Habs want to keep Souray

The score reported that bob Gainey has contacted the Sheldon Souray camp and made it clear that they have no intentions of trying to trade Souray before the trade deadline and have all intentions of trying to sign him this summer.

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  1. blarneylad says:

    good, he is awesome and has great leadership qualities

  2. glennbauer says:

    great news!!! i hope he becomes captain next year!! I like koivu but there's no way he's gonna lead us to a cup.

  3. TheStryker says:

    I like Souray as well, but I think Gainey has to move him. If Souray wanted to come back to Montreal, Gainey could try and sign him in the summer. He has great value right now, and this team needs a shake-up. Not just to try and squeak into the playoffs but also for next year. Koivu,Ryder,Bonk,Rivet,Samsonov,Kovalev…everyone except 4: Komisarek,Higgins,Markov,Latendress

  4. Drifter says:

    Great!  I've been saying for a while that Souray was a key guy on the habs and if used right he's easily our most important Dman because of that blast of his.  He has no doubt been the voice of the team and deserves the C.  Give him the responsibility of captain and things will change significantly.  I believe we need to move Kovalev no matter what we get in return, I'm not worried about anything because we have the talent in prospects but they won't cost a quarter as much.  I think we need to acquire Shawn Horcoff if possible and make him our number 1 center.  I'm sorry Saku, I still have faith in you but things are out of control and with an A and being a second line center I think your contribution would be more significant to the team. 

    Go Habs Go.

    The dressing room is the place where the problems lie….fix the turmoil there and we will have a great team next year….this season is done.

  5. inurface says:

    Souray stays but Koivu has to go.
    Montreal needs another  big time forward and trade kovalev
    Try to get some one like morrison or even Bertuzzi

  6. leafmeister says:

    The Habs are on a six game slide they need to get ride of one of the big three of Rivet Markov or Souray i would say Souray because he has the highest stock. Take this advice from a leafs fan dont make the same mistake we did(by signing Mccabe)

  7. vtdiver2 says:

    I hope this report is for real. I like Souray dispite his defensive shortcomings. He shows a lot of leadership, is currently the face of the Habs, meeting the media almost daily, and is an awsome offensive force. Pair him with one of our defensive D-men, and I welcome him staying on the team.
    This years Habs team reminds me a lot of the 92 Habs. They had a lot of youngsters with Leclair, Dionne, Brunet, Brisbois, some grinders like Muller, Gilchrist, Keane and Corson, great defensmen like Desjardins, Schneider, Odelein and JJ Dagnois (sp?) and great goaltending ( need I mention who?) The one thing lacking was snipers, and the Habs addressed that need in the offseason, signing Bellows and Damphousse and trading for Savard. The rest is of course history.
    We have a log jam at goal, with Huet signed, and Halak, Danis and Price waiting in the wings. ALthough Huet is out, I think if Halak can show he is capable of holding his own, I'd bring up Danis and trade Abby before we lose him in the offseason. Package him with Perezhogen, Milroy or another prospect as we seem to have a lot of 2nd or 3rd liners waiting to come up, but none who are going to light up the league. We need to package them with some of our veterens like Abby, Kovelev, Murray, Downey or Dandenault and try to get a sniper.
    One more thought, and I know this is going to be controversial. It's time to try giving Samsonov some love, and admitting Carbo hasn't given him a fair shot. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has been able to play well with Kovelev, yet Samsonov has been Kovy's scapegoat. Early in the season, he should have been put on the first line with Koivu. I would have put Kovy on a line with Plekanek and another youngster and then told Kovelev to try and keep up or go sit in the press box. In my mind, Smasonov hasn't been given a decent chance to shine, and it's time Carbo did that. Samsonov may not be scoring, but who has on this team lately? One thing you can't say is Samsonov hasn't been hustling, because he has. Give him some decent linemates, throw him out at crunchtime and give him some love, and he'll be next years BONK.
    In Bob we trust

  8. habby102 says:

    Unfortunately, I don"t think Souray wants to stay here. I'm all for trading Kovy and Saks (even thous been the face of this team for a while and even more a spiritual and emotional leader but his stats aren"t up tp par with any offensive captain in the NHL). I would love to have Souray as captain with a long-term deal, and ship off to Koivu and Kovalev for capable and promising young talent for example some of the hot shots coming up in Chicago in the next few years (Michael Bolland, Michael Blunden , Jonathan Toews, etc.) I'm pretty sure they're untouchable because Chicago is building something for the next few years. At the same time, I think we`can afford to trade away one, if not both of our goaltenders. With very good potential stars in our system (Halak, Danis, and most notably Carey Price) I say we toss Huet and Aebischer away for good young talent and focus on perhaps a two pronged attack with two of the three young goalies. Our future is bright (Latendresse, Price, Komisarek, Chipchura) but we have to make a few key moves that will help make this team special even as soon as next year.  

  9. HockeyLogic says:

    This is absolutely not true. The Canadiens are not in any negotiations with Souray, and nor will they be. They're actually looking to move him for some prospects to at least 2 Western teams (San Jose and Anaheim). This is the right move for a team looking to become a contender in the next 2 years.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    If Gainey wants souray – he has a better chance of signing him now instead of after he becomes a free agent.  I think Montreal has a very low chance of signing him once they lose exclusive negotiation rights. 

    Out of 30 pro teams in North America, Montreal is the time proven choice of last resort for all free agents. 

  11. UnHabbyHabFan says:

    It is true…It was on the Score again today. I think Souray will be the next captain of the Habs. Maybe not yet but in a couple years.

  12. kovy007 says:

    In order for Gainey to not want to trade Souray and doing everything possible to resign him, it makes me believe that there will not be room to resign Markov. Both Souray and Markov can make 5 million next year but I would take Markov over Souray. Souray is horrible in his defensive zone and although he has 20 goals, he has cost us about the same amount with his terrible play, so it evens out in the end. Markov is a better defenceman who makes far less mistakes than Souray. Sign Markov, trade Souray  and sign a good defenceman in the off season because 30 + shots that the canadiens allow per game is not going to cut it.

  13. Clue_34 says:

    Look Souray is like two faced, one day he can be a hero the next he's a scapegoat. He scores goals, but isn't best defender around. I personally find that he talks too much and should look in the mirror at his mistakes.
    he neevr really accepts his turnover he makes during the games.
    He's a great leader but sometimes he should just, shut up. Should they keep him yeah, but at a reasonable price.

  14. Kosovo says:

    No Problems with that. Bye BYe Rivet

  15. dpampalon says:

    If Souray stays and becomes captain, there's no way the habs can keep Koivu. When you realize your captain isn't one anymore, you don't just slap a "A" on his jersey and give the "C" to someone else. You have to trade your former captain.

  16. Les-Habitants says:

    Lol, I never understand how people can come out and say "give Souray the C, Koivu isn't doing his thing."
    Just because Souray is getting media time for his hard talk, everyone sees him as deserving the C more then Koivu.  Sadly, those people simply don't know what they are talking about.  Koivu has never been one to draw media to himself, yet everytime the team is struggling he is the one that takes the team to task.  He speaks to his fellow players, rather then journalists, and anyone who doubts his leadership ability is, quite frankly, retarded. 
    And anything about Koivu getting traded is plain foolish.  He's a natural leader, and the one thing this team is not lacking is leadership.  He is the heart and soul of the team, for the last time, so stop with all this crap.  I love Souray, but Koivu is the Habs

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