Is Eric Lindros a hall of famer?

Eric Lindros looked like he was a lock for the hall of famer before leaving the Flyers, now, while his numbers still support it, not alot of people do.Eric Lindros was one of the best power forward of the 1990’s, he was up there with Keith Tkachuck, Cam Neely.

The guy is a point per game player, and then some, and if he can cut back on the injuries, should at some point reach 100 points (likely before is 1000th game) and 400 goals.

Unfortunately, attitude problems can keep you out of the hall, look at Glenn Anderson, he’ll likely never make it, despite being a point per game player.

I know this is a short quicky article, but what do you guys think, this is mostly for discussion, I’d put him in the hall, but I have a bit of a bias, he was my favorite non-Leaf until this year, and now he’s my 2nd favorite player behind Tie Domi.