Ok, after reading thru all the crap about Darren McCarty, Kirk Maltby and Drapes (Kris Draper) all being considered for trades to get “Kasper” (Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Darius Kasparitus) to Hockeytown (the Detroit Red Wings), I should not have to remind you that the ‘Grind Line” no matter if they play together every night or not, is a killer marketing idea that the Wings will ride till those guys quit

Don’t get me wrong: I’d luv to see Kasper come and wear the winged wheel, however.

First, I’d shuffle off that lil’ puke Jason Williams, Brent Gilcrist, and a pick. I’d even give up Jiri Fischer (he’s a wuss anyways), but Pavel Datsuyk, and Sean Avery are both way tooooo great to even consider moving them!

As far as Steve Duchesne: I’d luv to see him fall off the face of the Earth, however, it’s not going to happen since he has a no trade clause in his contract.

Let’s keep in mind how important character guys like Mac, Drapes, and Malts really are: to a lot of Red Wings fans, myself included, they are what makes the Wings a great team to follow. I luv thier gritty old style hockey ways. To me, that line is worth more that 3 Kaspers anyday.

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