In Bob We Trust…Yeah right!

Well Bob, it’s been another free agent frenzy and the Habs remain unimproved. You don’t manage to sign Briere. Okay….we can’t get everyone. You don’t manage to sign Gomez. Hmmm…this is starting to look similar to last year.
You don’t manage to sign Smyth. C’mon Bob! You don’t manage to sign Kariya. You don’t manage to sign Blake. You can’t sign Drury. Or Nylander. Or Todd Bertuzzi. Not even Nagy! So who have you signed? Roman Hamrlik and Bryan Smolinski. Okay, Hamrlik isn;t half bad, but he definately is half Souray. Smolinski…Smolinski! What more can I say. This is Samsonov all over. Who are you going to sign next? Yashin? Now we’re left with a couple of options. Trade Kovalev for Marleau (Not a guaranteed deal), sign a over-the hill centre who will not produce what we need (Comrie, Yashin, Forsberg). Sign Zubrus (Better hurry, he’s thinking of going with Toronto), or sign Slava Kozlov. Let me present to you, my fellow habs fans, our best possible lines for next season….

Kozlov – Marleau – Guerin
Higgins – Koivu – Ryder
Plekanec – Smolinski – Zubrus
Latendresse – Begin – Johnson
A.Markov – Hamrlik
Sutton – Streit
Komisarek – D.Markov
Now these lines sound pretty good. They sound championship worthy! Think about it, we’re practically moving our first-line from last year to our second-line minus one lazy Russian. Hold on though, we now that Bob is a “slow” GM. You don’t see him signing 3 big names at the same time. If I had to put this in order of priority:
1) Sign Kozlov
2) Sign Zubrus
3) Sign Guerin
4) Sign Sutton
5) Sign D. Markov
6) Sign Ryder and Plekanec
7) Trade Kovalev and draft pick for Marleau
Long summer ahead. In Bob We Trust!