this next part is what I believe each player that I have in the line up doing this upcoming season.

Latendresse- 20 G 25 A 45 PTS (Will continue to grow and fact he has a permanent line will help a lot)
Koivu- 22 G 45 A 67 PTS (Might be his last year as Habs #1 Centre)
Ryder- 35 G 30 A 65PTS (Will become more consistent)

Higgins- 25 G 25 A 50 PTS (No injury will help keep him in a groove)
Plekanec- 25 G 35 A 60 PTS (Will continue to grow as Habs future #1 C)
Kovalev- 18 G 25 A 43 PTS (This may be a little generous but he might surprise us this year)

Grabovski- 15 G 20 A 35 PTS (Decent rookie campaign)
Smolinski- 17 G 26 A 43 PTS (Will help his wingers adjust to the NHL)
A. Kostitsyn- 10 G 15 A 25 PTS (Might be better then what I expect)

Begin- 10 G 8 A 18PTS (PK is where his ice time lies)
Lapierre- 10 G 15 A 25 PTS (Might emerge as Habs best Face off Man)
Kostopoulos- 7 G 10 A 17 PTS (Teamed with Begin and Lapierre, a less talented Grind Line (Draper-Maltby-McCarty in Detroit in the 90’s)

Hamrlik- 10 G 35A 45 PTS (Will put up what’s expected of him)
Markov- 8 G 55 A 63 PTS (Out of Souray’s shadow and will emerge as Habs best playmaking D-Man since Desjardins)

Komisarek- 8 G 25 A 33 PTS (Increased role and ice time as well as PP time)
Gorges- 7 G 20 A 27 PTS (Full year under Carbo’s system will help him)

Streit- 15 G 15 A 30 PTS (Breakthrough year will continue)
Dandeneault- 7 G 8 A 15 PTS (Not gonna be a Hab much longer)

Huet- 19-16-10, 2.58 GAA, .905 SV% (Can’t win more then 19 games)
Halak- 18-7-5, 2.25 GAA, .915 SV% (Will be this years Toskala)
Price- 4-1-2, 2.16 GAA, .930 SV% (Will get first shot a NHL action)

Total- 41-24-17 99 Points (I know, I know, probably won’t happen but I’m basing this on if every Hab player does what I think they’ll do but a probably more realistic record would be 37-30-15 89 Points)

I believe that if my “predictions” come true, the Habs will lock up a play off spot in the 6-8 seed range, even if they only get 89 points. If they happen to start the way they did last year and continue to play like that, I believe a division title isn’t totally out of the question. I’m probably being more generous then I should but, I’m hopeful. I don’t seriously think that every player will score that many goals or points but I think its about the right range for each player.

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  1. Frozengun says:

    Is it just me but did the problems start when Andy Murray joined the Blues?

  2. sanj91 says:

    Not bad lineups, just change Grabovski for Lapierre. Him and Kostitsyn should be with Smolinski, Grabovski should get some 4th line time. Other than that, I liek them them. What really makes me crack up though are your points predictions. If Grabovski gets 35 points and Smolinski gets 43 points…I will theme my room after them. A more realistic total would be 23 points for Grabovski and 34 points for Smolinski. Also I think Hamrlik will get more goals than 10. And maybe less assists. But I have to say, since I've joined I've made about 9 lines predictions starting with

    Blake – Briere – Ryder 
    and ending with
    Kozlov – Yashin – Guerin
    Anyways, good job! You're better than that nutjob leafsmeister who predicted the Leafs finish in 6th place next year. 
  3. mtlman2005 says:

    Hamrlik and Markov wont play together on defense. We need to spread our "talent" (or lack of) in the 1st two pairing.
    It will probably be something like
    Streit-Georges-O'byrne-Bouillon… (whoever they choose to keep)

    Personnaly, I would trade Bouillon and Dandenault to give the young guys a shot! What else do we have to lose, no one is saying we are gonna make the playoffs!

  4. habsrock99 says:

    i disagree with your thoughts on Markov and Hamrlik not playing together, and the Habs have talent coming out the wazoo. You put your 2 best d-men together and work from their. AND THANK CHRIST, SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME ABOUT DANDENEAULT AND BOUILLON!!!!

  5. passionch says:

    Minor changes:
    – Lapierre and A. Kostitsyn played well together and with veteran Smolinski, will only get better.
    – Grabovski and Begin are both centers but I believe Begin can do a better forecheck as a winger.
    – Spreading out defensive talent in Markov, Hamrlik, Komisarek.
    – Streit was one of our best polyvalent but offensive player last year so I would give him a real chance to stay there in our top 4 D with PP QBing time.
    – Gorges isn't to be expected much.  I would rather give time to O'byrne



    Lapierre-Smolinski-A. Kostitsyn


    Murray, Chipchura, D'Agostini, S. Kostitsyn




    Gorges, Archer, Cote, Jancevski, O'Byrne

  6. passionch says:

    Ah, this will be my predictions but very similar to yours:
    If top 6 O of the team gets 20 G+ each, it'll be a successful season and we make the playoffs, otherwise, it's looking bad for Bob and the Habs.

    Latendresse- 20 G 25 A 45 PTS
    Koivu- 25 G 45 A 70 PTS
    Ryder- 35 G 30 A 65PTS

    Higgins- 25 G 35 A 55 PTS
    Plekanec- 25 G 35 A 60 PTS (He'll never be a #1 C but definitively a #2 C)
    Kovalev- 20 G 20 A 40 PTS (This season's stats might determine his future with the club)

    Lapierre- 10 G 15 A 25 PTS
    Smolinski- 15 G 20 A 35 PTS
    A. Kostitsyn- 15 G 20 A 35 PTS

    Begin- 5 G 10 A 15 PTS
    Grabovski- 5 G 10 A 15 PTS
    Kostopoulos- 5 G 10 A 15 PTS

    Markov- 15 G 50 A 65 PTS
    Komisarek- 5 G 30 A 35 PTS

    Hamrlik- 10 G 35A 45 PTS
    Streit- 15 G 25 A 40 PTS

    Dandeneault- 7 G 8 A 15 PTS
    Bouillon- 3 G 8 A 11 PTS

    Huet- 19-16-10, 2.58 GAA, .905 SV%
    Halak- 18-7-5, 2.25 GAA, .915 SV%
    Price- 4-1-2, 2.16 GAA, .930 SV% (Just like Danis)

    7th spot.

  7. habsrock99 says:

    Gorges will make the team because of his shot blocking ability. He was a top shot blocker in SJ before coming to Montreal. He had something like 64 or 74 shot blocks as a Shark. Streit will be given a chance on the PP more then likely. But I firmly believe Komisrek will also be given a chance.

  8. 1551 says:

    we should do this

    to san jose
    2nd and 3rd rounder

    to mtl
    6th rounder

    then trade
    rights to ninnima
    rights to aebisher

    to mtl


  9. getzlaf15 says:

    sanj91 is a nutjob… toronto will finish 5th place… THE CANADiENS suck…

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