Leafs Deadline Shopping List

There are two scenarios that the Leafs could be in by the NHL trade deadline on March 9th. If they beat Montreal on Tuesday, they will be 5 points out of the final playoffs spot. They will be buyers, if they lose to Montreal on Tuesday they will be 9 points out of the last playoff spot, then they will be sellers.


Top 3 Defenseman:

Keith Carney: This defenseman can provide amazing playoff depth and can help any team looking to make a run at the playoffs (i.e. Toronto Maple Leafs), but he won’t come cheap since the Ducks are also trying to make a run for the eight playoff spot in the West. He is going to be a UFA come July 1st.

Jim Vandermeer: The Blackhawks have already said they will not be having a fire sale but still, look for them to make some move at the deadline. Jeff Vandermeer has been pursued by many teams this year, not only the Leafs. He can provide depth and is very good defensivly, a good addition to any team.

Luke Richardson: The Columbus Blue Jackets have fallen out of playoff contention and Richardson is available. He may be old but can provide help to any team lacking defensivly. Can provide really good defensive help and can have a great leadership role on any team.

Willie Mitchell: The Wild have been shopping him around publicly and the Leafs look to have fallen out of the running for him, if they pull of a last minute miracle, who knows? He would be a perfect fit since he is going to be a UFA.

Eric Weinrich: A great depth defenseman, he can single-handedly get a team into the playoffs with his skill and leadership. With the ties JFJ has to the St. Louis Blues we could se a deal.

Brendan Witt: He is a great defenseman and is the best available in the entire NHL. About half of the NHL has been reported to be interested in him, so there is a slim chance the Leafs will get him.


Mark Bell: If the Leafs would have kept their draft pick Bell would be a Maple Leaf right now. Lets face it, the Leafs need someone to play with Sundin and Bell is more than capable to do it.

Marian Gaborik: It is a long shot that the Leafs will be able to land him but it is a poosibility, This guy is an all-star winger and can play with the best of ‘em. He would be a perfect fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs organization would benefit from this guy and he would be a great fit, but the only problem is that the Leafs would have to give up a package of prospects, draft picks, and core players for him.


Eddie Belfour: He can at times single-handedly carry a team through a play-off series, or he

can lose a series for a team. The problem with Eddie is that he is very streaky and inconsistent.

He can still provide great goaltending with good defenseman around him. The only team reportedly interested in him is the Edmonton Oilers.

Jason Allison: He is going at a point-per game pace, he has played in nearly every game this year. The only problem with Jason Allison is his contract. Yes it is only 1.5 million dollars base

but he has many bonuses which he is 99% going to achieve, his contract will then be at about 4-5 million dollars. He is still a great second line center and can provide great depth. The team that has been reported to be interested is the Calgary Flames

Bryan McCabe: If the Leafs don’t make the playoffs his contract will run-out and there is a chance that in the end of the year the Leafs will lose him for nothing. The Leafs should trade him for prospects and draft picks. The teams that seem to be most interested are the Canes and Canucks.

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  1. leafs4cup says:

    witt is not that good bud mitchell or carney would be the d-men to get perferable mitchell.leafs should resign allison to a two or three year deal maybe than he will feel more part of a team rather then a patch job ,a fill in for a year. and allison is more than a second line center he misses 3 seasons and is playing with puds and still manages a 70 to 80 point seasons.

  2. leafs4cup says:

    allisons contract aint the problem he’s well worth 3 or 4 million considering he’s getting a point per game almost, the problem is sundin at 7 million for that kind of money he should be more than a point per game guy.fact is he gave up a long time ago and needs to be traded.

  3. wingedim says:

    Richardson has been a bust for the ‘Jackets this year. He was marred by injuries early in the season and gave up the ‘C’ becuase he could bring the team out of the funk they were in. Yes he’s generally fairly solid, but, the Leafs need to focus on younger guys and stop getting the ‘goats’.

  4. toronto77 says:

    whether the leafs win or lose they should be sellers, why should they give up these players especailly with picks to get beat out by the first round at best, draft picks are always involved in trades especially for the players toronto wants to get i see them giving up maybe a 1st or 2nd round pick which is stupid for an opportunity to get beat out of the 1st round in less than 7 games. The truth is JFJ really doesn’t care what he gives up as long as the leafs make the playoffs just so he can keep his job, which is exactly what the fans don’t want seeing as how he screwed us this season. What an ass, he probably knows he’s gonna get fired and he might trade our future just to get back at us, may not happen, but he’s got nothing to lose.

  5. 92-93 says:

    as for the ‘scenarios’ – what about montreal winning their game-in-hand against the leafs and being 9 pts up on the leafs going into their Tuesday night game? – thus being 7 pts back of MTL after a win and 11 pts out after a loss (not to mention all the possibilities of OTL points).

  6. 92-93 says:

    1) the trade rumours surrounding Calgary and Toronto seem to be cooling since Sutter has come out and scoffed at the idea of another trade for Calgary.

