John Ferguson Jr. Ready to Jump The Gun?

There is a strong possiblity that by the trade deadline the leafs will have a new defenseman!

So far you could say that the leafs have had an okay defense. I agree with that thought BUT, and this is a big but, Kaberle and McCabe cannot keep hauling 25-30 minutes of ice time each game. I believe that they are the best defensive unit in the league and come time for when they’re contracts expire they probably aren’t gonna wanna stay in Toronto. The second unit of Klee and Coliacovo is okay, but I don’t see Coliacovo’s style of joining he rush and Klee’s style of being gritty with point shots mix. And Khavanov and Berg are just plain weak!

I know that the leafs have $(1,457,367) in cap space left. That is enough to get at least a contributing defenceman. Also if we trade Khavanov ($1,250,000), and Kronvall ($462,000),

that’s $2,044,367. We could also do without Tie Domi ($1,250,000) and Karl Pilar ($450,000), that’s

$3,744,367 of cap space! We would have a lot to work with!

In Anaheim we know that GM Brian Burke is hungry for some young fast skaters. Which gives us the posibility to unload Khavanov ($1,250,000) and Kronvall ($450,000) for Ruslan Salei ($1,920,000) which would leave us with $1,450,367

in cap space, pretty good!

In Boston we could acquire either Nick Boynton ($1,750,000) or Brad Stuart ($1,900,000)

for Kronvall ($450,000) and Khavanov ($1,250,000)

and a pick. If we got Stuart then we’d have $1,257,367 in cap space and we got Boynton we’d have $1,407,367 in cap space! Not to shabby!