Just another Leaf article

Hey all, brand new here hoping to inject some freaking reality. Big Leaf fan so lets get that out of the way. Also a realistic Leaf fan, we are not going anywhere with this club as it sits now. Sorry you delusional fans. Its not happening. We are a relatively decent talented team with a d-core full of the same guy. And we have a guy that is in my humble opinion, (sundin) playing at MVP level this year (without support). That said, if I was catholic I would be saying hail mary’s but Mats needs to be traded for the good of this team. I love him and would love to see him hoist Stanley in Blue and White, but not happening this year.

If you love us like you say you do Mats. What is the problem with being traded at deadline for the Pirate Booty you would bring. Then resigning in July??? With your booty, a reasonably intelligent GM without (Peddie/mgmt hanging around) and a few other slightly strategic trades. We really can be back in it. I know its been Phillie’D to death but truth is smart mgmt means rebuilding is a fallacy. Cuz the Leafs refuse to rebuild and clearly that approach works like a charm. In the end I as a fan want nothing more than to see NUMBER 13 lift the Cup in Blue and White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call your MP, call JFJ for all I care but lets not kid ourselves. Two games means squat?