Is Samsonov drawing the line in Montreal?

According to the Boston Globe: ”Abbott fell short of saying he has asked Montreal management to find his client a new home — new home as in different city rather than different line. However, it took very little reading between the lines to figure out that Samsonov would prefer to be dealt.”

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  1. pilourse says:

    Samsonov asking to be trade ??

    If he do… he is in panic!

    Probably his agent said that if Sammy play more than 5-6 games under the 2nd line … he will ask to be trade.

    Just for the fun… where he can be ship if he ask to be trade …

    First theory :

    To Dallas

    To Mtl
    Mike Modano

    Second theory :

    To Phoenix

    To Mtl
    Shane Doan

    Third Theory

    To Columbus
    3rd round draft pick

    To Mtl
    Derrick Brassard

    Let us know your theory (this is just speculating…) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. XOXOHTH says:

    The only one of those trades that would get accepted outside of NHL2K7 would be the Modano trade, but the Habs can’t take on that much salary.

  3. Big_T says:

    people, it has only been like 9 games so far. let’s just wait and see what happens. now that sammy knows that he has to work on this squad to play on the top two lines, it’ll put some pep in his step. it might be for the best. as far as trade value, no one rushed to sign him in the offseason. but like i said, it’s early.

  4. Doctor says:

    Samsonov has, by all reports, requested a trade. This has been made public in the Boston Globe this morning. I want the Rangers to pull the trigger and get him.

    It is so disrespectful to put Samsonov on the 4th line, giving him under 5 minutes of ice time in the game against buffalo. So wrong.

  5. mtl_prince says:

    why would anyone trade a good player…modano or doan….when they could have signed him in the summer!

    if they trade him, it won’t be for much, something like a draft pick.

    on the other hand, if they package, samsonov, a defensmen and a prospect, then that might swing a big name franchise player.

  6. mtl_prince says:

    and the source is the BOSTON GLOBE… gimme a break, i dont believe what they write, let alone most of the B.S. thats in the montreal newspapers!

  7. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    THe Penguins are missing that one more scoring winger… I think that Samsonov would fill that gap on the second line with Staal and Ekman, and drop Recchi to the third line, or as far as im concerned drop recchi period… he blows and thats coming from a penguins fan. I think maybe a second round pick and Noah Welch would land Samsonov… but im not sure about trading welch… any opinions?

  8. OldGoalie says:

    Make it Orpik instead of Welch…maybe go with Ouellet or Christensen if they want a player instead of the pick, or maybe even if they insist on another player in addition to the pick.

  9. mtl_prince says:

    can a penguins fan tell me what line colby armstrong is playing on? i picked him in my pool and hes started off pretty slow so far…is he playing with crosby?

  10. SabresFan220 says:

    Samsonov just signed a multi year deal with Montreal this offseason, he plays poorly so Guy rightfully demotes him and allows a player that is playing well to move up. Generally this move is made by a coach to send a message to his player to step up his play, some guys work and step back up, other guys ***** and cry and demand to be traded. If Samsonov wants out of Montreal already I wouldn’t want him on my team if he’ll be a whiny ***** for being demoted because he played badly. Sure I wouldn’t want him in a Sabre uniform this season because we don’t need him and couldn’t afford him, but some other team could. *****ing instead of working is the sign of a selfish player, not a team player. Little secret, the Sabres aren’t loaded with stars, but they are loaded with team players.

  11. Komic-J says:

    I was happy when the Canadiens announced the signing of Sergei Samsonov this summer. Eventough we didn’t really need another small winger, he’s an upgrade in every way to Richard Zednik.

    …and then it happened !

    The plan was to play him on the second line with Alexei Kovalev, which in my book is one of the dumbest move they could have done. They both play the same style, they both like to control the puck…so much that it was obvious the two of them wouldn’t have chemistry if playing on the same line…

    Is Samsonov the problem ? Well, right now he is…I mean, the guy did nothing so far to deserve his icetime, and Carbonneau rightfully decided to demote him to the 3rd and 4th line. But is is really Samsonov’s fault ? I give him only half of the blame…

    My solution, and it may not be a popular one, especially right now; TRADE MICHAEL RYDER. The guys has decent value; he’s young, has a nice shot…and it shouldn’t be hard for the Canadiens to find a dance partner, with his salary being pretty low compared to other 1st and 2nd line players.

