It is NOT the time to rebuild

People are saying that the Leafs should blow it up, and start again. Total bull shit. If the Leafs don’t win the Stanley Cup this year, which is just about impossible, it will be the third longest droubt in NHL history, and if Chicago wins before 2017 and we don’t, it will be the longest.Remember in 2002 when people said Canada had to win, it had been fifty years, and they had to win to keep their pride??? The Leafs are in a worse situation, everyone already hates them, there have been more NHL seasons then Olympic tournaments in between wins, and the team is a disaster.

The Leafs are not in a position to rebuild. They have to win now. I’m not even saying dismantle their farm, they just have to win this year (again, just about impossible) or next.

This means you take the best 20 players you can get on your team. Loyalties are for losers. I’m not gonna sit here and say “well… Ian White may be good someday, so we shouldn’t get Mark Recchi, who we know can still score 25 goals, cuz if down the road we need a defenseman…” (just an example) You take the best team you can. I’m saying Steen, Stajan, and Wellwood should NOT be untouchable. I like Steen and Stajan, but if you can get a better player by trading Steen, by all means do it.

And you don’t do what Quinn does, and spread the talent and roll the lines. Lindros and Sundin will produce more if they play more. You play the stars as much as you can. And the top 2 lines, should be the best 6 forwards you could have on your team.

What does everyone else think?