Highly Possible

The NYPost.com is reporting that the Rangers and Michael Peca will resume talks and could come to an agreement, which is very likely to happen.

mikster’s note: The Rangers lost two penalty killers in Jed Ortmeyer (free agency) and Matt Cullen (trade). They need an experienced penalty killer and a very good face-off center for the third line. update: New York Dailey News had quotes from Michael Peca saying that he wants to play for the Rangers and that he would not give them cap issues. The Rangers are expected to deal away Darius Kasparaitis, if not then send him to the minors where his salary will not count against the cap, and Brandan Shanahan’s bonuses will count against next season. With Peca signed, the Rangers will be slightly under the salary cap.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


  2. Girardi46 says:

    I personally like this idea.  The Rangers could use an experienced third line center, and Peca is of top calibur.  Sure he has injury history, but if he ends up getting injured… so be it, the Rangers can give their youth their time to shine.  I don't believe Peca is over the hill by any means, and can be very effective on the third line with Prucha and Callahan setting them up, and giving the third line a little bit more of a scoring punch.  I can't wait to read the headline saying "Peca signs with Rangers." If he is signed at the right price, this will be great for the Rangers. 🙂

  3. nordiques100 says:

    The rangers are over the cap right now. even if they subtract the contract of kasparitius but add that of peca (i'm guessing a safe estimate of 1.25-1.5 mil) the rangers will be still right up against the max all year. however, if they do some creative accounting like send guys to the minors on off days, carry 21 players instead of the max 23 etc etc, then i think they should be fine and fit peca in without too much trouble. 

  4. ranger_fan says:

    It sounds like you are counting Shanny's bonuses against the cap. Those can be deferred to next season. The Rangers are fine if Darius isn't on the team. Personally I'd rather see Kaspar and shed Paul Mara. Do the Leafs want another overpaid offensive defenseman who can be a liability? [assuming Kubina is traded]

  5. ranger_fan says:

    Toronto management has done it again! Mr Ferguson: Take a bow sir!

    Ranger lineup which I would pencil in before training camp without Peca:
    Hossa   Gomez   Jagr
    Avery   Drury   Shanahan
    Prucha   Straka   Callahan
    Hollweg    Betts    Dawes

    Seems like Im forgetting someone, but if that was the lineup the PK could consist of Betts/Dawes; Drury/Shanahan; Straka/Hossa So while nothing spectacular – it could get the job done.
    Also as many of you have blasted me for changing Straka with Gomez. Im not saying that Gomez is on the third line, but we would have 3 balanced scoring lines and we could role them for a huge offensive threat. This would be vastly different than the offense last year which was line 1: Straka/Hossa    Nylander    Jagr

    With Peca it seems Marcel would go to the 4th line which I hate to see – but injuries do happen and he would become our contingency plan.

  6. nordiques100 says:

    what? and break up the rangers version of the keystone cops? (kaspar, malik, mara). i couldnt do that to you.:)
    maybe ask the habs. they brought in an overpaid guy (hamrlik) and a giveaway expert (breezyby) so maybe they're the ones who wants the best of both worlds in mara.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    straka is likely going to play LW. considering drury and gomez will likely get 20 minutes a game at least….it means little ice time for the 3rd and 4th centres.

    if they got peca there's the 3rd line centre right there. or they could work in immonen or dubinsky. it will be low pressure because of their 1-2 punch and betts taking the PK, faceoff, defensive assignments.

    even avery could play centre though he isnt the greatest on draws. they could even throw shanny at centre. he's done that before in detroit and can win draws.

    there are more than enough options:






  8. Hadarsh says:


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  9. Wings19 says:

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  10. jarcpitre says:

    I don't believe this will go down. I believe TO is still in the running, but will be forced to go over the cap. They talked about this on TSN and on MOJO about TO being forced to go over the cap. I'm not sure how they will clear the cap space, however they were saying that the price will be lower for whoever they will trade. I personally believe that Peca is the missing puzzle for an exciting Toronto team this year, they need one more PK specialist. Are there anymore players out there like Peca that TO can sign?

  11. beckfan05 says:

    Listen, its apparent that the Rangers are going for it this year.

    Jagr and Straka have 2 years left, Shannahan has 1 and so basically if they sign Peca I think its all or nothing this season and possibly next.

    Now I dont think that that means that they take a crap in three years because they still do have a contingency of solid young players but I feel with this core and possibly Peca, they are looking to hoist the cup now rather than later.

    So I feel that this isint that bad of a deal if they manage to stay under the cap.

  12. kamullia says:

    I just want to clarify, because I have actually read the CBA in this regard about Shanahan's bonuses. This is called using the Performance Bonus Cushion (PBC) as per the language of the CBA. What actually happens is that the Rangers (any team for that matter) is allowed to exceed the cap maximum by 7.5% for the year, so long as whatever amount is only in bonuses (no salary).

    However, the caveat is that the season after, whatever amount was exceeded, then the Rangers would have their maximum of the cap reduced by the same amount. In other words, say the cap is set at an even $50M and won't change (to make things simple) and the Rangers exceed the cap with bonuses only by $3.75M for the 07/08 Season. That means that the maximum cap the Rangers would be allowed for the 08/09 season would be of $46.25M

    In a way, it is a deferment, but the above is how the CBA describes the procedure.

    The Red Wings used the PBC once for sure the very first year of the CBA, but the amount was minimal, and I believe there have been at least one more team to use it thus far, but I do not recall which team.

  13. tancred says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, kamullia.  I've been wondering about this for a while now.  While it may make things ok for the Rangers capwise this season, I'm eager to see how it will affect them next season.  The Rangers may be fine now, but it could come back to bite them later.

  14. jarcpitre says:

    Thanks for the info bud, I didn't know how it went down either, but that definetly makes sense. I wish others where more informative when posting their stuff.

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