Habs Rated Highly by Redline Report

Here’s some good promising news for Habs fans. No it’s not some big signing or wild trade rumour. According to a report on Sprotsnet.ca, the independant scouting service “The Red Line Report”, rated the Habs #2, behind only Chicago as having done the best at the ’06 draft. It’s well worth the read for any Habs fan as it reassures us that the club is heading in the right direction. Obviously in the new NHL a strong development system will be even more crucial and the Habs are definitely making great strides in that department. With such a full cupboard of prospects it gives the club great options. Either let the kids develop into quality players with the team or use them as great trade bait to hopefully push the team over the next hump towards being a cup contender. Once again the future looks bright for the mighty Canadiens! Go Habs Go!