Habs talking to Brendan Morrow

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    i like Morrow and he would help Montreal. but who would they get rid of? Bourque?

    • lafleur10 says:

      i don’t think morrow would help us at all ,but if we did get rid of someone to fit him in i suspect it would be moen,desharnais,gionta….

      • nordiques100 says:

        i think he’s asking for somewhere between 2-3 mil. i’d be shocked anyone offers him that.

        He’s a good leader and grinder. The team is fast so his speed or lack thereof shouldn’t hurt them.

        The habs issues to me are leadership moreso than talent. Subban and Pac and other younger players have room to mature. Guys like Briere, Morrow would help.

        • lafleur10 says:

          he’ll help in the leadership department and no where else his skills are gone …he’swants to play in the top 6 and he wouldn’t crack our top 6,infact he’d have trouble cracking our top 9 he has a bit of sandpaper and git but morrow is done i hear he’s asing for a 2 year deal worth 2.5 million per and if that’s the case bergevin will walk away plus we don’t need help up front we need another defenceman one that anplay in the top 4 until emelin is back…i heard we are talking with philly about coburn

          • nordiques100 says:

            I don’t think his skills are all gone. I think that foot injury, i think it was a broken bone, really hampered him in the playoffs.

            I think he has a couple good years left. Not as a 20 minute player but a 3rd liner. hence 2-3 mil a bit too much but 2 years at say 1.5 per would be a good deal for the Habs. He’s better than Moen, more helpful I think than Bourque.

            • mojo19 says:

              Ya, Montreal needs a player like Morrow. Parros was a nice little addition, he won’t make a huge impact but they’re not as soft as before.

              Morrow would be huge, look at how bad Montreal was in the playoffs, they’re a pre-season team. They need some serious toughness in that little line up.

              • lafleur10 says:

                well he isn’t more helpful than bourque morrow is done he’s an upgreade maybe on moen but the jury is still out on that.his kill is gone he brings a bit of grit and leadership and not much more

              • lafleur10 says:

                we don’t need a guy like morow parros was a huge piece for us it’ll keep guys like or,maclaren,c.neill play honest and will curb the cheap shots plus we have prust too we weren’t bad in the playoffs but very injured and beat up if we were healthy we would’ve won that series but injuries are part of the game that you can’t control they hit us at the wrong time we’re more than a pre-season team i think we’ll be a very good team again

            • lafleur10 says:

              well he isn’t more helpful than bourque morrow is done he’s an upgreade maybe on moen but the jury is still out on that.his kill is gone he brings a bit of grit and leadership and not much more

              • mojo19 says:

                Skill-wise, you might be right, he wouldn’t be a huge upgrade, but Montreal is lacking more than that. It’s called heart. Morrow is all heart.

                I wish the Leafs were interested in Morrow. He’s got the heart of Rocky Balboa.

                • lafleur10 says:

                  he might have the heart of rocky balboa,but at this point in his career he’s got the talent of harold snepts and i just don’t see a good fit with us for morrow ,however if it was 3-4 years ago he’d be a great fit but he’s done and i want no part of him on the habs

  2. nordiques100 says:

    Well that’s interesting. They gave Bernier the no. 45, the no. Fraser wore last year with the leafs.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    Mo I checked hockey-reference.com, the worst 14 by far is Hoglund. Ok not by far. Rob Cimetta was pretty bad. And Darby Hendrickson lol

    • nordiques100 says:

      Nope, i was wrong. its actually Ron Wilson the worst No. 14 in leaf history lol

      • mojo19 says:

        Aw man, Wilson wore 14….

        And I was gonna say Darby Hendrickson earlier, but then I was second guessing myself, thinking he was maybe 16, haha.

        I actually don’t even know who Rob Cimetta is.

        Well anyway, maybe we should retires some numbers. I think:


        That’s it. I guess many will say 93, but I don’t think he was here long enough. If we’d won a Cup with him, rather than just go on a couple good runs, then sure, but as it stands, no.

        • lafleur10 says:

          they wil still probably honor numbers and still won’t retire them,that’s a travesty because the leafs have had some guys worthy of having their numbers’ retired starting with dave keon they should retire sittler’s number as well johnny bowers,matt sundin’s as well

        • nordiques100 says:

          Well the fact both Sittler AND Mahovolich wore 27, that’s great idea to retire that one.

