In Bob We Trust…Yeah right!

Well Bob, it’s been another free agent frenzy and the Habs remain unimproved. You don’t manage to sign Briere. Okay….we can’t get everyone. You don’t manage to sign Gomez. Hmmm…this is starting to look similar to last year.
You don’t manage to sign Smyth. C’mon Bob! You don’t manage to sign Kariya. You don’t manage to sign Blake. You can’t sign Drury. Or Nylander. Or Todd Bertuzzi. Not even Nagy! So who have you signed? Roman Hamrlik and Bryan Smolinski. Okay, Hamrlik isn;t half bad, but he definately is half Souray. Smolinski…Smolinski! What more can I say. This is Samsonov all over. Who are you going to sign next? Yashin? Now we’re left with a couple of options. Trade Kovalev for Marleau (Not a guaranteed deal), sign a over-the hill centre who will not produce what we need (Comrie, Yashin, Forsberg). Sign Zubrus (Better hurry, he’s thinking of going with Toronto), or sign Slava Kozlov. Let me present to you, my fellow habs fans, our best possible lines for next season….

Kozlov – Marleau – Guerin
Higgins – Koivu – Ryder
Plekanec – Smolinski – Zubrus
Latendresse – Begin – Johnson
A.Markov – Hamrlik
Sutton – Streit
Komisarek – D.Markov
Now these lines sound pretty good. They sound championship worthy! Think about it, we’re practically moving our first-line from last year to our second-line minus one lazy Russian. Hold on though, we now that Bob is a “slow” GM. You don’t see him signing 3 big names at the same time. If I had to put this in order of priority:
1) Sign Kozlov
2) Sign Zubrus
3) Sign Guerin
4) Sign Sutton
5) Sign D. Markov
6) Sign Ryder and Plekanec
7) Trade Kovalev and draft pick for Marleau
Long summer ahead. In Bob We Trust!

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  1. kingcup says:

    You want to know what s the difference between Bob and the previous GM ?

    He asn t sold the farm team out and he s making place for the rookies. You want a winning team ? forget free agents, they will fill small hole, not a missing wall ! Rangers tried it, flyers tried it, (insert ur pick here) tried it, they all failed big time. All the latest stanley cup winners did so by having the core of their team from the farm team. Andre Savard started the motion and Gainey kept the train going. 
    Wanna go thru this year ? look at the numbers. Some GM out there are simply nuts. 10 millions for Briere ??? get real ! how much is worth Crosby ??? 20 millions ???!!!
    10 millions is 20% of ANY teams salary cap. 20% !!! for ONE player !!! You think Briere will bring 20 % of all the offensive production ?  If Gainey would have simply offer the same deal, he would have left huge need unattended. The habs are still building back, because it takes time to do it.period.
    And what the hell is up with those 7 and 8 years contract ? Gomez 7 years at 7 millions…Gomez is good, but anybody remembers the Yashin signing  ? Even if he does play good thru out the contract, a team needs changes, and 7 years is a very long time in hockey. In 2001 avalanche won the cup, where are they now ? free falling. Rangers got the yankees syndrom all over again. Let s buy the championship !!! not….  
    And can we once and for all stop it with the Bob is not trying hard enuf… ALL GM ARE TRYING THE SAME THING: LAND THE BEST MAN AT THE BEST PRICE.
    So why is it hard to land big shot player for Montreal ? few reasons:
    1- more taxations in Canada (same for all canadian team, i know)
    2- the true reason: PLAYERS KNOW WE ARE STILL BUILDING THE TEAM AND WE ARE NOT SERIOUS CONTENDERS YET; a LOT of players don t feel like pushing a train, they want one already steaming away, especially players who knows there best years are right now or behing them, time is running out to get a stanley cup ring.
    I like Bob for one reason. He s stiking to the plan of building from the ground up and doesn t buy into the press madness asking for the UFA messiah (no matter the cost) every freakin summer.
    You can t see improvement in the habs organisations the last couple of years ?
     well, i do. And that s enuf for me.
  2. TheStryker says:

    Are you insane, im the biggest Habs fan in the world, but you're just not making any sense. First off Smolinski signed for 2 million, what do you think Zubrus will want per year 3 mil. Kozlov 3 mil. Guerin 4 mil. Hamrlik is making 5.5 per year. So  Danny Markov will want 3.5 mil. Andy Sutton 2.5 mil. The Cap is 50.3 million, not 75 million.

    Second, I want to see what our young kids can do. Kostisyn, Chipchura, O'Byrne. You build a hockey team from within. Don't you remember the Rangers tried to buy their teams in the late 90's, how did that work for them. No I hear they are on the verge of signing Souray… Good luck Ranger fans.

