Hab's May Be in Pain

Tsn.ca and The Montreal Gazette report that Montreals Francis Bouillon experienced pain in his knee last week when he started skating and will fly to Vail, Colorado, to be examined by a doctor.

Also reported defenceman Mark Streit is suffering from tendinitis in his knees, which may be the result of too much time on the stationary bike.

Bouillon was signed to a $5.63 million, three-year contract after he posted career highs in points and assists.

Streit played in 48 games during his first NHL season, scoring two goals with nine assists and 28 penalty minutes.

9 Responses to Hab's May Be in Pain

  1. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    Bouillon is a big loss, he is underated in my opinion. He is probably the hardest worker on the Habs blue line and I really hope he can get the knee thing fixed asap. As for Streit… well are we really going to miss his 2 goals 9 helpers in 49 games? Pretty great numbers for a power play specialist… I think Cote may be a temporary fix for the missing Bouillon but I still hope that Gainey will trade to get some help on defence… (and hopefully get rid of Ribeiro as part of the package)

  2. MT4e says:

    hopefully bouillon doesn’t need surgery

  3. neiltaylor11 says:

    If this is true, It will be very interesting too see if Gainey makes any further moves too ensure he will have a stable defence come next season. But hopefully Bouillon can play.

  4. jayhabsjay says:

    ouch, this will hurt. frankie is 1 of the most underated players in the league. i hope he will come back better than before. as for streit, i can see him getting better all around. he may be a good 4 or 5 d if he gets the ice time. and i too hope that bob will make a trade and include ribs. but if he dont and ribeiro comes out and plays every night i think he can be a decent #2 center or a very good #3 (pleks put on the 2nd line instead)

  5. Habroller says:

    How is this post different from the one posted yesterday addressing the exact same point (Bouillon & Streit). There should be more filtering, this site gets redundant…

  6. Habroller says:

    Btw, it’s now official (rds)…Bouillon is just coming out of surgery!!!

  7. RickZombo says:

    Bouillon,according to LCN news,should be ok for the start of the season,or will miss like 3-4 games maximum….Good news,we need that…

    AS for the Streit haters,this guy averaged 14:35 on ice,and was out of PP for Rivet and Bouillon most of the time.11 points in his first adaptation year in N.A. is not bad.This guy averaged a point per game in Europe,let him play and he should do a good job…

  8. christos says:

    im hoping bouillion will be fine for camp, thets keep our fingers crossed. As for Streit, the guy is the captain for his international team. I think last season may have caught him off guard, but adapting to the nhl isnt easy. So i say give the man a try, don’t bash him. But then again, we are hab fans… hahahah anyways, give the guy a try, although i really like cote.

  9. RickZombo says:

    Agreed.As for Coté,he may be french canadian,but he’s not the kind of defenseman who’ll rack up big numbers,his potential is around #5-6 defenseman in 2-3 years(already 24)

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