          14 for sure just to keep Keon happy. But Wilson will take credit lol.

          The honoring of 13 and 17 are fine. I’d liek them to be retired but as you said, they’re unofficially retired so i can assume no one takes them. So if the organization doesn’t want to do overkill, thats fine.

  4. Gambo says:

    So Eklund is reporting Phaneuf to the Devils(e3). I know he has very little credibility, but it’s always fun to pretend he knows what he’s talking about.

    I would love to try and pry Adam Larsson from NJ. He would be a good temporary fit as a partner for Gunarrsson and a great fit down the road as a partner for Rielly.

    The word bust is being thrown around a lot with Larsson right now, I think a change of scenery will be huge for a guy who was once compared to Lidstom.

    And since this article is about Morrow, I agree that the Habs need a guy like that. Their locker room is a mess and they’ll never be champions until they clean that up.

    • lafleur10 says:

      our locker room isn’t a mess and they will win a championship under bergevin’s regime he’s building slowly but surely like he did the the blackhawks, you have no clue of what your talking about like i said in an earlier thread morrow is done he offers very little other than leadership at this point he skills are gone he’s injury prone,as for getting larson out of the devils good luck nonis will get taken to the cleaners(fleeced) like he did to (gillis in vancouver) from lamoriello i could see you getting a volchenkov and some prospects for phaneuf but not larsson

      • Gambo says:

        lafleur, it’s okay to acknowledge the strengths of your team, but you have to be able notice the weaknesses. Not only do the players fight with their own teammates, they don’t know how to lose as a team. After losses they constantly whine and never take the blame on themselves. It’s always the refs fault or that they other team was playing dirty. Champions need to learn how to lose before they learn to win.

        • mapleleafsfan says:


          • lafleur10 says:


            • mapleleafsfan says:

              You blamed injuries for your playoffs and you were playing the Senators. Spezza has a slightly bigger impact than emelin lol.

              • lafleur10 says:

                acutally he doesn’t because emelin is a hard hitter and players knew that when he got hurt that they’d have an easier time entering outr zone and they wouldn’t have to worry about being run over by ememlin,he’s one of the hardest hitters in the league spezza has an impact but not as big as what emelin’s injury did for us if he would’ve had emelin i think we would’ve won that series that’s like taking kessel away from the leafs that would havea huge impact on them

                • Gambo says:

                  You can’t possibly be saying Emelin has as much of an impact on his team as Spezza does to the Sens or Kessel does to the Leafs.

                  Would the Penguins have suffered without Douglas Murray? The Sens did well throughout the season without Cowen. Big open ice hitters aren’t as important as the leading scorer. And this is coming from a Dion Phaneuf fan, who’s one of the best open ice hitters.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              At least our coach didn’t whine like a priss after every game we lost.

              Montreal got emasculated and by Ottawa, that isn’t even a tough team.

        • lafleur10 says:

          i have acknowledged the weaknesses on our team and their are a few size being one of them they are being adressed,our defence is a weakness right now because of the injury to emelin and i belive that bergevin will adress that at some point,we know how to lose as a team we lost to the senators as a team … i guess it’s no different than the leafs they haven’t learned how to lose as a team there locker room is a mess as well.

    • I’m against the Larsson hype. Living in NJ and being a NYR fan, I’ve had my share of conversations with NJD fans. A lot of them seem to hate Larsson. They share the same opinion about his skating with no hustle unless somebody is chasing him, especially chasing the puck down on the powerplay. There just doesn’t seem to be much heart there. The mistakes are expected because he’s still learning, but I’m not sure I see him as the future of their team, leading the defense.

  5. mapleleafsfan says:

    Yes we’d trade our number one defenceman for a deal centered on potential buyout candidate Anton Volchenkov. Then we will trade John Michael Liles for Sidney Crosby because that’s how trading works.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    oh yeah i forgot that this is the leafs so they’ll trade garbage for stars!

  7. nordiques100 says:

    So no arbitration for Franson.

    I still say he’ll get 3 million per. The term will be interesting.

    But irregardless of the term, if he asks for more than that. C-YA.

    3 mil is actually the high-water mark.

