Justin Schultz Could Sign With The Edmonton Oilers

Justin Schultz, the mobile, puck-moving defenseman taken by the Anaheim Ducks in the second round of 2008, is in an interesting position. With his college season over, he’s welcome to sign with the team that drafted him, and by all accounts they’d love to get him under contract, and have him play for them in the NHL for the rest of this season.

However, if Schultz does not sign a contract with the Ducks, on June 1st the team loses his rights. We’ve seen this before with college players – the most notable recent example being 2004 5th overall pick Blake Wheeler, who refused to sign in Phoenix and instead joined the Boston Bruins. If Schultz chooses to go that route, which at this point is all but a certainty, he’ll virtually have license to pick his employer since all 30 NHL teams are reportedly hoping to land him.

According to hockey insider Bob McKenzie, the Edmonton Oilers have a real shot at being the team Schultz chooses. Asked on TSN’s “The Quiz” which team had the best chance at landing the young defenseman, McKenzie said this:

I’ll say the Edmonton Oilers, and we’re already breaking the Anaheim Ducks fans who still hope that he might turn out there; I don’t believe he’s going to be there. I’ll say the Edmonton Oilers. I think this Kelowna kid would be happy to play in Canada. I also think it would be great for him to grow old with guys like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle, and Taylor Hall. He’s the missing piece of the puzzle in Edmonton, a power play quarterback.

McKenzie’s choice wasn’t unanimous; fellow panelists Aaron Ward and Marc Crawford chose Detroit and Toronto, respectively, as Schultz’s likeliest destination. It’s unclear what McKenzie is basing his assessment on, but as arguably the most connected man in hockey there’s no doubt that his statement last night is the basis for at least cautious optimism.


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  1. SabresFan220 says:

    The Ducks have 2 months to try and get him signed. If they can't get it done and there's really a bidding war brewing for his services they would be stupid not to trade his rights to the highest bidder. If someone wants him badly enough and they have any fear of him not signing there once he hits the open market they'll trade for his early negotiation rights. It works the same way with prospects as it does with pending UFAs. There will be some kind of compensation built into the trade for the team if he doesn't sign with them, and if he does everyone will be disappointed they were deprived of speculating until he signed somewhere, except for fans of the team that gets him.

  2. FlamingHomer says:

    It all comes down to what he wants to do in his spare time, go to Disneyland or the West Edmonton Mall.

  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Interesting news on Justin Schultz.


    His defensive pairing partner at Wisconsin? Jake Gardiner.

    Do your magic Jake.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    Here is hoping eh? I mean this along with a top pick, which could be the best fwd avail, as they would already have Schultz, Gardiner, Schenn, Franson etc. could Save Burkes job. Burke has a chance to fix alot of wrongs by signing him, because I guess whether fans wanna hear it or not, it opens up him being able to trade his 1st. Not saying that's what I want, I want Galchenyk, but i wouldn't cry if he somehow turned it into a 27 or under #1 centre….lol.

  5. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Well, does that make guys like Gunner tradeable if we were able to sign him?

    As well, why not keep the pick? Right now it looks like a lottery pick and in 7 days we can literally be as low as 28th in the league. Minny 1 point back, Montreal 3…All with a game in hand. As well, with Reimer done and Gus injured our goalie situation could get worse by years end…And the team looks really deflated after missing the playoffs again…This could be a great offseason.

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol, I said prefer to keep, but would open up trading it, and for a young player. I realize it would take more than the pick alone, just saying his signing opens up opitions.. I never mentioned Gunner or Phaneuf as I see them as sure fire keepers. Gunner is completely underrated IMO

  7. reinjosh says:

    At this point I'd say its highly unlikely he signs with the Ducks. It makes absolutely no sense why he wouldn't sign with them now if he were to sign with them. The writing is on the wall already. 

  8. reinjosh says:

    Well I think he's saying if you can turn it into a true top flight number 1 like Getzlaf or Staal. That would be the only way I would trade this pick at this point. And even then my standards would be pretty damn high to justify giving up that pick. Bobby Ryan, Jeff Carter type players would not cut it. 

    I doubt that it gets traded. With the way this team is playing right now, its entirely conceivable that its a lock for a top 5 pick or even top 3. It's a little frustrating cheering their losing but I guess the alternative is worse. I honestly can't stand the losing and i can't stand the idea of the final game of the year meaning something to both teams and that something being losing for a pick but such is life sometimes. 
    Adding Schultz and Galchneyuk/Grigorenko/Forsberg could be enormous. Two blue chip prospects in one year? Already added to Gardiner, Kadri, Colborne? Enormous. 
    And yeah I think Schultz frees us up on defense. Franson is expendable in my minds. Burke might be able to play up his value after previously turning down a 2nd and a roster player for him. Maybe a package with a forward for someone? 
    I see Gunnarsson as a piece we would preferably keep. Solid, underrated and cheap. 
    And I think one of Schenn/Komisarek need to be moved. Free up salary and a spot for a veteran named Gill. I think Nonis may have even hinted at trying to go after him too…Schenn gets more value but the upside you give up is a physically terrifying shutdown player. Komisarek brings veteran leadership (although I'm not sure how much at this point). So who?
    The defense is too expensive in my opinion and too crowded. Two defenders need to go IMO.
  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    If we were to sign Schultz you could make the arguement that three even need to be traded really. I mean you need to give him hope for signing here, not to mention Holzer is ready according to EAKINS and Blacker is apparently making great strides.

  10. toronto77 says:

    we definitely have the assets to turn this team around next season. I listen to brady and lang on the fan every morning and i am so sick of hearing brady say over and over again that how is burke going to turn this team around with the contracts he has. like shut up man. if burke really wants to get rid of connolly and lombardi he will do it. he may have to package some prospects to get it done but it can be done. 

    Like Conolly, Holzer to one team and Lombardi and Blacker to another team. 
    Maybe burke can make those trades at the draft
    Conolly and Holzer for a 3rd pick in 2012
    Lombardi and Blacker and our 2nd pick in 2012 for a 1st on 2012.
  11. TheLeafNation91 says:

    OR…you can just trade one of them…And stick the other in the press box.

    It's not like their under huge contracts that will plague us for several more seasons (Gomez, Redden).

    I don't want to trade prospects away, just keep them…No point if its for one season.

    Also, see if you can trade Lombardi back to Phoenix. He was a star there and he's not under a disastrous contract…These are usually the contracts they like to trade for.

    Keep Connolly..And after next season, his contract and many others are off the books. It's not like were screwed salary cap wise.

  12. reinjosh says:

    Or just buy one of them out. It's not like the cap hit would be that big a pill to swallow. 

    Connolly would cost us just over 2 million on the cap next year, and 1.3 the year after. 
    Easy fix and we don't have to give up Holzer or Blacker or a pick. 
    Or just trade Lombardi back to Phoenix. They have a need for centers so its a logical trade scenario. 
  13. toronto77 says:

    i'm not really for trading holzer and blacker but both could play in the NHL next season, so if they don't crack the line up maybe they can be traded for some help up front or if they make the team than maybe current roster d-men could be traded for some help up front. either way, we have loads of depth on defence that could potentially help us get much better up front for next season. it already helped us get Ashton, who prob won't be a big time player next season but he will be for years to come.

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