Kessel for Pronger?

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Bruins have their eyes set on veteran defenceman Chris Pronger.

“It’s believed the Ducks will deal away the multi-talented 34-year-old Pronger, and that the Bruins could be interested shoppers.” Of interest is that it is reported that it may take “young speedster Phil Kessel their top goalscorer and one of the most dynamic offensive threats in the game” to land Pronger.

If this is a the case, the Burins would be selling off a future superstar for a chance to win the cup now. HTR believes that this would be a bad deal for the Bruins as Kessel is their top goal scorer and the Bruins will have to find a way to score goals if they want to have a realistic shot at the cup.

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19 Responses to Kessel for Pronger?

  1. leafy says:

    I don't like this trade if I'm Boston.

  2. CrosbyMalkin says:

    I am not a fan of either team and I still don't like this trade. Totally 100% absurd. That would have to go down as one of the worst trades in the past 10 years.

  3. reinjosh says:

    boston gets a top 2 defencmen which gives them a huge and scary top 2 with chara and pronger (crazy)
    and they solve their 4 amazing centers problem (kessel, savard, krejci, and savard)
    anaheim gets a top 6 forward and a top 2 center to help now and back up getzlaf
    with whitney being on the ducks now, pronger is almost expendable (though i dont see the trade happening till the off season)
    and boston can take the hit on offense seeing as they have savard, wheeler, krejci, lucic, ryder and sturm
    i think its a good trade
    and pronger is signed through next season
    very good trade

  4. BigJay says:

     I think you meant to say Bergeron instead of savard twice.

    I think it would be an even trade for the rest of this year, bit Anaheim wins in a landslide unless the B's win the cup.

  5. Skeeterzx225 says:

    i dont mind this trade. boston would get the short end of the stick but still have 3 centers (savard, Bergeron, krejci) then maybe pick up a dominic moore type player for your 4th line. but giving up a soon to be superstar for a big d man when you have chara is kinda dumb

  6. wayne2 says:

    Boston would be crazy to do that trade.Pronger is a great defensemen but his 34 and Kessels is what early 20's,no deal.However,if Boston can find a way to land Pronger the defense will be scary,imagine Pronger(6'5') and Chara(6'9') paired.

  7. reinjosh says:

    yah thanx for the correction

  8. reinjosh says:

    so why would they be crazy
    they trade a future all star (maybe, he's steadily improving but he isnt amazing)
    for a perrenial all star who still has at least 4 or 5 season left in him
    and gain anther norris trophy winner to go besides pronger
    great deal
    you have to give up something to get something in return

  9. RossCreek says:

    The B's could definately use Pronger, but IMO the only way I'd consider moving Kessel would be if you're getting a young stud defenseman under contract (a la a signed Bouwmeester, a Shea Weber, etc.). Unless a Kessel-Pronger trade brings Boston a Cup or two, I'm not sure I'd like this for the B's. They've gotta have something else that could get a deal done.

  10. Dunski23 says:

    The Defense has been our strong point all year. It makes no sense to trade one of our best forwards to get a defenseman when the Defense has been incredible. The B's are looking for a puck moving defensman to transition to offense and make the offense stronger. Trading one of our best forwards to get that guy makes absolutely no sense.

  11. Kyleton says:

    Boston is just starting to emerge as a great team, so why make a massive deal their first year as a legit contender.  Be patient, keep the core in place and see what they can do. Trading for Pronger is a big shock to team chemistry.

  12. reinjosh says:

