John Ferguson Jr. Ready to Jump The Gun?

There is a strong possiblity that by the trade deadline the leafs will have a new defenseman!

So far you could say that the leafs have had an okay defense. I agree with that thought BUT, and this is a big but, Kaberle and McCabe cannot keep hauling 25-30 minutes of ice time each game. I believe that they are the best defensive unit in the league and come time for when they’re contracts expire they probably aren’t gonna wanna stay in Toronto. The second unit of Klee and Coliacovo is okay, but I don’t see Coliacovo’s style of joining he rush and Klee’s style of being gritty with point shots mix. And Khavanov and Berg are just plain weak!

I know that the leafs have $(1,457,367) in cap space left. That is enough to get at least a contributing defenceman. Also if we trade Khavanov ($1,250,000), and Kronvall ($462,000),

that’s $2,044,367. We could also do without Tie Domi ($1,250,000) and Karl Pilar ($450,000), that’s

$3,744,367 of cap space! We would have a lot to work with!

In Anaheim we know that GM Brian Burke is hungry for some young fast skaters. Which gives us the posibility to unload Khavanov ($1,250,000) and Kronvall ($450,000) for Ruslan Salei ($1,920,000) which would leave us with $1,450,367

in cap space, pretty good!

In Boston we could acquire either Nick Boynton ($1,750,000) or Brad Stuart ($1,900,000)

for Kronvall ($450,000) and Khavanov ($1,250,000)

and a pick. If we got Stuart then we’d have $1,257,367 in cap space and we got Boynton we’d have $1,407,367 in cap space! Not to shabby!

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  1. 92-93 says:

    first: good article, and why isn’t this on the HTR home page?

    second: does Pilar’s contract count against the cap considering he is gone for the season?

    third: totally agree about getting a D-guy and I too think its possible for the Leafs to make a move even with their cap limitations.

    fourth: I don’t think the speculations surrounding Anaheim and Boston would work out (especially the Boston one). The leafs’ most valuable trade assets (other than their young guys – who they will hopefully NOT trade) is not Berg, Khavanov, or Kronvall (i don’t think toronto would trade this kid).

    other than their young guys, their most valuable assets are Allison and Tucker. I don’t want to part with either one of these guys but if it means bringing in a defencemen for a long term then i’d do it in a heartbeat. the best team to be trading with right now would be Calgary because of their depth at D and because they are in another conference. its more likely that JFJ would trade with St. Louis because he is familiar with that organization – this is a hinderance in terms of acquiring Khavanov but a benefit in terms of acquiring Pohl.

    but with Calgary the leafs could deal a Centre like Allison (calgary needs centres, there are better ones out there but Allison is – contrary to a lot of people here on HTR – having a good season). i’d rather see Lindros go but that just won’t happen.

    trade Allison for Leopold straight up. but calgary would probably want another D-guy coming back for depth purposes. so trade Allison and Berg for Leopold and maybe a low round draft pick.

    then, Lindros and Wellwood get bumped up to the top-3 lines, Wilm can finally play regularly on the fourth line (or Antropov could centre that line when/if he comes back from injury) and your D would look a lot better:










    i know Quinn won’t play the young guys ahead of Khavanov but hopefully one day he will.

  2. koolcory77 says:

    lol i guess its getting so bad the leafs need their on section now on sites for rumors now lol

  3. trademan says:

    Its not that at all.

    The reasoning behind it is because i am able to post more leafs articles this way without them clogging up space on the main page. These article may not have been posted in the past.

    BTW – In the next little bit about 10 teams will have their own page like this – The canucks already have one as well just as Team Canada does.

  4. i_know_hockey says:

    I highly doubt that Boston would part with Brad Stuart, who was the highlighted player in that deal involving Joe Thornton. Maybe Nick Boynton could be sent packing… he has been disapointing this season after having a promising rookie season. But again, i dont think Boston would trade in their own division, same with toronto

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Khavanov is the only Leafs D who’s still a minus! Kronwall, Colaiacovo, Kaberle, McCabe, Klee and even Berg are all plus’s. And every Leafs D has a better +/- then Hannan, Blake, or Foote!

  6. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    U guys think u have alot of cap room know, wait until “speedy” Allison’s bonuses kick in. You guys will be f*cked.