    Alzner – 2.8 mil 4 years
    Sekera – 2.75 mil 4 years
    Polak – 2.75 mil 5 years
    Klein – 2.9 mil 5 years
    Greene – 3 mil 4 years

    3 mil almost triples Franson’s 1.2 mil salary.

    I wonder if the Leafs are offering closer to 2-2.5 mil while the Franson camp wants 3.5 mil.

    He could be potential trade bait if his demands go through the roof.

    As for Fraser, he made 600K on a 2way contract last year.

    He is going to arbitration but hopefully they settle before that. A 2 year deal at either 1.8-2 mil total (meaning 900K-1 mil annual cap hit) and a one-way contract seems fair to me. I wonder if he’s seeking close to 1.5 mil. good luck with that.

    I mean Ellerby re-signed for around 700K. Falk in NY is making 975K, Muzzin re-signed for a mil. that’s really generous even if the Leafs handed him 7 figures. 900K seems right to me.

    As for Gunnarsson, the new 4 year 2.4 mil deal Kindl got makes some sense. I can’t see Gunny being worth much more than that.

    So 3 mil, 2.4 mil, 900K. Thats 6.3 mil added to the cap for the Leafs. For a team having roughly 11 mil in space, that leaves 4.7 mil to fit in Kadri. Even a top 3 pick like Matt Duchene had a 2 year prove it to me deal at 3.5 mil. I think it would be best for Kadri to get locked up and be at camp and even if it is something like that deal with Duchene (i doubt he signs something similar to Bailey at 3.3 for 5 yrs) then he should consider himself happy.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Franson was a on pace for what? 50+ points in a full season and had a 2 goal performance in game 7. If he was a UFA he’d getting 5+, he could very well get 4 as an RFA.

      • nordiques100 says:

        He also gave the puck horribly away in Game 7 on the Bruins 1st goal and was on the ice for the winning goal in OT.

        He was also benched to start the season and benched for many games the previous year.

        UFAs and RFAs are treated differently. the open market, you obviously would get more money. in the restricted market, well unless someone offers an offersheet, the player is pretty well tied to the one team.

        The term will be big. If the leafs purchase years he is eligible for UFA then he will want more money.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Franson will still have to prove himself a bit before a BIG payday IMO. This was really his first “full year”(short season) as a full-time D with the Leafs. He also played a lot of it as a 5-6 guy, but put up great points despite that. Around 3-4 years at about $2.75-$3.25mil is what I still believe will be signed for. $4mil seems high.

          • LN91 says:

            I wonder if you can deal Phaneuf and use assets from that deal to pry Bogosian out of Winnipeg? Carlyle would love him and he’s a cheaper option for the next while!

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              The only 3 way deal I could see helping all the teams would be Jets, Oil, Leafs. I don’t see NJ in the mix even 1 on 1 with T.O for Phaneuf.
              Here’s why I think it may work with these 3.

              The peg could use some scoring talent up-front. Have lots of cap space, but Bogosian, Wheeler and Little need to be signed.
              Leafs need good return for Phaneuf and D would have to come back. Can’t really take on contracts with Franson, Gunnar and Kadri needing new deals.
              Edmonton needs size down the middle, grit and leadership. They would also like to move some contracts(Hemsky, Smyth). They have little cap space and need to re-sign Gagner.
              Here’s my suggestion(Sorry, I find this stuff fun.LOL)

              To Winnipeg
              Hemsky, Gagner RFA, GunnarssonRFA
              Out $8.5-$9mil est. IN $11-12mil est.

              To Toronto
              Bogosian RFA, Petry, R. Smyth
              Out $9.1 mil est. IN $8-9 est.

              To Edmonton
              Phaneuf, Jokinen, Colborne, 2014 2nd (pegs)
              Out $13-14 est IN $11.6mil

              Winnepeg is set down the middle with Little, Gagner and Schiefele for years to come. Pick up wing scoring with Hemsky and a solid, inexpensive D in Gunnarsson. They would have approx. $20 mil to re-sign Little, Wheeler, Gagner and fill depth spots.

              Toronto solidifies their D for years to come picking up a young shut-down in Bogosian and a solid all around in Petry, who are both RH shots. They take on Captain Canada for leadership and to play 3rd line Right side. Colborne has become tradeable with the Bolland trade and drafting of Gauthier.

