Habs scouted by two teams at Philly game

According to RDS’ commentators, the Oilers were scouting the Canadiens for the second game in a row in Philadelphia. Plus, they added tht the Anaheim Ducks were also attending the game.

It could be interesting to see what those two teams could offer to Montreal, especially the Ducks who have to clear some cap space for Niedermayer.

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  1. yarfangor says:

    Anaheim already cleared cap space, McDonald for Weight, but Edmonton could be promising hemskey or even rob schremp for ryder 😀

  2. ferron says:

            Habs are doing better in the past two games and Carey Price is almost our #1 goalie if not already! Ryder, Huet and maybe 1 defenseman will be traded soon, cause I don't think Huet will want to be Price's backup and Halak could be a much cheaper backup. As for our defensemen we have plenty, PK. Subban and Yannick Weber are OHL top offensive defensemen, we also have valentenko Benoit , Carle ect.. who are ready to step up, so the question is who will be traded and where, and I think that Montreal doesn't need 1st or 2nd liners, what they need is size and a tough guy so we get some respect and I heard Pits needed a goalie so how is that for a trade!

    to Mtl= Laraque, Malone and 1st rounder

    to Pit=Ryder, Huet, Georges, grabovski and a 2nd rounder.

     What do you guys think and who do you think will be let go of, anyway a trade is iminent hopefully we will get the better end of the deal this time, can't get over that Ribiero trade last year, this year Ribs has 16 goals and almost 40 pts!!!!!!!!! Where is Niinimaa?

  3. yarfangor says:

    trade Huet,ryder, grabovski, and a pick for laraque and malone? o_O I wouldn't do that….They do need an impact player more then a beefy defender.

  4. yarfangor says:

    I would trade Ryder for Sam Gagner or Rob Schremp, straight up, or Sam Gagner and Rob Schremp for Huet and Gagner.

  5. hemsky79 says:

    hemsky for ryder????  That will NEVER HAPPEN !!!!!

  6. Habs38 says:

    Kevin Lowe are strange but not stupid…come one Ryder VS Gagner or Schremp??? If Gainey move i'm sure of one things… a goalkeeper will leave with somethings else. For sure Ryder will leave, but when???

    Last year to Huet contract…… let it snow!

  7. yarfangor says:

    hey im allowed to dream!

  8. Habs_pm says:

    Ryder for Torres is the deal being tossed around…..Unless they want to give us back Souray? lol

    Habs are asking about Corey Perry. They were going to trade Souray to Anehiem last year if they got Perry in return but Brian Burke didn't want to give him up.

    Hope something big happens before the trade freeze on dec. 27

  9. yarfangor says:

    Yea same here, They could get Perry if they really wanted to, but not without giving up a top prospect. Perry= Amazing, Young, High Potential, Got Skills. Closest thing we have to that is higgins, maybe the kostitsyns.

    I say we go for Rob Schremp and Sam Gagner in Edmonton.

    Ryder+Huet+Grabovski+Pick for Gagner and Schremp.



    I don't think much more is need to be said….. We need that Duo.

    Schremp, Gagner, Kostitsyn#1, Kostitsyn #2, Higgins, Max Pacioretty, McDonnaugh, R.White, P.K. Subban, Komisarek, Price, Valentenko, I mean common we are set for years to come. Maybe pick up Cam Barker or Brent Seakbrook later on but damn that would b an allstar team within 1-2 years.

  10. Habs38 says:

    No problem if you dream but we have to know that a guys like Gagner it's not aviable. So a guys like J.Stoll can be a good choice if Gainey need to trade Ryder.


  11. sercote says:

    Hey,pal.I like the idea of bringing Laraque ans Malone,but I think you're overrating them.4 players ,including an established #1 goalie and a promising prospect for an enforcer and a 2nd or 3rd line player?It's too much.Personnally,I'd only give Huet and Ryder for Laraque and Malone,and I'd even ask for a 3rd or 4th round pick as well.But if you absolutely want to give away Gorges and Grabovski,I'd do that trade:(pretty much the same as yours,except for the draft picks)

    To Pit: Huet,Ryder,Grabovski and Gorges
    To Mtl: Laraque,Malone,2nd rnd,4th rnd

  12. habsoverserver says:

    i think the ducks would trade marchant for either a fourth liner or a back-up goalie. 

  13. ferron says:

        This looks great, I just didn't want to ear" that's not enough you crazy habs fan".

      I love the idea of draft picks, plus we don't need Grabs and Georges. Hopefully something will happen soon, most of us already know that we need size since we lose most of our games cause we get easily intimidated!

  14. damien1169 says:

    yo this would be the line up[is vincent a  free agant at end of season?]




  15. damien1169 says:

    all i gotta say is the carter thing might happen the perry thing too and that would be cool but come  on man u guys gotta stop bashin ryder the last 3 years have been good he's just havin a bad season u will see he will leave and do what mike did for dallas

  16. hemsky79 says:

    you must be retarted if you think shremp and gagner would leave edmonton

  17. adam_uppal says:

    Give it up buddy.  It would be nice to get Gagner and Schremp, but even then it would not be an all-star team in 2 years.  Higgins and Komi aren't there (yet?) so why would you assume all these other guys are shoe ins.  I love the Habs, but could you keep that crap of the site?

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