I say Bye Ryder!

Now listen. 30 goals a season is relatively good, and Ryder’s accomplished that for Montreal, and that’s good. I’m a Montreal, and Atlanta fan. The only player which I hate on Montreal is Michael Ryder, and why?


When he does score the goal isn’t needed for sure, and when he does, he’ll score another one a month later. I know he still scores the goals which tallies at the end of the season in his stats, but I say f*** that. I personally think Ryder should be traded, and I mean for anyone. I thought Rebiero was better than he was for crying out loud.

He cannot buy a goal.

I personally think that Ryder should be traded, and use a draft pick to get a decent center for the second line. Montreal’s already found out that Higgins can play on the first line, and Latendresse is more than capable of being on the top two lines. We need one more player, and Ryder’s there to sink Koivu down, and whoever else is on the line.

He’s a sinking ship!

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  1. markovbigfan says:

    To be honest I agree at 100% that he's like the samsonov of the first line, he's a nuisance at the moment for koivu and latendresse, he always try to faint a defenceman and fail and cause a 3 vs 2 or something worst. But Im sure that he'll either be watching the game from the loges or produce more sooner or later and about trading him, well which team would want him, he worths a peanut. So Gainey rather keep him since he costs nothing and hope he deblocks.

  2. jocool_88 says:

    the thing that pisses me off the most about ryder, and of course i also agree with him being traded is that he does not pass the puck to anyone.  It seems that he always wants to be the hero but ends up becoming a zero.  We all saw that last year in overtime of game 6 when he for no reason stayed on the ice and tried to score the game winner himself even tho he should have been off the ice about 30 seconds earlier.  he had the perfect chance to dump the puck but kept it and lost it resulting in the series ending goal.  I hate even watching him on the ice at times, i know he can control the puck along the boards and can at times generate alot of pressure but right now he has been in a slump for over a month and it is time to make a chance whether demote him or bench him if not a trade.  with hiim and abby together we should be able to pick up a pretty good second line center. 

  3. rob121 says:

    There's no doubt Ryder represents major dilemma for the Habs. He is not a puck carrier, hence, he very rarely manufactures his own scoring opportunities. He's not a power forward so he rarely gets pucks off the boards to set up his linemates. He is a pure finisher who requires a playmaker to set him up. In other words, he is a one dimmensional player. Clearly, Ryder's game began to deteriorate during the last 25 games of last season. For the first time in his relative short Canadiens career, he went through long stretches without scoring but equally alarming was the fact that he simply disappeared. He was barely noticable while linemate Chris Higgins began taking off. The problem the Canadiens face is that they are an offensively challengrd hockey team and although Ryder is not producing consistently, the Canadiens can not afford to part with a 30 goal scorer unless the player coming back can make up that 30 goal loss. Not likely. Therefore, in my opinion, as frustrated as I am with Ryder's inconsistentcy, we must remain patient at least until Higgins comes back. There seems to be excellent chemistry between Higgins and Ryder and toghether with Koivu, who is having the best season of his career, we have to let our #1 line play together and hopefully recapture the magic of earlier this season. If it works out, Latendresse can move to the 2nd line with Kovalev and the Habs can try to package Abescheir, Samsanov and whatever else it may take to land a quality second line centre to play with Kovalev and Latendresse. If Ryder fails to find his scoring touch,  then the Canadiens can attempt to trade him as he's still a valuable commodity, at least in the eyes of some of the other G.M.'s around the league.

  4. christos says:

    lol, ivee said this since the beginning, and the chemistry of that first line lies between higgins and koivu, ryder is the third wheel. that being said, i think he still has very high trade value because of his age and ability to shoot the puck, if BOBS packages him, an extra defensmen, only because we will lose one anyway, and a prospect, or pick, im sure we can get a very skilled player, maybe even that 2nd line center! and thets not even talk about samso, look, he is great, but he hasnt been abel to prove it with the habs, but other teams know this, so his value has not diminished either. but until any trades happen, and when higgins gets back, i think the lines should look liek this…


    AND, ifit dosnt work, try

    higgins-koivu-kovy i would LVOE TO SEE THEM… higgins is amazing, and our next leader… get ready habs

  5. Gainey_Carbo_Cup says:

    Short of getting an offer he can't refuse, Bob Gainey isn't going to trade a third season player who has put up the numbers Ryder has. He may be slumping now, but it's only a matter of time before he rediscovers his scoring touch. Barring any long-term injuries, I fully expect Ryder to once again lead les Canadiens in goal scoring this season.