              Edmonton get Phaneuf to add his leadership and toughness without losing Smid or Schultz. Their D is great with Phaneuf, J Schultz, Smid, Frenece and N Schultz as a top 5. They pick up the size and experience of Jokinen down the middle. They add Colborne who could become a nice number 2 centre behind RNH with good size and skill. Edmonton has shed all 3 contracts they wanted to in Horcoff, Hemsky and Smyth. They are under the cap with no one left to sign. Grab a 2nd rounder as well. With Jokinen off the books next season, They have the money to re-sign Dion.

              Winnepeg Out-Bogosian, Jokinen, 2014 2nd
              In-Gagner, Hemsky, Gunnarsson

              Toronto Out- Phaneuf, Gunnarsson, Colborne
              In-Bogosian, Petry, Smyth

              Edmonton Out-Gagner, Petry, Hemsky, Smyth
              In-Phaneuf, Jokinen, Colborne

              Every team loses some good pieces but gains in areas of need.

              • mapleleafsfan says:

                I have to admit I don’t usually like your trades but this one I do for sure. Well thought out.

                It’s a little tricky to determine if it’s worth it for the other teams – I think it favours the Leafsa bit.

                Bogosian has A LOT of value to Winnipeg. Dumping Jokinen would be nice for them but it’s not that big of a return. Apparently Big Buff is working real hard this offseason and I think they are optimistic he can rebound. Maybe Bogosian is slightly more expendable? I think we might have to send another solid piece Winnipegs way. Maybe send a Percy or Finn level prospect (become a bit more redundant with the age of out blue line anyways).

                As for Edmonton, they are still fairly high on Gagner. But ditching Hemsky and Smith in one swoop might make it more worthwhile.

                Bogosian – Gardiner
                Petry – Franson
                Liles (Reilly?) – Fraser


                Not bad, fairly affordable (depending what Bogosian gets), and pretty young.

                • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                  I would disagree on Winnipeg not getting much return. Gagner has/is becoming a 50-60 pt centreman, Hemsky is good for 20 goals a year and Gunnar is a good 4-5 guy that should fit well with Buff, Enstrom and Clitsome. They should also have enough cap room to add a vet D if they like to solidify their D core. Moving Jokinen should be huge for the Peg considering they are adding Gagner and Hemsky up front while only losing Jokinen. Bogosain would be a big loss because he has good potential, but at this point, it’s just that, potential. Where as the additions of Gagner, Hemsky and Gunnar are more proven players.imo
                  But hey, at least you didn’t hate this trade.LOL

              • Personally, the only benfit for the oilers is getting Phaneuf. I don’t see Jokinen adding much to their play style. I don’t see Colborn becomming a second line center for the leafs in 2 years, so I don’t see it really helping Oilers out. The plus side is sheding salary here. Still, I think Jets and Leafs win this trade more than Oilers. Well, I think Leafs win more than anybody here.

                • mapleleafsfan says:

                  Meh, Jokinen could slot in as a temp for the second line. Colborne was actually solid on the third line in his short playoff stint. Plus he’s familiar with Eakins.

                  I agree though, the trade benefits the leafs more. Maybe if we add Percy or Finn to add more D depth to Edmonton? Or Biggs so they have size up front (although I really want to hang onto Biggs).

                  • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                    I actually thought of putting Percy to Edmonton, but since we already gave up Phaneuf, Gunnar and Colborne, I knew if I added Percy I would hear the “The Leafs are giving up way too much!! that deal is shit”lol
                    Here’s the funny thing…I said Phaneuf holzer for Smid Petry and that wasn’t enough return for Phaneuf apparently. Now Dion, Gunnar, Col is not enough to acquire Bog& Petry. So Bogosian is THAT much better than Smid? OK.lol Add percy, I’m fine with that, but according to most on here Phaneuf would be the best player in the deal, so how does Edmomton lose?

                    • Eh, it’s not really about where the best player goes. Oilers shed some cap, but losing Gagner hurts. I don’t see Jokinen as a good replacement on a fast team like the oilers. When RNH is out, Gagner is centering that top line. They also lose their top shutdown D-man, who played more minutes than anybody else on their D. The get some cap for Hemsky, but he’s only got 1 year left and if they aren’t sending him out to clear cap for Gagner, than wouldn’t they just be better off keeping him? Nobody coming back is replacing him. Oilers value Petry more than Smid. A +8 against his own division. Getting rid of this salary allows them to sign Phaneuf and hit some free agents next season – which they could do anyway with Hemsky and Smyth coming off the books. In my opinion, the goal is to sign Gagner and they need money for that. If you’re trading Gagner away, I think you can get rid of Smyth while keeping Hemsky or other way around.

