To be honest, I really do feel Gainey has done an exceptional job being a GM. We can’t blame him for missing out on signing the top UFAs or FAs every year since it isn’t because of him why the players are not signing with MTL. It’s like Gainey said it’s more like teammates, geography, high taxes in MTL, and don’t forget the crazy media that puts so much pressure on you to play mistake-free every game.

Please remember Gainey offered more money to Briere then Philly did but Briere just didn’t want to play in MTL, one more note Ryan Smyth would of came if it wasn’t for Joe Sakic’s pursuasive phone call.

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  1. Komic-J says:

    We'll never hear the end of it…

    Look, half of us want his head, the other half are still screaming: "In Gainey We Trust". We will never solve this debate.

    What I don't get though is why do you guys care so much about what we, the ones who are questionning Gainey's decisions, think about him. Most of times, when I'm posting about that issue, I get answers like;

    "Shut up, you're not a GM, you don't have a word to say…"
    "Just because it works on your PS2, it doesn't mean it works in real life…"
    "Gainey doesn't have to justify squat to you guys…"

    …and stuff like that. Well, this is an opinion, right ? You don't agree with it ? Hey, that's your call. I just don't see how your opinion on the subject is better than mine. I don't think mine is better than yours…it's an opinion.

    You should be able to say whatever you want about Gainey's management, and so should we. It doesn't make it right or wrong. We just don't share the same vision, the same philosophy.

    If I were to build a team (and no, I don't have the skills to do his job), it would be different. Gainey has his own plan…and as a fan, I don't feel obligated to like it.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    gainey did an exceptional job dumping a veteran at the deadline who might have been the difference in making the playoffs.

    ryan smyth was never coming to montreal, he wanted to play in the West. 

    "crazy media,  mistake free" wher od you get that from?  has this team been anything but a doormat for 15 years?  the media will stop complaining when this team takes hockey seriously.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    if free agents can leave gainey alone, why can't the fans leave him alone as well?

  4. damien_ralentass says:

    Hey men, if you think you can do a better jod, no one stoping you from trying.  Go a head and change your profession….

  5. Komic-J says:

    See…this is EXACTLY the kind of comment I was talking about. Did you miss the part where it says "(and no, I don't have the skills to do his job)" ?!?

    I'm not mad at Gainey for Brière, Smyth, Souray, etc…he did everything he could. But I would have no problem at all with Gainey, standing in front of the medias saying: "Look, we tried, and it didn't work. We chose not to overspend to get someone via free agency, and we'll try again next year."

    You can say whatever you want, that we're not loyal fans, or that we're the reason why UFA don't wanna come here, the fact remains; fans like you are the reason why Gainey signed Harmlik to that contract, not us. Fans like you are the reason why Gainey decided not to deal Souray at the deadline. Because we're not blinded by our desire to get a "name" in Montreal. We're just tired to fight, year after year, for a playoff spot. I don't care about not making the playoffs 5 years in a row if we can finally build this team.

    Hamrlik is a "PR Signing" so that fans like you can keep saying: "Bob did what he could do to improve the team, so why do you complain" !

    The fans that are *****in' about Gainey are actually way more patient than those who are still rooting for him. Because we actually wouldn't mind to wait a few years to finally be great again. But still, you guys keep on thinking that we wanted Gainey to do more in order to win now.


    So stop telling us that his job ain't easy, we know that. We just have two different opinions on what it takes to get there. Is that so freakin' terrible ?!?

    (Sorry if that came out very aggressive, but I'm just very tired to be blamed for stating my opinions and views on the team and the management.)

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