    Why trade him ? Well, first of all…I can’t help but think that there’s a reason why the Canadiens keep signing him to 1-year deals. From what I’ve heard, it could be an image issue…he’s not known for that in Montreal, mostly because players like Ribeiro, Dagenais and Theodore were taking the spot there…but Ryder likes to party, he likes to drink…he smokes a lot of **** !!! Well, at least…that’s what I heard from someone close to defenseman Sheldon Souray.

    This would also bring Kovalev back on the first line…which should be the case. When you think about it, they splitted Koivu and Kovalev because they didn’t have anyone offensively skilled to play on the second line…well, they have now in Samsonov.

    Sheldon Souray did ask to be traded last year…that I know ! I have no clue if, now that Montreal’s fan are cheering for him, he wants to stay or not…but the reality is, we’ll have to move a defenseman pretty soon. The Canadiens can’t afford to keep them all, and Souray will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

    So that gives us a package of Michael Ryder and Sheldon Souray. Could we include anyone else ? Of course we can…first, we must deal one of our goaltender. I’ll be honest, I’m mad at the organisation for signing Huet to such an expensive deal…and I wouldn’t cry if he was traded like…right now ! Neither one can take us to the next level, we might as well trade one to get a player we could actually need.

    What about prospect ? I would hate to see us trading draft picks, so prospect would be the only way to go in my opinion, if you want to add something else on the market. I don’t have a lot of faith in Guillaume Latendresse, at least not right now. I think he’s overated just because he’s a french canadien player with a somewhat interesting size. However, I know he won’t be traded…the medias and the fans here would be furious ! So, he’s out…

    I think we could afford to lose one of the following; Alexander Perezhogin, Tomas Plekanec or Andrei Kostitsyn. Right now, Plekanec has more “market” value than the other two…and he’s probably the one we can afford to trade if we can get a decent second line center in one of the trades…

    So, let’s recap…this gives us a package of Michael Ryder, Tomas Plekanec, Sheldon Souray and Crystobal Huet…can we get a decent right-handed center with size, and an offensive minded defenseman to help Andrei Markov with that ?

    …and if not, then just pray that Buffalo will be stupid enough to trade Maxim Afinogenov for Sergei Samsonov, one on one…

  12. goalieman32 says:

    Armstrong is on the newly formed Malkin/Crosby combo line and should pick up a good chunk of points, but then again most anyone could with that combo. He is set for now, but he is one slup away from being replaced (this is just my speculation, so take it with a grain of salt). i personally believe that the pens need a russian right winger so they can stick him on the Crosby/Malkin line and increase the communication there.

  13. robinson19 says:

    What Sansonov said was, I made a commitment to this team, I brought my family here and bought a house, and I thought I’d be the go-to guy, but my ice-time is down and it’s frustrating to sit and watch a third period on the bench. It makes me wonder what my future is. Of course people want to blow it up into a sensational story, but it’s not. And, by the way he played on the third line, not the fourth last night and played very well, clicking on several nice offensive plays with Bonk and Johnson. Kovalev’s slow knees and lack of passing is the problem with line #2 not Samsonov, and he knows it and the Habs know it, they’re just trying to find good combos. Sammy isn’t going anywhere.

  14. Tachmo says:

    You are blowing this up a little bit too much. Samsonov isn’t your typcial russian hockey player. Samsonov played in Boston for 8 years, and didn’t complain once. He didn’t cry or whine! He went to Edmonton and didn’t cry or whine! All Samsonov said was he wants to contribute, he basically doesn’t want to let Montreal down and play 8 mintues a game and make 3.5 million dollars a season. To me that shows he cares, and has heart. not selfishness!

    I don’t think he is selfish, I would gladly take him back to Boston. He still has the potential to be a point a game player in the right setting.

  15. CedrickRozon says:

    Your trade speculation is just as painful as your grammar…

    get real!

  16. habswinthecup-again says:

    The reason that Ryder keeps getting 1 year contracts is the same reason that half the team keeps getting 1 year contracts, they have to keep proving themselves and once they prove enough then they will get a long term contract like Koivu has. Ryder may like his wobbly pops (who doesn’t) but he is not a problem out in public or with the media.

    We can’t keep all these defenseman yet you want to trade 1 (with others) for 1, hello!

    Yeah, I’m sure Buffalo will do that.

  17. EasternHockey says:

    Yeah, it’s also disrespectful to get paid $3.5mil to score 2 goals in 9 games.

