I say Bye Ryder!

Now listen. 30 goals a season is relatively good, and Ryder’s accomplished that for Montreal, and that’s good. I’m a Montreal, and Atlanta fan. The only player which I hate on Montreal is Michael Ryder, and why?


When he does score the goal isn’t needed for sure, and when he does, he’ll score another one a month later. I know he still scores the goals which tallies at the end of the season in his stats, but I say f*** that. I personally think Ryder should be traded, and I mean for anyone. I thought Rebiero was better than he was for crying out loud.

He cannot buy a goal.

I personally think that Ryder should be traded, and use a draft pick to get a decent center for the second line. Montreal’s already found out that Higgins can play on the first line, and Latendresse is more than capable of being on the top two lines. We need one more player, and Ryder’s there to sink Koivu down, and whoever else is on the line.

He’s a sinking ship!