    Gainey made an offer to Briere worth more than the Flyers offer, you can't blame Gainey for a player not signing in Montreal. Im sure he also made offers to Gomez, Drury, Smyth, Nylander, Rafalski…….. There are 30 teams in the NHL, players have a right to pick.

    Out of your list I would sign 2 players, Zubrus and Markov and then sign Eric Belanger

    After that call Jay Feester in Tampa and offer him

    Kovalev,Ryder,Dandenault, 2rnd pick
    Richards, 3rd pick


    Streit-D. Markov

    Bob is not done, he still has assets to trade

    Habs fans RELAX

  3. ferron says:

       Why everybody thinks we should of sign guys like Gomez 7+mil/year and never had an 80pts season? Even "I" would produce playing with Jarg, Briere will make 10 mil next year, never had a 40 goal season no 100pts season or stanley cup, shit not even a tenth place ribbon! All these guys are punk who cant win or carry a team on there own! MTL did a good thing on passing on those overpaid players, we sign two guys who are not expected to produce much offensively but i tell you one thing, i'll take Hamrlik over Souray any time, we sign Smolinski for 400 000 less than what Bonk was making, pretty cheap addition and also signed for only one year, pretty good move. Hamrlik will be there to show along with Markov to are young deffensemen a the right way on how to play right in bot offensive and deffensive zones(unlike Souray, who's so one dimentional). Next what we need is a Deffenseman who will sign a short contract untill are D prospects(O'Byrne, Emelin, Valentenko,Carle Mcdonagh ect ect…).  are ready to step up for now it looks like this…




      Should make Begin are Captain to take pressure off Koivu and by the way Begin ain't doing much so he should start participating!

  4. camerak says:

    According to Darren Dregger on Sports Center last night, Bob Gainey had put in a better offer than Philly, but Briere simply didn't want to play in Montreal.  He had picked Philadelphia out before the free agency period opened up.  Smyth's final decision came down to Colorado, Toronto and Montreal, in which Colorado won.  So don't blame Bob for anything.  He's making the offers, he had apparently offered a higher salary to many players and a long term, but wasn't able to seal the deal.  I don't think UFAs want to play in Montreal for 3 reasons:

    1) The fans are too quick to boo players for off games or bad plays
    2) The media eats most of them alive.  The team should try to protect it's players from the media circus that is Montreal.  If a player isn't comfortable with the media, the organization should try to help them through that
    3) Rejean Houle and Andre Savard were great at drafting young prospects, but terrible for trading away their future.  Montreal's future will really start to look bright in the next few years when some of the prospects start to make a name for themselves, like Buffalo had done.

    So cut Gainey some slack.  He went out and got Smolinski who will be an excellent two-way center with size and who is willing to block shots and use his body.  Hamrlik is a little too injury prone for my liking, but he is a + defenceman, and that's a bonus.  Souray just let too many players use him as a pilon.

    We aren't getting Marleau, so let that pipe dream go.  I really only agree with going after Danny Markov, resigning Ryder and Pleks.  After that, I think Gainey should get on the phone and trade away some draft picks and Boullion and Dandenault for a 2nd line center.  Let some of our prospects make the lineup next season.  Why let some of them rot in the minors, as your lineup doesn't show Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Grabovski, Gorges or O'Byrne.  We need to be competitive but at the same time, we need to develop our prospects with some NHL ice time.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     Well said! I wish everyone would shut-up and let Gainey do his damn job.

  6. micky says:

    All vaild reasons for players not wanting to come to Montreal! The pressures are so high that Quebec kids are actually afraid of coming to Montreal, certainly players who lack any mental strength or character a la Briere.  This is clearly the opposite of a city like Toronto where Ontario kids can't wait to sign with the Leafs….no pressure, low expectations and no real emphasis on winning.  I don't have a problem with Montreal not signing Briere, as in time he will prove to be the biggest free agent bust of 2007!  We need some size and strength to compliment our great group of young players.

  7. sanj91 says:

    Hey, if we can sign Hamrlik at 5.5M a year, why can't we sign Briere at 8M. Sometimes you have to overpay for the guys you want. If Philly wins the cup next year and Briere gets over a 100 points, is anyone going to say Holmgrem overpayed? Of course not. Sometimes you need to act quickly and give the player what you want. There's 3 different GM mentalities out there.