  18. red-habs says:

    Samsonov suck, Kovalev also.

  19. bakunin says:

    he will play more often on the 3rd line and have more chance to score goal with bonk and johnson than on the 2nd line with kovalev and plecanek…

  20. rojoke says:

    Ryder is one third of your offensive production. If you think jettisoning him is going to automatically mean Kovalev is going to produce a point a game (not necessarily a point every game) from the top line, then go right ahead. But you have to remember that Kovalev moved down off of Koivu’s line for a reason; a lack of production. Ryder and Higgins moved up onto the first line for a reason; they produced.

    Ryder is on his second one-year deal, and that’s because despite his improved numbers from his rookie year to last season, he still had some questions marks about his game, first and foremost his skating ability. From the games so far this season, his skating is lightyears ahead of what it was in his rookie year. He’s seemingly in great condition, despite the apparent constant partying he’s doing, and without the offense coming from somewhere else, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by dealing a productive player from your top line, and first powerplay unit, just to get your second line going. If he puts up 35 goals, 70+ points this season, I think Gainey will lock him up for three or more years, if he still wants to play for Montreal.

    And speaking of the “friend close to Sheldon Souray,” that’s always an easy thing to claim. It’s very tabloid. It could be anything from his next door neighbour to the guy who delivers the paper in his neighborhood. It’s hearsay at best, and at worst, bullshit pawned off on someone else in case it’s not true.

  21. HabsRUs says:

    “READ: Coming from a freind of Ryders”

    Ok. Im actually from Newmans Cove, NL, less than 10 minutes from Bonavista (Michaels hometown), went to Discovery Collegiate IN Bonavista and I graduted with Michaels sister susan.

    “but Ryder likes to party, he likes to drink…he smokes a lot of **** !!!”

    OF COURSE he likes to party, hes a Newfie lol. However, unlike most Newfies who had 1 or 2 good years in the NHL, Micheal trained hard with his brother in the offseason. Guys like Cleary, King and Druken had solid rookie years in the NHL, only to come home in the summer, get smashed on George Street and do nothing all summer. Cleary is still in the NHL I know, but he hasnt come close to performing at the level we had expected. Terry Ryan was picked by the Canadiens ahead of Iginla for christ sakes. He partied too much and now he an announcer in St. Johns for the Fog Devils (not sure if he is this year though).

    If Ryder is in St. Johns, you’d see him lurking around George Street on a weekend or if hes in Bonavista for the weekend, hes sure to be at the Sunset lounge. However!!!! This guy works hard and doesn’t miss a day at the gym or the rink. He is very dedicated to hockey and unlike the rest of the Newfies in the NHL, he wasn’t expected to go aanywhere. Hard work paid off for him to realize his goal, and hes not about to let it go away. As for smoking weed, I’ve never seen him do that before. If he smokes pot all the time, im sure he wouldnt have the lungs to play professional hockey. LOL I cant even run to the store now without loosing my breath.

    I don’t think many people in the hockey world understand the cinderalla story of Micheal Ryder. hell, a movie can even be made from his life. Growing up in a great hockeytown, where there were so-called “better” players around than him. But nobody had the guts to move to the next level because everyone thought it was a waste of time. How could somebody from this little place actually make it???? And now there are currently three players from Bonavista drafted in the NHL (M.Ryder’MTL, D.Ryder’ CGY, and A.Pardy’ CGY).

    As for the idea of an image problem in Montreal, thats BS. Last night there were only TWO French-Canadien players who suited up for the Habs (Guy and Begin). This goes to show that this whole French-Hab connection is starting to fade away under the Gainey era. I heard a story last month of a group of people from Bonavista who went to Montreal to watch a hockey game. Before the game, the had dinner at some fancy restaurant and the waitress recognized the accent. After questioning where they were from, the men said Bonavista and told her they were in Montreal to watch Ryders game. When the waitress came back later with the bill, they realized that their dinner was free. Also I’ve been told that when you walk into the Bell Center there are three big pictures on the wall, and two of the pictures are of Ryder….. Im not 100% sure on that one though, just what I heard.

    But this just goes to show that theres no problem with Ryder in Montreal and I just wanted to clear some things up. You know, who better to clear it up than a guy who knows him personally? As for trading him, it could happen, but I don’t see it happening. But, he wont be traded because he doesnt work hard, or hes not French, or he likes to party.