    2) I still say teams looking for defensive depth (NYR, TB, Nashville, SJ, Vancouver) will be the most likely trading partners for the leafs and it would be Ken Klee, Berg, or McCabe (probably not) going the other way … despite the leaf D-guy injuries as of late. One very unlikely possibility is trading Klee and Allison (other suggestions?) to SJ for McCauley and a 2nd round draft pick (Allison, Klee and McCauley are all free agents in the offseason) SJ and Anaheim are in no way out of the race for the playoffs and i can see SJ making this deal to solidify their line-up. it would free them up during the offseason to go after other guys in the FA market if Allison and Klee don’t work out.

    3) the edmonton deal could include Tucker, Antropov, and Belfour for Conklin, Staios, and Peca – yup, that’s right Mike Peca – since the Oilers would love to dump Peca’s 4 million on year if they are going to take on Belfour’s contract and his demands to have his option picked up next year.

    the major problem with this deal is that it seems a little too complicated and multi-playered for either of these teams. however, Oilers are not giving up anyone essential (Spacek has already replaced Staois, Belfour replaces Conklin, and Antropov/Tucker – who are huge offensive replacments for Peca).

    I don’t want Peca playing for the leafs or to lose Tucker. however, this deal would be good for toronto in the sense that they won’t be pressured to resign Lindros. It would rid them of Belfour for next year or even the possibility of buying Belfour out. it would set up a competitive tandem in Telly and Conklin (and maybe Racine) until Rask and Pogge are ready. it would give them a top-4 d-guy in Staois as well. the leafs are losing 7.2 million but also taking on about 6.7 million with the guys they are getting so the cap space isn’t an issue (especially if Klee and Allison are on their way to SJ).










    [White, Harrison and Coliacovo – injured]



    [Leafs could then hunt for a free agent winger [Langdenbrunner, Carter, Elias?] and a rugged D-guy like Gauthier in the offseason and incorporate the young D-guys and Pilar into their Defence]

























  7. lukeleim says:

    allison is one of the worst players on the team… do you not watch the games; empty points thats the only way i can describe him; he’s useless; toronto is better without him than they are with him

  8. hackm says:

    Jason Allison-

    56GP 10G 39A 49PTS -14

    Mats Sundin

    48GP 11G 33A 44PTS -2

    And Sundin hasn’t had to carry Antropov and his lumbering ass all season. Yet even the almighty Sundin is a minus-on the first line.

    Keep in mind, for most of the time Sundin was healthy, Allison was on the Second PP unit. He’s been a producer! He’s a minus cause Quinn has him killing penalties! Even Don Cherry said, “That’s ridiculous.”.

    Allison is one of the best player down low I’ve ever seen. He’s also one of the best at what he does — feed the puck.. No Oates, no Francis. But maybe third, behind them, in modern NHL times.

    He’s not a leader. And not expected to be.

    Stop watching hockey in my Country, if you can’t view things properly.

  9. hackm says:

    It’d take more to get Alyn and a 2nd.

    But your Edmonton trade is very very realistic. (Though, Edmonton might need to throw in a mid-pick, maybe?)

    But thank you for a trade/new line post that actually made alot of sense. You are one of the first.

    Thank you.

  10. lukeleim says:

    Well buddy to go along with those stats which most people who actually play some sort of competitive hockey know mean f all, allison also probably leads the team with turnovers not to mention yes, one of the worst plus minus on the team. EMPTY POINTS BUDDY; second assists, points that don’t really matter cause they’re either up or down by an uneven score… know what i mean slugger.

  11. 92-93 says:

    thanks – it does take a lot of work trying to guage what the other teams want and how they will look after these trades go down.

    i don’t think these trades will happen because of the new system that is in place and because a lot of these deals are too complicated.

    but i am more and more intrigued about the possibilities of McCabe going to Carolina:

    Neely4Life posted: McCabe and Pogge to Carolina for Ward and Ladd (based on Neely’s distaste for Pogge and his love of Rask).

    My suggestion (based on cnnsi muir’s suggestion): McCabe to Carolina for prospects Casey Borer and a 1st round pick.

  12. hackm says:

    I’m Canadian. Of course I played some competitive sport — hockey, until the OHL.

    Of the regulars on the team. There are 3 people who are managing to carry a plus.

    “Second Assists” are characteristic of a down-low player. Especially with both a QB and a Hammer on the point.

    Turnovers? Haven’t seen the stat. But when you’re always feeding, it’s a risk, and probably a factual stat–comes with the territory.

    And you didn’t even mention it, but Allison’s speed is a common complaint. To which I say: poor linemates. Some talented players just aren’t gifted with quick feet; they need good linemates. Atleast one with a little speed. Put Allison with Stajan or Wellwood on one side, and watch him flourish.

  13. hackm says:


    Your suggestion sounds alot better.

    Neely’s suggestion doesn’t sound good, even though it’s a realistic trade, kind of.

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