                    • Oiler fans value Petry*

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      I never said I agree with it’s always about who gets the best player, I said it is often used by many to support a trade. For example on who won the Kessel deal.
                      Petry is one that I have already stated how good he is/or may be. It is a short body of work though. I don’t think the Oil management value Petry over Smid, Smid is their leader on defence. I would take Smid or Petry. The Oilers signed Gordon for the third spot and Colborne IS NHL ready. I have actually seen this guy play a fair amount over the past 3 years. He could very well fit that number 2 role. Oilers “need” is not a smallish second line centre(gagner) going forward. They need to be bigger and tougher on the backend(Phaneuf) they need size down the middle(Jokinen and Colborne). They need to change the chemistry and dump some unwanted salaries(Hemsky,Smyth). They need a new captain.(maybe Phaneuf). With Phaneuf, they don’t need Petry. With Jokinen and Colborne, they don’t need Gagner. They need some veterans to go with their kids(Phaneuf and Jokinen). How does Gagner provide a need other than being able to put up the points that they hope RNH will put up? This trade also tells RNH…you are the guy. If they could trade Hemsky to just get cap space to sign Gagner…they would have done it already. It’s a…we will give you Gagner, Petry but Hemsky and Smyth have to come to. The oil are also the one getting the 2nd round pick and Jokinen would also be off their books next year if they did the trade. Jokinen or Hemsky off the books…what’sthe difference?

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          RFAs and UFAs different? Really? Had no idea.

          The gap is starting to narrow though especially coming out of this last CBA. Expect the NHL to morph into the NBA where RFAs hit pay dirt.

  8. mapleleafsfan says:

    Interesting article on TSN.ca about Leiweke (new head of MLSE). Some kings fans say he meddled too much (but hey, they won a cup). I just like his winning attitude. The guy wants people on the same page as him, and preaches patience for our other teams (raptors will have to suck for example). He’s trying to bring in big names to the organizations to help attract FAs / fans (Forlan for FC, Phil Jackson for the Raps, Getzky to MLSE front office).

    He wants to instill a winning culture. I like it.

    Here’s the link but I doubt it posts: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=427809

    • LN91 says:

      Leiweke did meddle a lot and he’s a tyrant…But then again, since he has been in LA:

      – 11-12 Stanley Cup (Kings)
      – Multiple NBA Championships (Lakers)
      – Multiple MLS Cups (LA Galaxy)

      So, if tomorrow…He wanted to send Phaneuf to the KHL…Then, I trust his judgement.

    • nordiques100 says:

      we’re use to it with BB being around 5 years. the lots of talking big kind of stuff that is.

      But I don’t think he comes with all the BB special rules and restrictions.

      Still want Gretzky to be part of the Leafs organization. That would be truly something special.

      Damn that Steve Stavro for turning down the chance to sign Gretzky in 1996

      • mapleleafsfan says:

        I know, but he has more of an established track record. As LN91 pointed out, his teams win (fair enough anyone with a prime-kobe laker team can win), but still. He brought in Beckham and made the MLS/Galaxy relevant. Won a cup with the Kings despite all his meddling. He’s already made a big push for a star player for TFC. I don’t think we will miss out on as many big FAs anymore now Leiweke is in charge.

        • DannyLeafs says:

          I don’t know that the Leafs will be big players in the UFA market in the next couple of seasons, unless Kessel just walks away that is.

          I think one of the reasons Nonis was ok going to 7 years with Clarkson, was that he decided that this was his big UFA acquistion for awhile. He would consider a big center or top pairing shut down defensemen, but I don’t think he will be swinging for the fences with UFA’s in the next couple of off seasons in terms of going after stars just for the sake of doing so.

