Habs will lose Bouillon until november

According to RDS, the latest news for Bouillon s ongoing knee problem isn t good. Doctors are calling a 12 weeks recovery/rehab if everything goes right. Mark Streit will definitly see some action, but the question is, will this force Gainey to make a move, or does he feel the youngsters are ready to be promoted if needed ?


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  1. neiltaylor11 says:

    Well….that sucks. Whata Bummer. Personally I hope Gainey does something or makes a trade of some sort. Im not gonna throw any names of people out there cuz thats just stupid. I’ll let Bob take care of it.

  2. doublespeak says:

    Geez the way Hab fans talk about the midget Bouillon you would think he is the 2nd coming of Bobby Orr. Calm down he’s not that great of a D-man. He’s fourth on the depth chart at best. I heard a small rumour Gainey was in contact with the agent for the Ak Attack Aki Berg. Might be some truth to this.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    He can decide after training camp. A number six defenseman is not that hard to find on the waiver wire. That’s where he got Bouillon.

  4. kingcup says:

    Aki Berg ?

    I ll give you Mark Streit for it 🙂

  5. souray_brawls says:

    if bouillons out jsut till november we wont struggle giv cote or streit a chance.

  6. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    He might be a midget but he’ll bust Hall Gill’s ass open .

  7. kingcup says:

    correct me if i m wrong, but i think Bouillon was from the habs to begin with. He got snatch away with expansion draft (Robidas as well at the same time), to be put aside without a real chance to play (Bouillon said the coach took a look at him and sent him in the stands; never judge a book by is cover they say).Then, he came back to Montreal on waiver wire. We were lucky that time, not always that easy.

  8. kinslayer says:

    Big lost in francis bouillon..but maybe at the training camp one young dmen will prove he is ready to the NHL, I think at James, Sanford, Jean-Phillipe Coté pr guess who im also thinking…yeah David Fisher !! We will see and if they are not ready we will put streit in the dept chart !!

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