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Hi all!!!

Starting tomorrow, I will start a series of news on possible habs trades. Please read more…That’s right folks, starting tomorrow, I will be your go to guy for all the habs info and what you might be facing. But wait. I most importantly want to hear from you guys. I expect after everything I post, that you give me comments on your thoughts on possible trades. Sometimes I will give you my opinion, but yours counts the most!!! And to give an example, here’s a possible trade the habs can make, in my opinion.

-Guillaume Latendresse and Mikhail Grabovski to Vancouver for Taylor Pyatt and a 3rd round pick.

Don’t forget, this is my opinion.

I want to here from you!

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  1. TheStryker says:

    I understand that this is just your opinion, but at least try and have an opinion that makes some sort of sense. Latendresse is younger, stronger, faster, bigger, better offensive skill set and not to mention french canadian. Why would he be traded for Pyatt and adding in Grabovski come on guy.

    I think Montreal has to do what ever it takes to go out and get a dominant player. The Habs have a surplus of young D in their system: Fisher, Valentenko, Yemelin, Subban

    So how bout this one

    Ryder,Halak,Fisher,Yemelin,2nd pick
    To lightning

    Before you all go nuts, remember what Boston got for Thornton

  2. habsrock99 says:

    Serious? Taylor Pyatt is an over-achieving AHL player who also happend to play with the Sedins. Latendresse is only 20, a few years away from reaching his full potential. Grabovski might not be right for Montreal as a Centre but if they found room for him on the Wing, I think he'd be a deadly weapon when it comes to secondary scoring.

    As for the trade posted below, Jay Feaster is not the GM of Boston and isn't a total idiot who thought Thornton had no value. Why would he trade Lecavalier for Ryder, Halak and Yemelin when, Ryder is a UFA at season's end, if Feaster wanted him, he could wait for July 1st. He already has Holmqvist and Denis, 2 capable goalies who play for a coach who happens to be a goalie killer and Yemelin, who, in all likelihood will end up staying in Russia, much like goaltender Vadim Tarasov, who was considered the best Russian goalie a few years back as evidenced by him winning the Russian equivalent to the Vezina a few years back. And, to top it off, Lecavalier is the BEST of the Big 3 in Tampa, you'll have to fork over at least a few 1st rounders as well as prospects as well as proven NHL players who can score.

  3. habsgod says:

    well you mentioned latendresse and grabovski for pyatt!!i wouldn't give begin for pyatt personally!!and you want to give 2 of our better young prospects away!!are you nuts?!!!!this deal wouldn't and won't ever happen as long as bob gainey is our g.m.!!maybe if rejean houle was g.m.! we'd get fleeced like this !!but not with bob gainey!!!this is a trade i think you might see!!imo ryder for p.m bouchard !!or something along that line!but not where gainey gives up latendresse and grabovski and get nothing in return(pyatt)!!gainey didn't win a stanley cup as a g.m by being stupid or getting fleeced like you are proposing!!!

  4. habsoverserver says:

    how many in season trades does montreal make a year?  one? two?  other than depth deals, montreal usually stays with the same roster and promotes internally.

    i expect montreal to make almost no trades this year, unless they can pick up a rental scorer at the deadline. 

  5. billypilgrim says:

    Why Latendresse? He's part of the solution to the mess we're in. He'll be a top 6 forward by next year guaranteed and score more points than Pyatt if we can get him linemates. And why Taylor Pyatt? Guillaume is our big winger.

  6. sakurulz says:

    It's not because one GM is stupid the others are too!
    for Vinny, IF and a big IF there was a possibility, you're lookin' for starters at Higgins, a real good prospect dman and a 1st..and that's for starters…..

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