Jeff Carter available?

I heard on french TV show 110%(which hasn’t much credibility,but what the heck…),last night,that Flyers’ center Jeff Carter is available and Flyers are shopping him around.If someone hears anything about that rumor,please let me know.Personally,if Carter is available indeed,I hope Bob Gainey will do whatever it takes to acquire him.He’s the perfect centerman the Habs have been looking for for the past 10 years.At 6’3 and nearly 200 pounds,he’s a right-handed centerman with tremendous all-around skills.Along with Chris Higgins,he would be the masterpiece of the Habs’ offensive for the next ten years,being only 22 years old.He’s the missing kind of player for Montreal to be a Cup contender,period.I think a trade like Plekanec/Streit/1st pick-Carter/2nd pick would be fair for both teams.What do y’all think?

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  1. Labrosse says:

    i think i would not even do plecanek for carter straight up and we have to give a first rounder + streit who is probably the best d-man you can find for 600K and only get a 2nd rounder more?

    we are getting rape big time

  2. TheStryker says:

    Philly is looking for a D-man, well we have plenty of them. Here is what I would offer

    Bouillion,Ryder,Locke,2nd rnd pick
    To Philly for



  3. sercote says:

    I can see that you love Plekanec,and so do I.But he's small and older than Carter.Every year,people say that the Habs absolutely need a big,right-handed center.Carter is.To get something good,you gotta give something good.And if you get a center,you need to make some room at this position.I doubt the Flyers would give Carter away for Smolinski and Koivu has a NTC and a 4,7M$ salary.Plekanec is the only one whose salary is about the same as Carter.As for Streit,he's a UFA at the end of the season and I'd rather see O'Byrne instead of him. 

  4. sercote says:

    Your trade suggestion makes no sense.Ryder is a UFA,Bouillon is,at best,a 6th defenseman (1,8M$) and Locke never played a game in the NHL (or maybe 1 or 2?) and I doubt he's gonna have an NHL career.So forget it,there's not a chance in hell Holmgren is gonna trade a future superstar,future captain for a handful of junk. 

  5. habsgod says:

    well i read your article!!and i think you must be on something to want to give up plekanec,streit and a 1st r.d pick!!for just carter and a 2nd round pick!!in this so''called'' proposal you are making or offer you are  thinking about!!i' hope that this deal doesn't and won'thappen!!gainey wouldn't allow himself to get fleeced like this!!carter isn't worth that much!!plekanec at this stage is  a better player and streit is a top 4 defenceman!!that's a lot to give up for a guy that has been in the league as long as plekanec and hasn't posted plekanec type numbers yet!!and probably won't!!the flyers are a much improved team this year and carter still hasn't put up the kind of numbers that plekanec has this season!!!and to also give up a 1st r.d pick too is just rediculous!!i know that you mentioned he's the big center that we are looking for but if you want to give up this much i think we can find a better deal for this kind of package!!i.e rick nash!,marian hossa ect!!i also wouldn't trade plekanec 1for 1 for carter!!!

  6. ferron says:

    Plekanec is a much better player than Carter and I hope Montreal never do something stupid like trading Higgins, Komisarek, Plekanec or Kostitsyn.

    Didn't feel the need to include Price on that list he's untouchable, "I" would not trade Price for Crosby straight up! God forbid if anything ever to happen to Price! Crosby maybe good but Goalies are more important than offensive center.

  7. mtlman2005 says:

    I completely agree with you, I would NEVER trade Plecanek for Carter straight up, and then u want to trade streit a great player, who doesn't even cost us a thing, AND a 1st round pick… ridiculous!
    Now, Im not saying Plecanek is a god, not at all, but these days he is in our top 3 players every game, and he is only getting better. He is a little older than Carter, so what??!!
    I would never do this trade, and im pretty sure Gainey wouldn't either!

  8. mtlman2005 says:

    Completely agree, about everything! I would add Markov, and Sergei Kostitsyn, unless that u were talking about him!
    As for the Price thing, agree with you at 100%! The best example look at brodeur. Him alone won a few cups for NJ, and he still stealing games for the Devils! Now, would you have traded Gretzky for Brodeur?

  9. sercote says:

    No,I'm not "on something",like you said.I've been sobre for a few months now.Streit may be a top-4 defenseman,but he's a UFA next summer.We're gonna lose him for nothing,cause Gainey ain't paying him 2-3M$ when there's a few prospects waiting to get a shot.As for Carter,it's just a matter of time before he becomes a 70-80 point player.Plekanec will be,in his prime,a 55-65 pt player.Further more,h'es 3 years older than Carter.I really love Plekanec,but we have more than enough of that kind of player,which is small,fast and talented forward.Now,we need a big,skilled center,or at least forward.But that kind of player ain't free.To receive something,you gotta give something.But you're right,maybe a 1st draft pick is too much.let's say only Streit and Plekanec for Carter.

  10. ferron says:

      Never been a great fan of either, Gretzky played with the best team in the 80's and when traded to the LA Kings, The SL Blues and the Rangers, none of these team got better actually besides the Kings the other teams might of got worst with the arrival of Wayne. As for Brodeur do I need to mention the D-men He(Brodeur) worked with Stevens, Niedermayer, Rafalski ect… not to mention the defensively gifted fowards He also played with over the years
     C. Lemieux, Pandolfo, White, ect.

    PS: I feel great shame after forgeting the names of  Markov and S. Kostitsyn who's having  a much better start  than is brother in the AHL. Do you think the Habs will give O'Byrne and S. Kostitsyn a chance this year? IMO I think that S.Kostitsyn is much better than Grabovski,  Kostopoulos or even Smolinski and I also think that O'Byrne's much better than Brisebois or Georges.

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