Leafs Deadline Shopping List

There are two scenarios that the Leafs could be in by the NHL trade deadline on March 9th. If they beat Montreal on Tuesday, they will be 5 points out of the final playoffs spot. They will be buyers, if they lose to Montreal on Tuesday they will be 9 points out of the last playoff spot, then they will be sellers.


Top 3 Defenseman:

Keith Carney: This defenseman can provide amazing playoff depth and can help any team looking to make a run at the playoffs (i.e. Toronto Maple Leafs), but he won’t come cheap since the Ducks are also trying to make a run for the eight playoff spot in the West. He is going to be a UFA come July 1st.

Jim Vandermeer: The Blackhawks have already said they will not be having a fire sale but still, look for them to make some move at the deadline. Jeff Vandermeer has been pursued by many teams this year, not only the Leafs. He can provide depth and is very good defensivly, a good addition to any team.

Luke Richardson: The Columbus Blue Jackets have fallen out of playoff contention and Richardson is available. He may be old but can provide help to any team lacking defensivly. Can provide really good defensive help and can have a great leadership role on any team.

Willie Mitchell: The Wild have been shopping him around publicly and the Leafs look to have fallen out of the running for him, if they pull of a last minute miracle, who knows? He would be a perfect fit since he is going to be a UFA.

Eric Weinrich: A great depth defenseman, he can single-handedly get a team into the playoffs with his skill and leadership. With the ties JFJ has to the St. Louis Blues we could se a deal.

Brendan Witt: He is a great defenseman and is the best available in the entire NHL. About half of the NHL has been reported to be interested in him, so there is a slim chance the Leafs will get him.


Mark Bell: If the Leafs would have kept their draft pick Bell would be a Maple Leaf right now. Lets face it, the Leafs need someone to play with Sundin and Bell is more than capable to do it.

Marian Gaborik: It is a long shot that the Leafs will be able to land him but it is a poosibility, This guy is an all-star winger and can play with the best of ‘em. He would be a perfect fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs organization would benefit from this guy and he would be a great fit, but the only problem is that the Leafs would have to give up a package of prospects, draft picks, and core players for him.


Eddie Belfour: He can at times single-handedly carry a team through a play-off series, or he

can lose a series for a team. The problem with Eddie is that he is very streaky and inconsistent.

He can still provide great goaltending with good defenseman around him. The only team reportedly interested in him is the Edmonton Oilers.

Jason Allison: He is going at a point-per game pace, he has played in nearly every game this year. The only problem with Jason Allison is his contract. Yes it is only 1.5 million dollars base

but he has many bonuses which he is 99% going to achieve, his contract will then be at about 4-5 million dollars. He is still a great second line center and can provide great depth. The team that has been reported to be interested is the Calgary Flames

Bryan McCabe: If the Leafs don’t make the playoffs his contract will run-out and there is a chance that in the end of the year the Leafs will lose him for nothing. The Leafs should trade him for prospects and draft picks. The teams that seem to be most interested are the Canes and Canucks.