          Of the list for next season, the only bigger names I think Nonis would look at are Joe Thornton and Jay Boumeester. There is a good chance neither make it that far, and in Joe’s case, as great as it would be to see him here, I believe it would have to be a situation where Toronto takes another big step forward and looks like a potential contender, and Joe decides he wants to take a crack at being the #1 guy on a big market team going for it, simply because I don’t think Nonis will bankrupt himself on the term with Joe.

          Boumeester would be interesting. Not sure how much salary he gets on his next go around, and St. Louis is likley to try and re-sign him, but he is exactly what the Leafs would likely be looking for at that time. Can handle any forwards in the league, play #1 minutes, nothing flashy, can play the PP, but doesn’t need to for him to maximize his effectiveness.

          • nordiques100 says:

            All depends on how high the cap goes up in 2014. But they were saying the cap over the next couple seasons could go from 64 mil to the mid 70s upwards to 80 mil.

            • DannyLeafs says:

              I agree, that is definitely part of it as well. I think the decision came down to deciding what he thought they needed, what was available, and where the cap would be. I think Nonis made a decision that he would be comfortable with taking a chance on that contract being his only signing for awhile based on the alternatives.

              It is very difficult to sign any of the three things he would like.

              1) Top six center with size
              2) Top pair defensemen capable of plating big minutes against the best offensvie players.
              3) Power forwards who will hit, go to the dirty areas, and go to the crease.

              Clarkson fits #3 on that list exactly, while the other two are rarely available via free agency.

              A net front presence, and pesky fore checker is essential to winning the cup when Powerplays become less frequent, and goals are harder to come by. Especially when you get to the later rounds and will likely come up against uber hot goalies and steady shut down defensemen, which is typical in the late rounds.

              Look at the cup winners since the lockout. There always seems to be that guy that does his best work in the goalies face and throwing hits on the opponents D.

              Chicago – Bickell
              LA – Brown
              Boston – Lucic
              Chicago – Byfuglien
              Pittsburgh – Guerin, Kunitz
              Detroit – Samuelson, Holmstom, Franzen

              Van Reimsdyk is the closest thing the Leafs have to that other than Clarkson, but it wasn’t natural to him at all.

              Those guys are hard to come by, so I get why Nonis priotized it, and put so much of a risk contract wise to obtain it, as there is no easy way to get those guys.

              I could see the cap going up and the Leafs being more active, but I was suggesting that they are comforable with that being their last big UFA signing for a bit if things don’t fall right (ie rising cap, availability of players they need.)

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I doubt the cap will be at high 70’s to 80mil in a couple of seasons. Does everyone remember before the last lock-out and they were talking $90 mil by, well, this season.LOL
              As long as there is a ceiling/floor cap system and teams are struggling to make survive and make the floor…the cap will stay in check. All NHL teams were strong for the first couple seasons after the first lock-out…as the cap rose, so did the amount of teams in trouble. Go ahead NHL, keep raising the cap and then whine about teams in trouble and keep relocating them every two seasons.LOL

  9. DannyLeafs says:

    I think the Habs could use Morrow if they aren’t doing anything else. With the bonus cushion they have the cap space for 2-2.5 million, especially considering it involves sending a body down or placing some on LTIR.

    The habs have a somewhat fragile lineup, it’s by no means bad, but guys like Gionta and Briere are a little older and have some injury issues, and Bourque has always had a hard time playing an 82 game season, point in fact he has never played an 82 game season.

    If he is interested in signing with the Habs for say 2 years 4.5 million, its up to him to show he can make the team and earn his minutes. He could be a valuable commodity to them if they run into injuries or he can use his size and skill effectively, if not he can still be an effective 3rd or 4th liner. Not a lot of risk given their salary cap situation, the rewards could be huge if he plays well, or even plays well enough to make him tradeable for 2nd in a year or two.

    Guys with grit, character and leadership ability are never a bad addition, but when they could possibly bring skills that your team lacks in terms of size, nastiness, and a net front presence, it makes sense to take a chance on him. What does Montreal have to lose.

    To me a UFA signing is only bad if he does one of two things:

    1) he actually becomes a negative component to your team, ruining chemistry, or becoming a distraction.

    2) the cap space allotted to him could have actually got you something better. I don’t mean hypothetically, I mean there was actually a scenario you can point to where that signing cost you something.