  6. Gainey_Carbo_Cup says:

    I agree that Koivu, Higgins and Ryder have great chemistry together. However, Guillaume Latendresse has been playing well on the first line and Chris Higgins is a natural center. I think it's possible, even likely that we'll be seeing Higgins centering the second line once he returns.

  7. saku_rulz says:

    without wanting to sound like a mad fan, and no not based just on one game, but overall, i would get rid of kovy and samsonov way before ryder!ok he is in a slump but at least he plays well on the SH…and even if he hugs the puck a lot, he tries and skates….which is more than we can say for our 4.5M so called ''star player'' kovalev…doesn't try, whines, blasts the coach in the papers and doesn't even perform on the same night, always finds excuses, doesnt care about defensive play or the team, just his personal stats!

    as to samsonov, well, once in a blue moon he skates around, play gets to nowhere and he is still geting paid more than one in a half time ryder's salary so….that's 8M wasted between samsonov and kovy!thats my personal opinion anyways!

  8. habsoverserver says:

    The Habs should stick with Ryder just like they should have kept Ribiero.  Last season, Ryder led the Habs in goals, power play goals, game winning goals and shots on goal.  To give him up for "anyone" would be ridiculous. Ryder has a one year contract I think it would make more sense to keep him through the end of the year and make a decision at that point.   

    While I realize you are not advocating this, a strategy of dumping cheap young players and replacing them with overpriced veterans can only lead to mediocrity. Trading Ribiero for Niiminaa was a $2.5 million disaster.

  9. passionch says:

    He's in a slump right now but I say we should keep him because he will get out of this and produce offensively sooner or later.  Besides, he doesn't cost much to keep him unlike Niinima right now.

  10. saku_rulz says:

    well it wasnt an on-ice trade…it was more off-ice! do you think it's a coincidence it happened only a couple months after gainey coached the team…he saw ribeiro was a bad influence off the ice….plus on the ice wasn't amazing!niinima does cost 2.5 but i'd rather have him then a bad attittude in ribeiro! mainly, to get rid of ribeiro, gainey had to take the extra 600,000$ in salaryto keep good attittude players!

  11. saku_rulz says:

    well it wasnt an on-ice trade…it was more off-ice! do you think it's a coincidence it happened only a couple months after gainey coached the team…he saw ribeiro was a bad influence off the ice….plus on the ice wasn't amazing!niinima does cost 2.5 but i'd rather have him then a bad attittude in ribeiro! mainly, to get rid of ribeiro, gainey had to take the extra 600,000$ in salaryto keep good attittude players!

  12. leafmeister says:

    As a Leafs Fan I say we will give you pavel kubina for him.

  13. habsoverserver says:

    If Gainey knew he was going to dump Ribiero why did he re-sign him to a contract?  He got negative value for Ribiero and could have just walked away from him instead. 

    Gainey could have traded Ribiero for a fourth or fifth round pick when he was still an RFA then used the salary savings to get a decent second round center instead of getting a player who sits on the bench.  That would have allowed him to sign JP Dumont (Not a center but you get the point.)

  14. Habroller says:

    Kubina at Ryder's salary? Maybe…

    At 5 millions? In your wildest dreams!

  15. saku_rulz says:

    when bouillon was injured, mtl needed a 6th d-man….niinima was really good in the past but since the lock-out, he has been injured and din't play much…thats 2 yrs without playing regularly…he lost his rythm….he just rented niinima…also, the problem with dumont wasn't the $$$ cuz the trade happened way after….gainey stated clearly that he and the staff (carbonneau, ass. gm gauthier,…etc!) evaluated that the players they had were better than dumont (higgins, ryder, johnson, perezhogin + already stuck with samsonov and kovy!) so niinima had nothing to do with that!

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