  22. rojoke says:

    I wouldn’t call Samsonov a whiner, but the fact is that even though he says he wants to be a go-to guy, he’s not. Too often, he’s passed up obvious shooting opportunities, especially in the slot, looking to dish off, and often to teammates who are not in position either, so it’s not all on his shoulders. Go-to guys don’t look to give the puck to someone else as the first option. For the first four games, they did diddly squat 5-on-5, and only in the last few games has there been any kind of spark from that line, including last night in Boston. The fact that he was angry doesn’t bother me bit; it would bother me more if he wasn’t angry. How he handles that emotion ove the next week or so will determine whether or not he gets back on the second line, or if there’s another shuffle on that line involving Bonk and Plekanec. 4 points in 9 games is not good enough for a guy with Samsonov’s ability.

  23. rojoke says:

    Samsonov’s main problem is he doesn’t shoot nearly enough. He’s averaging a shot per game (9 shots, 9 games). And that’s getting powerplay time and regular shifts. Kovalev has 24 and Plekanec has 13. He’s got to be a little more selfish and get some pucks on net.

  24. blarneylad says:

    kovalev is amazing

  25. Habfanforever says:

    That is funny, I guess what is said in the Boston globe is what people want to hear for entertainment, not necessarily what NEEDS to be said or anyhting close to the truth for that matter. Samsonov did not asked to get traded, he just said he was dissapointed with his usage but his performance is not that of a guy who you pay 3.5 million $ a year. He’s got to stop whining and start playing good hockey. He’s not playing anywhere near the level he did when I saw him play in last year’s Edmonton lineup, playoffs included. Like someone said earlier, he needs to stop dangling and start shooting more, the point will come easier that way, especially with a guy who’s got above average speed and puck protection skills.

  26. Komic-J says:

    The reason that Ryder keeps getting 1 year contracts is the same reason that half the team keeps getting 1 year contracts, they have to keep proving themselves and once they prove enough then they will get a long term contract like Koivu has.

    What ?!? Ryder has two seasons of 25 goals, 50 points…he proved a lot more than Guillaume Latendresse, even more than Crystobal Huet. Yet we signed these two to multi-year contracts. I’m not saying Ryder is a bad player, but there’s gotta be a reason why he signed two 1-year contract back-to-back…and I think the reason is; he’s not part of the organisation’s plan for the future at long term…so we might as well make money out of him while he still has a decent value. That’s all I’m saying…

    We can’t keep all these defenseman yet you want to trade 1, Hello!

    Hello to you ! The reason why I included Souray in the potential tradeable players is because he did asked to be traded before, he’s an UFA at the end of the season, which makes this move even more probable, unless the Canadiens are in the hunt for a long playoff run.

    Also, you gotta keep in mind that most team ready to sacrifice a center, something we need, won’t trade one in return of another one. More often than not, they’re ready to trade a center because they have enough depth at that position…so why would they go after another one ?!? They’re more likely to accept a trade for something they are missing, which in many cases could be a defenseman. Mush like the Colorado-Calgary trade which sent Tanguay to the Flames…

    Yeah, I’m sure Buffalo will do that.

    I know…that’s why I said; “Let’s pray that Buffalo will be stupid enough to trade…”

  27. Komic-J says:

    I agree with you, Michael Ryder did improve his skating this offseason. In fact, I think that along with Radek Bonk, he’s the most improved player in our line-up this season.

    However, I disagree with you on the reason why Kovalev was demoted from the first to the second line. If you remember correctly, they did split them up because they felt the other team only had to watch for the first line when playing us…with Koivu on the first line, and Kovalev on the second…it gave us two more even lines.

    In fact, if there was non-productive line back then, it was Ribeiro’s line. Kovalev, Koivu and Zednik were doing just fine back then. That was a good decision in my opinion…back then. But now…you have Samsonov, the changes a lot of things.

    The way I see it, to have a good line you must have a playmaker, a goal scorer, and someone who loves to control the play. Ideally, one of them (or more if you’re lucky) have decent size, which we don’t really. But we have the proper kind of players…they’re just not playing with the right people.

    That’s why I would split Kovalev and Samsonov. Both of them can control the puck long enough to attract two, even three players on them, giving more room to the others.