  7. i_know_hockey says:

    haha yea.. i dont see Toronto doing their typical trade deadline moves or FA signings… so yea i wouldnt expect them to be splashing around. Lindros, Allison, O’Neil, and Czerkawski were their moves, now stick with em

  8. koolcory77 says:

    jfj has left room for allison’s bonuses…

    leafs have that 1.5 avaliable, plus an additional 3 for allison, which is just considered untouchable

  9. koolcory77 says:

    jfj has left room for allison’s bonuses…

    leafs have that 1.5 avaliable, plus an additional 3 for allison, which is just considered untouchable

  10. lukeleim says:

    – Jason Allison, Aki Berg & Ian White to Calgary for Jordan Leopold & Chuck Kobasew

    – Alexander Khavanov, Clarke Wilm, Mariusz Czerkawski, Andy Wozniewski & Tuukka Rask to St. Louis for Barret Jackman & Nikolai Lemyugov

    (Kavanov who had success with St. Louis earlier in his career may be able to get back on track with a trade back to the Blues. Tuukka Rask is a great prospect but Toronto already has Justin Pogge waiting in the wings and showed us in the WJC that he’s a winner. Jackman is a solid defense which is needed, and Lemyugov is a young russian player who got 5 pts in 6 games in the WJC this year.)

    Steen – Sundin – Kobasew

    Tucker – Lindros – O’Neill

    Ponikarovsky – Antropov – Stajan

    Kilger – Wellwood – Domi


    Pohl – Belak

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Jackman – Leopold

    Klee – Colaiacovo





    now this is a team that i think can beat ottawa our biggest threat in the eastern conference.

  11. Bacon077 says:

    Why would Boston trade two of their defensemen for two guys who aren’t as good and not wanted?

  12. 92-93 says:

    that statistic is only one (very narrow) way of analyzing the Leaf’s D and defensive play overall – which may be improving but its still not good enough.

  13. mojo19 says:

    -I would sooner trade Colaiacovo than Kronwall, they’re pretty much the same calibre, but you’ll get more for Coli.

    -Pilar doesn’t count against the cap.

    -What you don’t realize is that its a day by day cap. The whole time Sundin was out, his $7 million didn’t count against the cap, which means thanks to thos 3 weeks he was gone, it actually enables us to add almost $7 million in salary at the deadline.

  14. mojo19 says:

    Allisons bonuses are taken away from next years cap space, not this year.

  15. Gretzkin says:

    You are crazy.

    You think that since Sundin was on the IR for 3 or 4 weeks, that it opens up 7 Million dollars???

    It that were the case, every team would take their highest paid player, throw them on the IR for a week, and then it would free up their cap space.

    Sundin only makes 6.8 million by the way, and he was getting paid while he was injured, so it counted against the cap the whole time.

    If that were the case, his injury time not being counted against the cap, that would have only made up around 1 Million dollars he made when injured.

    For arguments sake, that would free up the 1 Million and the 1.5 Million they have left over.

    It would only be 2.5 Million.

    But it doesn’t work that way…

  16. koolcory77 says:

    they are infact taken from this year, jfj said he doesnt want allisons bonuses to hang into next year

  17. mojo19 says:

    If everyteam put their star on IR for one week, they could add that much more salary for ONE WEEK. For the amount of time Sundin was out, they could bring in close to 2 or 3 mil at deadline, and don’t forget that everyday Eric was out, that money adds up, same goes for Antropov, Allison, etc. Just like Kappenens injury in Philly let them sign Savage.

    Leafs should have plenty of room at deadline to pull of whatever deals they would have done if there was no cap at all.

  18. Gretzkin says:

    I’m not sure how it works, I admit.

    Sundin would have freed up just less than 1 million while he was out, and that could have been legally replaced, is that what you are saying?

    But when he’s back, would the team have this 1 million dollar credit? I don’t think so. Because Sundin would cancel this amount out out.

    So in order to have all of this free space, you have to have all of these guys injured at the time?

    I think the cap is just something you cannot go over, but if players go down, the team wouldn’t be credited these amounts.

    Please clarify.

  19. mojo19 says:

    No they do get that credit. This is why teams have hired people in their organizations who specifically monitor their team’s cap space, since its so complicated. There are lots of little things like that, I don’t fully understand it either. But I was listening to something Scotty Bowman was saying on an interview on the fan590, and he said it is possible for teams to go over the cap late in the season, if early injuries give them more flexibility. So its my understanding that the leafs have a bit of cap room, and that room grows slightly as the season goes on, as long as they don’t add salary for now.

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