Huet clear Number 1

It appears the Huet has claimed the #1 job in the Habs goal crease. After last nights impressive outing against Atlanta combined with his last four starts he has a save percentage of .931!
He has allowed 2 or fewer goals in 5 of his last 6 starts. Aebischer on the other hand has been in goal for the loss in Toronto (5-1..4 goals against) and Florida (5-1…four goals against)..could blame the back to back games on that thou, for the players. Both players had complemented each other very well up until now and it appears Huet has the upper hand. Huet is getting the start against Minnesota but Carb wont say after that. It appears to me that Huet has finnaly came into his form from last year and passed Abby how has stayed idle and didn’t jump on the opportunity as many would expect him to do when Huet struggled slightly to start off the season.

Tell me what you think about this and how you feel? agree or disagree

3 Responses to Huet clear Number 1

  1. christos says:

    hes solid out there. not always on his knees, makes the big stops when it counts, just goes to show, i dont want to jinx anything, but he has been playing in the same form he did last year. scary.. and abby is good too, thets nottrash him, a couple of bad games, but the habs play different with abby in nets…

  2. passionch says:

    Personally, I always knew Huet was the Habs number 1 goalie (big contract) but if I was Bob, I'd keep both goaltenders for the playoffs because Huet might not be good through the entire playoffs so Abby will be of some help.  A good example is with the Canes Ward/Gerber duo when they won the Stanley Cup.

  3. MARKK says:

    well its been a while since ..huet obviusly has the best save% but at the end of the day aebischer needs to be a number 1 if he was he win 35 games every year til he retires hes excellent look at 2003-04 and in the playoffs he was great…who knows maybe abby against carleina they woulda won 4 in a row..both great goalies but abby is a number 1 and would prove it given alot of games…he should probally get dealt to a team caus alot can use him..get montreal sum offence in a trade maybde

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