    Finally, I don’t like to quote personal sources, but believe me, the guy I’m talking about is a personal friend of Sheldon. I’m 28 years old…I have better things to do than pretend I know someone, who knows someone, who heard that his neighbour is close to the nephew of someone who knows him… ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Komic-J says:

    No…you misunderstood my post completely. I’m not saying he could have an image problem because he’s not speaking french, or because he’s not working hard enough…

    Look what happened to Pierre Dagenais, look what happened to Mike Ribeiro, look what happened to Jose Theodore. They were all kicked out of the club because they had some issues outside the ice. They were known to be “party guys”, and made the headlines a lot of times for their behaviour off the ice. And those three aren’t the first ones. Our own head coach Guy Carbonneau was sent packing because he gave the finger to a photograph…and he was our captain ! I’m not saying that’s the only reason why the Canadiens signed him to a second 1-year deal, but it could be a factor…

    All I’m saying is that, with the three party boys now gone…Ryder could be the next one to make the headlines for something else than his performance on the ice. I hope it won’t be the case, believe me. I think Ryder is a good player, and if everything was running smooth in Montreal, I wouldn’t trade him at all. But it’s not the case, and right now…Ryder is in my book the player with the best value on the market playing for us…and I’m not sure we can’t afford to deal him.

    That’s all I was sayin…

  29. krk181 says:

    Modano is not leaveing dallas, montreal would have to give up a little more than just samsonov

  30. pensfan29 says:

    Pens will take him

  31. B514 says:

    I’d give him away for next to nothing. The only reason he was signed in the first place was because the canadiens missed out on other free agents, and felt pressured into signing a ‘name’ player. He is far from worth the 3.5 mil. I would give him away for a draft pick, heck maybe even a bag of pucks. At least that would give the habs the cap space to either acquire someone in the future, or maybe make room for kostisyn, or some other rookie. If I were GM, I wouldn’t need much in return to let him go.

  32. B514 says:

    Yeah, and it is also disrespectful to run off your mouth after playing only nine games, and rightfully being demoted because of lack of production. If Samsonov is so apt to whine, he is not a player we need down the stretch. He seems to be the type to ruin chemistry. Very unclassy on the part of Samsonov

  33. gg_idiot says:

    For Shane Doan? Get real

  34. gg_idiot says:

    It is also disrespectful to put Plekanec on the 2nd line. GROSS

  35. lrdstanley says:

    He’s just spectulating,,and for his grammar, he’s french and he istrying to write in english, lets see you write in french….

  36. Breese1 says:

    Here in Montreal we have like 8 d-man, why would we get another one?

    we don’t want Welch or Orpik

  37. OldGoalie says:

    Not sure about the other poster, but my point was that I wouldn’t be willing to give up much more than Orpik and some combination of a pick, Christensen and Ouellet. I’m not a gigantic Samsonov fan, and I certainly don’t think he’s worth anything approaching what he’s paid, so I wouldn’t give up anyone that means much of anything to the Pens to take on his salary. I think Welch figures into the Pens’ long-range plans…but Orpik should not. As for what the Habs would want…I think they probably will be hoping for more than most teams would be willing to give them, but they also have to face the prospect of being stuck with him. Gainey is no fool…he has to know that he’s probably not getting anything spectacular back for Samsonov…so it may just come down to who offers the best among low-value returns (assuming that they really want to be rid of the guy, which they of course may not).

  38. XOXOHTH says:

    He played more than 5 minutes in that game. Please get your facts straight.

  39. mtl_prince says:

    i heard souray’s wife is back living with him in montreal!

  40. mtl_prince says:

    ya…lol…could be ryder, or plekanec, or latendresse that goes and makes some ‘headlines’……shesh

  41. mtl_prince says:

    thanks for the info… i got him all year, no trades im my pool! although i got him and shanahan as my last picks, so so far they’re equaling each other out….

  42. pilourse says:

    Hey le trou de cul!! Essaye don de parler en francais si t’en ai capable!! Je suis pas si sur que ca que t’ai si incroyable que รงa!! Donc, va jouer dans le traffic ostie de flaque de morve!

    Probably you will never understand this message and his probably because your brain is not enough evoluate!

  43. blarneylad says:

    souray’s wife is hot!! wow what a fox!!! lucky man!

  44. habsoverserver says:

    Samsonov didn’t ask to be traded and Montreal has no need to trade him. Being that he was in the later group of free agents to be signed, it is not like there were 20 teams knocking on his door. If no one else wanted Samsonov for free, what is the likelyhood that, given his relatively slow start, another team would pay up for him?

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