Islanders to offer Smyth a mountain of money?

Darren Dreger of TSN is suggesting that the Islanders may offer Ryan Smyth a deal that he may not be able to refuse. He is suggesting the possibility of a 7 or 8 year deal worth about 6 million per year. Put differently that could mean a 48 million dollar deal.

If the deal is able to be worked out the Islanders will be able to land one of the biggest off season free agents. The Islanders are well known for offering long term huge money deals.

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  1. AfroCon says:

    If this is true… They really don't learn do they?

  2. wielerj says:

    the truth is, garth snow has more to lose than ryan smyth, should he not be able to sign him.  he also has his reputation… this would have to go down as just another colossal islander blunder if they can't sign him.  garth knows it, and so do we.  i don't think the leafs can match that but  i've said it once i'll say it again… throw the bank at this guy.  whatever it takes… every last red cent we have at all costs bring ryan smyth to toronto.  that's it.  that's all.

  3. senators101 says:

    Dreger's retarded.  Any team MAY do that.  Even if he was offered 8 million dollar a year, nothing attracts him to the Islanders.  It isn't like the Oilers where he played for his  whole life.  The guy played 18 games there… He's not signing with anybody before July 1..

  4. NHLman says:

    The Icelanders are a joke of an organization and a contract of that magnitude for a player of Smyth's caliber is ridiculous. I can understand overpaying over 4 years, as is necessary these days, but to offer 7 years? Isn't Smyth like 30 years old? You want to sign him up to his 38th birthday for 6 million a season? I hope the Islanders do just so that we can see how stupid they really are. Why don't they sign him to a 20 year deal at 3 million a season so they give themselves a break on the salary cap… IDIOTS.

  5. modk09 says:

    Wang on the island and Homer in Phili are going to destroy this league. there was no reason to lose a year, no reason for a salary roll back, no reason for a salary cap. this is just insane and it pisses me off that we missed a year of the NHL for this crap

    Smyth wont even be able to stand in 8 years let alone play hockey. even if the first 4 years are at the max ($8M?) the last 4 years are still more than he will be worth by then. and actually, they would be more than hes worth NOW ($4M)

  6. NYIGoalie23 says:

    yeah because Wang is the reason we have a salary cap.   Teams like the rangers would just throw any amount of money at players.  At least with the cap it balances the field a little bit and teams all have somewhat of a chance to compete.  Altho I do agree that Wang gets carried away with the years offered in his contracts, but then again they feel that it's the only way to actually get people to come to long island.

  7. senators101 says:

    I agree with you 100%.  He's not offering crazy money, just crazy years.  He's locked up his starting goalie for 15 years for 4.5mil, which isn't terrible.  He'll be worth more than 4.5 mill down the road, so the numbers aren't an issue.  15 years, on the other hand, is crazy.  But this isn't doing anything to the cap.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    This is how I look at it.  It's Charles Wang's money.  If that is how he wants to use it….whatever.  At least it would be on a hockey player that anyone would want on their team.  Not Alexei Yashin.

    Also, would you people rather have the previous Islanders back, instead of Wang???  Now THERE was a joke of an ownership group.  At least Charles Wang appreciates his hockey team and tries to make them better, instead of annual firesales. 

  9. mojo19 says:

    NYI offer an 8 year deal to a guy already in his 30's? I wouldn't put it past them.

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