    you wouldnt trade a top six forward for a number 1 defenceman and a top 10 defenceman in the league
    a d-man who happens to be able to shoot, hit, play d really reall, transition the offence like you said they need, a guy who on defence has average 4 season 0f 50 points, 5 seasons in a row of 43 points or more and in the last 10 year has scored 47 points or more in 9 seasons.
    that sounds exactly what boston needs
    not to mention they need another top 4 d-man
    really what GM would be stupid enough to trust having a D corps of Chara, Wideman, Hnidy, Ference, Ward, Stuart and Hunwick
    while it seems to be working for them so far dont count on it working for long
    and what team wouldnt want a combination of chara and pronger, two of the meanest d-men in the league
    oh and kessel might be traded anyways in the off -season, seeing as boston would need to grab a top 4 d-man anyways, they need to sign one of thomas or fernandez (probably thomas and asking for 5 or 6 million), a backup, sign lucic, kessel, krejci, hunwick and two or 3 other supporting players
    now accounting for the fact the bruins have 4 top 2 centers, one is gonna have to go (salary and playing time are the deciding factors) krecji will probably be resigned because he is playing at a point per game pace and is a beast (probably 5 million at least)
    savard isnt going anywhere, hes amazing and incredibly underated
    now unless the bruins can trade bergeron (though i would he is great and a point per game player) he isnt going anywhere either. that leaves kessel, a player who many still dont think responds well to coaching.
    if you trade him you (and throw in Aaron Ward for salary matters) you know have room to sign lucic and krecji, you have a scary top 4 combination of chara, wideman, pronger, and ference
    you can sign thomas
    better than keeping kessel and relying on your not so deep d corps

  13. reinjosh says:

    or you could go after bouwmeester and loose a lot of your prospects
    and he isnt even guarenteed to sign with you at the end of the year
    (and dont go on about a sign and trade, those rarely happen)
    or you could go for kaberle, who would be a decent option
    he's signed for another year
    but he would probably cost you kessel and a 1st (which is what pronger should cost)
    or krejci and a 1st

  14. Dunski23 says:

    Allright your throwing a lot of numbers around, but lets take a closer look. NHL Numbers says the bruins have 14 players under contract next year at 41.268 Mil. You say Krejci is going to be around 5 Tomas between 5-6 so I'll say 5.5. after signing those two that is 16 players under contract at that is 51.768 + Prongers 6.25 is 17 players at 58.018 which means they are way over the limit which will be 56.698 or lower and still need 3 players just to fill out the lineup for a typical game…12 forwards 6 D 2 goalies = 20 players. Getting Pronger wil;l cause more problems for the team. Even if you thrown in ward as you say that's -2.5 Mil which brings the 09/10 salary to 55.518 you got about 1 mil to fill the rest of the roster.

    And The whole four Centers thing they have three…Kessel hasn't played a game at Center in his NHL Career plus Bergeron has been hurt really badly and may never be the top two guy he was before…the B's have two top 2 Centers, Bergy who could be if he recovers, but only time will let…and a top four Winger in Kessel

    Trading Kessel for Pronger…Even if you throw in Ward won't give you any cap relief

  15. reinjosh says:

    fair enough
    i dont follow the bruins so i didnt know kessel hasnt played center
    but nice way to back up everything

  16. K-Mill says:

    Very good trade for Boston Pronger has been there and done it!

  17. Kramer says:

    It's almost March and not even one big trade has happened.

  18. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    This trade would be awful. He's going to be a great player, not quite there yet. He was on a mean streak during those 16 or so games where he had that record point streak (record was longest point streak by an American, tied with Olczyk sp?). The problem is, even after the streak and before he got mono, he didn't really do much. He's a bit incosistent in my opinion but he's still young. The NHL has been spoiled lately with young players jumping into the league with immediate success. I think people are expecting Kessel to be better but he still needs more time playing.

    Also, I saw somebody above comment about how this would solve the Bruins' center problem? Why is that? I think Kessel might have played no more than 10 games in his NHL career at center. He's basically a RW at this point.

    We should make a better run at Pronger that won't hurt our current team though. We can do something better for us than trading Kessel. We should trade something like:

    To Bos: Pronger
    To Ana: Stuart or Lashoff, Colborne, and a 1st rounder

    Anaheim gets a future top 4 d-man, a future top 2 centerman, and a 1st round pick.

  19. RossCreek says:

    Thats definately a better approach than moving Kessel… at least for the Bruins. The only question would be if thats the best package out there. Kessel would likely be amongst the best possibilities out there. Just a question… b's fans, order these 3: Stuart, Lashoff, Hunwick?? I'd take Stuart but haven't seen as many Bruins games this year as I'd like.

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