Hossa in demand

The TorontoStar is reporting that Maran Hossa is a “hot commodity.”

Apparently, behind the scenes the “rumor mill was working overtime” at the all star game and Hossa who is aware of the rumors is leaving everything in the hands of his agent.

It is mentioned in the article that both Boston and Vancouver are salivating over the prospect of landing Hossa who would be able to add instant offense to any team. Although it is reported that the Thrashers have offered Hossa 28 million dollars over four years Hossa has yet to agree to any deal.

“It’s believed that Hossa wants to play in a hockey mad city, something which Atlanta is not.” Other teams that may be interested in Hossa include Colorado, Ottawa and Detroit.

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  1. jarcpitre says:

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Hossa was having a serious talk with Spezza and Alfredson while at the skills competition, kind of interesting. Not sure if Ottawa could pull off this deal, but watch out if they do. Either way I wish the rest of the Canadian teams luck since my Leafs won't be there.

  2. NYI365-318J1 says:

    i think garth snow is going to make a serious attempt to bring hossa to loud island.

    charles wang has already stated that he will spend more money to improve the squad if he can.

    and a pure goal scorer is the one thing the islanders need.

    we already have a great core of players. with great leadership and a great goaltender. add a great goal scorer and we could see some new banners hanging in the rafters of the colusium.

    and remember garth snow was able to pull off the bigest trade at the deadline last year when he traded for cryin ryan smyth.

    …let’s go ISLANDERS!!!

  3. Habs_pm says:

    Ottawa would be a good fit. A lot of teams can use him.

    But Hossa will probably be dealt to a western team….Minisotta has interest in him.

    Gaborik – Demitra – Hossa

    Sounds like a good line?

  4. ovechkin8 says:

    Why not edmonton!!

  5. cartino says:

    I don't think he's coming to Ottawa, it was more of a pow-wow between some former teammates, I also noticed Chara (another former sen) was pow-wowing with Spezza, Alfie, Hossa.

    It was probably more Hossa and Chara expressing regret for wanting too much money at the time and leaving Ottawa for lesser pastures and expressing they're not happy in Boston/Atlanda and saying what a mistake they made and that they wished they had stayed in Ottawa for less money.

  6. cartino says:

    I can guarantee you Ottawa will not land Hossa at the deadline for several reasons:

    1) Ottawa does not trade the farm or 1st round picks for rent-a-players, they never have and never will. This team drafts very well even with late picks and continues to stock their team with good young players and it's not worth giving up a good young player (probably ask for Foligno, Vermette, or Lee) and a 1st round pick for a rent-a-player, especially because their is no way they can afford Hossa in the Off-season.

    2) Ottawa is not in the market for top scoring forward (which will cost a 1st round pick and good young player), they're more looking for what I say is a Top6 forward ie someone they can get for a 2nd round pick (and a young player not on their roster) that can fit the bill, ideally it would be a player struggling this year on their current team (ie drop in market value) who put in Ottawa's team would have more room/space and energy and would fit the bill. Ottawa also needs to at least look into goaltending… as Emery and Gerber are not playing very consistent, the goalie market is not pretty right now but if a reliable sold veteran can be found… I'd pounce (even a Dwayne Roloson, Olaf Kolzig, who knows).

    3) Since Ottawa originally sent Hossa to Atlanta for Heatley and Ottawa seems to have been on the slight upper hand in this deal and now has Heatley locked up for 7 more years, Don Waddell can't send Hossa back to Ottawa (for even a prospect and 1st round pick which isn't close to what Heatley is worth) as it will make him look like an idiot for losing out on the trade 3 years ago. (could you imagine how stupid Florida would have looked (not that it wasn't a stupid enough trade to begin with) had they traded Lungo for Bertuzzi, then shipped Bertuzzi back to Vancouver 60 games later for a conditional pick which Detroit gave them) 

    *Only way I see Ottawa giving up more for a player is if they have a chance to sign them, and Ottawa will be pretty tight against the cap this offseason to sign people.

  7. go_sens_go says:

    because no one likes edmonton – just ask Chris Pronger 😛

  8. ovechkin8 says:

    Chris Prongers just a fag Edmonton rocks!

  9. Oil-Life says:

    Haha, easy!  Don't want Hossa anyways, I like our team where we are at.  Hossa is a SOS type player a team needs to help them get to the cup.  We're not going to the cup, so let Marian go somewhere else where he can help.  Would the Sens like to have him back for the postseason or what?

  10. mozzy says:

    Hossa will come to Philly at the deadline!!

  11. mozzy says:

    Hossa will come to Philly at the deadline!!

  12. rangers11 says:

    too bad the icelanders dont have anything to give up for an all star caliber player in hossa, unless you want to give up okposo. but that wouldnt even surprise me. they have a reputation for trading their top prospects for guys who will walk in the off season.

  13. sjconnick says:


    just an article related to the article just posted in regards to the avalanche

  14. Quebec4Life says:

    First off thanks for showing great sportmanship. And second I agree with the other person they probably told eachothers. Dude can't believe we could have all been in the same team haha! So many old sens at the game geez

  15. NiittymakiForVezina says:


  16. PTack says:

    Hossa to boston would be good fit, he could play with Savard again. Ottawa would go faaarrr in the playoffs if they got him back too.

  17. lethrash says:

    Hossa isnt going anywhere for free, so the team who 'thinks they can sign him' will be the team who pays up for him, a solid player, a solid prospect, and a 1st.

    IE Vancouver: Morrison, Bourdon, 1st 2008

  18. Bure96 says:

    That would be beyond stupid for Atlanta because Morrison is pretty much done for the rest of the season.

  19. canuckman93 says:


    2nd round pick 

    Van: Hossa

  20. deadbeatdrunkfather says:

    hossa will be goin to the sharks for marleau……

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