Kubina Making Big Bucks Production? Not So Much

Pavel Kubina should, for all the money he makes have at least 5 goals by now never mind the injury this guy has not been up to his money. So what does JFJ do I would say trade him here’s why………

First of all he is on the 2nd power play unit and gets passes from white and occasionally Kaberle(the best offencive defencemen in the league). He has had one good game defencivly and that was a game when he was covering ovechkin but the leafs simply walked all over them. He has struggled in the new NHL now that it is a little mans game and he can’t hook and hold anymore. He still sports a rocket shot from the blue line but hasnt found the back of the net. He also tends to pinch to try too hard to get goals and gives the other team a two on one or just a good rush.

Second of all he is payed bloodly 5 million dollars he deserves at tops 3 when he is producing. JFJ loves the vets so much that even though they are old NHL players he gives them ridiculous amounts of money.

Third of all he is behind Kaberle and Mccabe 2 half an hour a game guys he doesnt have a chance to earn his pay because of Kaberle and Mccabe.

Here are some possible trades:

Kubina+2nd rounder to columbus for Zherdev

Kubina to edmonton for cogliano and 3rd rounder

Kubina+2nd rounder to montreal for Higgins