    For example, the Tim Connolly signing in Toronto. Was he overpaid – Yes, did he turn out to be a big bust in Toronto – Yes, was he a bad signing – NO. He may not have been effective, but he is a quiet guy that never caused trouble, so he was quietly moved off the team. Also, because it was a two year deal, and there were no other centers available, and the Leafs had no better use for the cap space, he didn’t prevent the team from doing anything. It was a gamble, and it certainly didn’t pan out, but the Leafs were not set back by the signing.

    I think it’s very possible Morrow falls into that category, but its well worth the gamble seeing as there is no real downside.

  10. DannyLeafs says:

    Just for fun I am going to post some Dion Phaneuf trade targets. I have been a big supporter of keeping Phaneuf and I still am as I don’t think there are any better defenders available. I think a lot of the trade Phaneuf stuff comes mainly from the non-hockey literate fans who believe that a few highlight clips of Phaneuf getting beat wide, makes them defensive experts and they have correctly identified Phaneuf as Toronto’s weak link.

    That being said, it’s not as if every person who wants to see Phaneuf traded is simply buying into some bandwagon hatred and media scorn. Most of the posters on this site who want him traded have legitimate and logical reasons to support it. I get the logic, it makes sense. Getting assets for a guy on an expiring contract that may cost too much, while clearing cap space going into a season with a falling cap in order to take advantage of teams that are over the cap, is a very attractive scenario.

    So, while I do think Phaneuf is worth keeping, here are some trade scenarios that make some sense.

    Anaheim – There is the Burke connection, they could use a number 1 defensemen, Phaneuf has one a junior gold medal with Perry and Getzlaf, and Anaheim has the cap space to swing a deal with. Anaheim needs to be competitive now after investing heavily in Getzlaf and Perry, and re-signing Koivu, so my guess is they will part with Youth and prospects. The leafs would be interested in guys like Sbisa, Etem, Lindholm and picks.

    New Jersey Devils – Yeah, Eklund said it so it can’t happen, but it does make some sense. Lou likes big defensemen, and he may look past Dion’s faults and see the potential if he buys into the Jersey system. Dion’s physical package is rare, and could be a welcome addition. Throw in that they have the cap space, and a prospect that many in Jersey are already giving up on in Larsson, and there could be something to discuss. Taking Volchenkov back in the deal could actually provide value for Jersey, as well as a guy that can step in and play top a shut down role, if healthy, for the Leafs.

    New York Islanders – The Leafs could go for broke and use Dion to replenish their prospect pool at forward. Right now there isn’t much to speak of in the pipline in terms of turning into a top 6 talent. New york is deep at center and on the wing in prospects, and while they might not be willing to move Strome, they have a need for an NHL top pairing defensmen, so they could move a 2 or 3 good forward prospects. The Leafs would need a back up plan (Ron Hainsey?) to handle minutes going into next season, but if they are hell bent on moving him now, it could make sense.

    Winnipeg – Not sure they would want Dion, but they have lots of cap space and lots of pieces the Leafs would like, also they are in more of hurry then teams like Florida. From a Bogosian for Dion Swap, to packages like Stuart, Petan and a pick, or prospects like Trouba and Shiefele. They have the means to get a deal done.

    Columbus – They are gearing up to take advantage of the momentum, and could be up to make a big deal. They could use a leader and identity, as well as a big piece on the back end. They could move a guy like Johnson or Tyutin, and they just picked 3 times in the first round, and are pretty well stocked when it comes to prospects. They are tighter against the cap then most would expect, and to make it work, the Leafs may have to take a part of Dion’s salary back, but depending on what they got, it could be worth it, and it wouldn’t have to be a ton.

    Carolina – I think the only way it works is if we take back Pitkanen. How much would that be worth to Carolina? They don’t have ideal prospects for Toronto, Rask, Murphy? Or would it have to be picks. Not sure there is anything on their roster they would move that Toronto would desperately want.

    Anyway, those are some I think would be worth discussion, but like I said, I don’t even think I would do all these deals, just saying they are interesting to think about.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Carcillo gets traded for a 5-7th rounder. Yea, he is a pain in the ass, but can skate and play hockey(when he wants to) with only a $.850 cap hit and UFA at end of season. Maybe Carlysle would have been a guy that could control him a bit and if not, send him down or press box. The guy drives opponents nuts, something we could use with Komarov gone. Plus if I remember, he’s from King City.

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