It’s time for the Washington Capitals to move defenseman Mike Green

It feels like it’s time to break up the nucleus, to shake up a roster with just three players not under contract for next season. It can only happen through a substantial trade, and that is why it is time for Mike Green to go.

It might sound knee-jerk, especially given the Capitals’ myriad problems that have little to do with the underwhelming veteran defenseman.

But if a seventh straight postseason is the goal, if not wasting a single season of Alex Ovechkin’s and Nicklas Backstrom’s prime is really paramount — if this season is going to be about more than giving good, young kids experience — then the team committed to going green at goalie and on defense has to seriously consider parting with Green.

Because unlike other players, Green might still bring the Caps something good in return, maybe even a veteran tough guy, a defensive defenseman for a change.

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