    1) Find a key player and build around him. (Crosby, Iginla, Sakic)
    2) Build from the crease out. (New Jersey, Vancouver, NY Isles)
    3) Build from the ground up (Anaheim, Buffalo, apparently Montreal)
    Now some might say, hey we're in the same boat as Anaheim and Buffalo. Pretty good eh. No! We're not even close to kind of team Anaheim is. They draft big, strong, talented players. How? Because they sucked a couple of years ago and they got amazing draft picks. How did Buffalo get such good prospects, they cucked a couple of years ago and got great draft picks. Same for Pittsburgh. Now Montreal, is never going to suck. Let's face it, no matter how bad the situation is, the fans force the tea, to do "well". So unless we really suck, we're never going to draft the Crosby's and the Kane's that will become centrepiece players. We'll just keep on drafting mediocre players and we'll keep having mediocre teams. Every team has brought in atleast one star player. Someone who gives their team a face. San Jose (Thornton), Buffalo (Briere), NY Rangers (Jagr), Vancouver (Luongo). You see guys, sometimes you need to shake things up. With Souray leaving, we don't have any "stars". Our first line is probably going to be centred by Koivu, who despite the amount of love I have for him, is not a first-line centre. I expect my first line centres to be getting 80+ points. Montreal needs to bring in some talent, because Montreal has never been and can never be a rebuilding team!
  8. habitants24 says:

    You know that I am so sick of the so called Montreal fans blaming Gainey. Put the blame where it belongs and that is on the media (especially the french media) and the fans who attend the games. I am a die hard Montreal fan who takes ribbing everytime i cheer for the habs as I live in B.C. People can't believe the harrassing and booing that goes on at these games when a player misses a pass or doesn't shoot when everyone thinks he should. Let's face it, it is a pressure cooker to play in Montreal. If I was a professional hockey player even being a habs fan I would turn down an offer to play in Montreal as it appears for most it is quite detrimental to one's carreer. If the fans would just back these guys when they need it the most and if the media would just get off of thier soap boxes and try to focus on the positives rather than the negatives this team might just want to play for the city. I was born and raised in Montreal and have to say that at times I am ashamed to say that the Canadiens are my team. I say this not because of the team and the players's, but because I see this like a marriage I am with them through thick and thin, the good times and the bad times. I say this because for some reason the city of Montreal only wants to  focus on the bad that happens to the team and never the good. I say to all Montreal fans out there keep a smile on your face supporrt the team as you would your family, stay positive and make the city a fun place to play hockey in again and maybe then getting people to sign in Montreal in the future won't be a problem. So after saying this and voicing my opinion whether you agree with it or not, do you still believe it is Gainey who can't sign these players or do the player's just not want to be in Montreal?

    I will say that one name comes to mind when I think of the lack of talented player's going to Montreal and that is "MARIO TREMBLAY". Ever since the Patrick Roy ordeal the team has just not been the same.

  9. The_Dynasty says:

    Everyone should reserve judgement on Gainey 'till we actually see what all the free agents do next year. Over 65% of all FA signings are bad for the team. I'm happy with what Gainey is doing. Our team actually has a future. You can't win by signing tons of FAs. You by signing one or two FAs, making good trades, and having a great pipeline from your farm system. Just look at the ducks.

  10. the_word says:

    I can't believe what I'm reading here, for those who praise Gainey for not getting swept up in the UFA frenzy and recognizing he needs to build through the draft. What BS, Gainey tried to sign big name free agents and he failed, miserably. Hamrlik at 5.5 is evidence that he's looking to waste cap room on overrated free agents. Expect more signing in the coming weeks, Montreal is always a great bottom feeder in every UFA market.

  11. dan27 says:

    Yo buddy.

    I think you need to shutup. Gainey has done more than any other team to sign big names players – NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY HERE. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. MEDIA/FANS/TAXES = NO PLAY.

    This is not Bob's fault. I hate you idiot bashers of our GM. He is one of the best GM's in the league – just nobody wants to play on this team because of people like you.

  12. sanj91 says:

    Hey buddy, the reason Montreal gets to where they are is because of the fans. We don't have a team that deserves to be in the playoffs. But stil we are in the playoff race every year because fans like us push the team to do better. But everyone has a certain amount of patience. I, for one, am tired of seeing all these big-name players pass by us. It might be becaus eof the city, but that just means that we pay them more. After all, it's not the money that's the problem, it's the term. Sign someone to a 8 year contract and they will play for you. Frontload their contract and they will play for you. Sometimes you have to find other ways to get the players to come. And Bob is just not doing that. Now we're going to go into the season with more than 10M sitting around. Oh that's good for next year some of you might say, but what do you think is gonna happen next year? Confused? Take a look at the past fu**ing 5 years.

  13. mtl_prince says:

    he had to sign someone with the 15 or so million in cap space that he had….

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