Joe Sakic nets his 600th.

HTR would like to say “Congratulations” to Burnaby Joe. Sakic scored his 600th goal last night in a game against the Calgary Flames. Although it was an empty net goal, it will look like top shelf in the stats books.

Sakic, a career Nordique/Avalanche is one of the NHL’s classiest players. He continues to put up large numbers year in and year out and you never hear this guy complain about anything.

Wow – 600 – Congrats Joe.

Read more about this large feat here

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  1. LeafsrGods says:

    You *****ing moron, this is a hockey trade rumor sight, not no 'concratulations to you' sight, and now post a new thread WHICH YOU TALK ABOUT TRADES, not no superstar that wont be traded……………nitwit….

  2. Raaper says:

    I would like to second HTR congats to Joe. Way to go Joe you have a lot of good years left. Keep up the good work and get your young guns in the playoffs. Go Avs Go

  3. Raaper says:

    Get a life. Oh sorry your a Leaf fan so I guess you do not have one to begin with. LOSER

  4. kamullia says:

    The same people who think the HTR site is exclusively only for trade rumors, are probably the same people who think you have class.

  5. Yougzz says:

    I'll be honest, he's my hockey hero… but NHL can't sell this product!

    Joe Sakic scored his 600th goal… probably the last one for a long time…

    Selanne is the next in line, still missing 74 goals, won't be done until at least 2009-2010…
    After that, Sundin will probably retired before since he still needs 82 goals!
    Then…. nothing!!!
    Kariya is the youngest one and still needs 140 goals! That means at least 5 seasons in his case…

    So, the NHL probably got their last 600 goals scorer for the next 5 years, not even a small mention on the website!! (Notice 3 players pasted that mark this year). Have you also seen how Joe Sakic notched his 1500th career point earlier this year… same thing.. no big deal on the website nor around the league…

    What is wrong with this league? Look at how they've been treating one of their most talentuous and respected player in NHL history… and they expect the fans to be interested in their product?

    Joe Sakic
    The captain, the leader, the guy that inspired Alex Tanguay, Milan Hejduk, Peter Forsberg and now Paul Stastny and Wojtek Wolski… he even inspired Simon Gagné backed in the Nordiques' days.
    A perfect work ethic, no surprise at 37,5 years old he still 11th in the league with 68 points in 57 games! (At this pace he'll hit +90 points)
    Still will be playing at least 3 more seasons, enough to get the 241 points he needs to get to Ron Francis, 4th in all time points leader. Then another season, at 42, could bring him around Howe(293 pts) and Messier(330 pts)…

    Oh damn!! Bring back some teams in Canada, at least, there will be less empty seats like there was in Phoenix yesterday (even though the Ducks were in town!). We know the game and we don't need to blue circles around the puck or cheerleaders to love it!

  6. ranger_fan says:

    If that is the case why are there always Leaf postings about here is what the Leafs should do? or how about this deal? or player x has an interest in coming to Toronto? or toronto close to signing carter? or anything else to come out of strachans mouth?

  7. ian_strat says:

    typical narrowminded leaf fan.  don't know how many hours i've wasted reading and mostly laughing at all the typical toronto maple leaf bullshit that finds it's way onto this site.  on a further note.  way to go joe.  you're a class act in this league.  i'm sure in a few months i'll be reading an article written by some dreamer stating that sakic wants to play in toronto.

  8. Raaper says:

    They pnly wish they could have a player or two with the class that SUPER JOE has. I love Ryan Smith but this guy is Captain Canada no offence Ryan. This is the clssiest or for sure tied to be the classiest guy in the NHL but the league office do not know how to market this type of player.

  9. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    Joe Sakic is by far my favorite player, I was so happy to be able to catch this game. It was great. I can't say enough about how good this guy is. The most underrated player in the league. Congrats Joe!

  10. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    is it a coincidence that you spelled every other word in this post wrong. shut the hell up.

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