Kostitsyn has been sent back to the minors, which means Garth Murray will probably be back in the lineup with Perezhogin moving back to the 2nd line, Begin back to the 3rd line and Murray landing back on the fourth line.


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  1. Garny says:

    hmmm any reason as to why he was sent back down? i like the lineup qwhen he was up with he big club….some reason I don't like it with both downey and Murray in the line-up….to risky for me…downey doesn't do much…doesn't kill penalties and Kostitsyn can go on PP with kovy and sammy….

  2. Habmania11 says:

    With bouillion back, dandy has to play as well, so hell be on forward still.
    Personnaly, id think  theyd be crazy to split up the Bonk-johnson-Perez line.
    what about
    Samsonov – Koivu – Lats
    Ryder – Kovalev – Plecs
    Perez – Bonk = Johnson
    Dandy – Begin – Murray/Downey

  3. B514 says:

    I like your lines.

  4. jocool_88 says:

    maybe he was sent down, they move dandy up front and boullion will return and keep everything else as is.  We all know that dandy played well up front, maybe this is what gainey is going to do unless he already said otherwise.  I hear that Boullion might be ready for tonights game.

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