Halak to start versus Wings?

According to tsn.ca, rds.ca, and hockeybuzz, The Montreal Canadiens have recalled goaltender Jaroslav Halak Of the Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL).The reason for this is that Carey Price is day-to-day with the flu, and Cristobal Huet is nursing a groin injury, one in which he may have hurt in Saturday’s 5-4 shootout loss to the Predators.
If neither goaltender recovers in time, Halak might get the call to play tomorrow against the Red Wings. This will be a tough challenge for the habs, who have dropped four of their last five, and are trying to find a spark that will make them play a 60-minute game.
Their are two sides to this Halak debate, there is the side that fans will want him to start because he could give the habs THAT SPARK, not to mention that he had a 7-0-0 record at home last season. There is also the side where fans would boo the decision due to the fact that this would be Halak’s first game since last year and that he is starting against arguably, one of the best teams in the league.
Either way, the habs have to get going if they want to make the playoffs and scare other teams over time. I believe that they can accomplish this if they put in a 60-minute effort and that every player plays well.
Please share your comments on this situation and tell me what else the habs should do or who they should trade in order to make them a contender.
Go Habs Go!!!

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  1. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Price will be starting against the Redwings. 

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     I would like to know when Huet pulled his groin, and if it was after the 1st or 2nd goal then why the hell did he not come out of the game.

  3. habsrock99 says:

    Pure Speculation on my part but maybe Gainey's somewhat show-casing Halak to prospective buyers? Maybe the Wings are semi-interested seeing as they have 2 goalies who are getting up their, one of which is already "their". I doubt that is the case seeing the Wings do have Jimmy Howard but as fans, we don't know what GM's think so it's possible though highly unlikely.

    Again, just pure speculation, if the Wings do happen to trade for Halak, I believe he'd thrive with a team that gives up like 15 shots nightly. And it'd cost the Wings at most, a 4th rounder.

    Again, speculation, maybe Gainey knows the Wings need a goalie and maybe he wants to spark interest from them? I don't know.

    I doubt any of the things I have said are actually true but it was just pure speculation.

    But, to clear things up, I'd take Jimmy Howard over Halak anyday so again, I doubt what I have said will actually happen.

  4. belseb says:

    What we should do is let Bob Gainey do his job but what I hope he is doing is working out a great deal. Something major. I'm sure we could skip a year of drafting, and combo-trade either Koivu, Kovalev, Ryder, Huet, Halak, any defense but Markov and Komisarek, we can talk about Hamilton but we should hold on to as many as we can. Chipchurra, Higgins, Price, Latendresse and O'Byrne should be untouchable and yes Latendresse because he is french. We need a few and more.
    So please tell me someone out there can find something interesting amongst those players and offer us a win-win trade. We don't have a great team but I think we have a few good players other teams would like to have. We have no other options. We must have a better team and soon. Gainey is on very solid ground with Mr. Gillet but thing tend to change very quickly in pro sports. Now is the time to move. I say Gainey must trade before Christmas.

  5. habslife says:

    during an interview with the media in montreal he said that it was during the 2nd period but he also said that he still had good control during the entire game.

  6. CDyer says:

    Why do Canadiens fans keep talking trade??? There is a decent mix of veteran and young talent in Montreal. Really the only guys that should be talked about in trade are Ryder, Huet (UFA status) and the lower end guys that have been around 5+ years. It would be a mistake to trade Koivu or Kovalev because Montreal would only get prospects at this point that likely can't help the team right now which is what they need.

    Price is a guy to build around and Higgins will be a great leader in the very near future if he isn't already. Koivu provides the heart that that team can't do without. Kovalev is expendable but he has the skill level that boosts the players around him which helps the younger players confidence.

    IMO The only thing Montreal is missing is a game-breaking talent but that only comes along every so often and Price will be that for them in 2 years or so. This team is building things right and if they continue what they are doing will not have to constantly rebuild every 10 years because there will always be that plethora of young talent because they have held onto their prospects and kept drafting and developing.

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

     If he had good control then why did he look so bad on every goal?

  8. Habs_pm says:

    Price is starting even though he is sick.

    Good time for him to shine while hes in the spotlight.

  9. dcz28 says:

    For a 4th round pick the Wings might do it even if they don't really need Halak. Like you said they have Howard and Daniel Larsson (has a 2.17 GAA,  .921 S% in 21 games playing for Djurgarden in the Swedish Elite League and someone from the Wings compared him to Henrik Lundqvist although that doesn't mean much at this point). Osgood just turned 35 last week so he likely will be back next season to play with Howard or someone else. Wings would never go with 2 young goalies for a season.

  10. habsgod says:

    price gets the start against detroit and why not!!!he deserves it!!and i'll make my prediction he beats the redwings thus only further cementing what we all habs fans have been saying that this kid will be the best in the league and there's no better stage than to beat the best team in the league!the pressure won't effect him as carey's cool under pressure!!habs 4 redwings 1 this is my prediction of the score of the game!halak i think will play this week  too!

  11. MtlHabs09 says:

    Price is starting. Not Halak…

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