Leafs behind Franson chatter?

The Cody Franson trade rumours don’t make a lot of sense to me. Unless the Leafs are starting them, hoping to reduce the price of the restricted free agent. Franson made a lot of progress in his first full year under Randy Carlyle … In his one season with the Marlies on an AHL contract — which meant he could have left any time to play with an NHL team — at least 18 teams contacted Paul Ranger, hoping to sign him. His answer was always no. Ranger should be one of the Leafs’ six defencemen come October … Once it was determined Jake Gardiner was not available, the player the L.A. Kings wanted most from the Leafs in the Jonathan Bernier trade was defenceman Carl Gunnarsson.


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  1. reinjosh says:

    Fraser signed for a year at 1.275 million.

    I don’t know what to think really. My initial view is its overpaid, but only slightly. Like realistic_leaf_fan has been saying (as much as I don’t agree with some of his ideas), it’s starting to become an issue. Overpaying a little for one guy is fine, but if we start doing it for everyone, it adds up.

    • nordiques100 says:

      well it was again the bad BB contracts.

      Komisarek was his, and that forced the buyout.

      Liles was his and they can’t buy him out…..because Grabo was his and they had to buy him out.

      Clarkson said he left money on the table, same with Bozak, Lupul was a good deal…..if he can stay healthy.

      Fraser is overpaid but as you said, slightly. I think Bernier is more overpaid, but i guess we will see wont we how that turns out.

      • reinjosh says:

        I still think Clarkson is overpaid but that’s because I think he’s a glorified 3rd liner. But I can see an argument for him being paid league average for power forwards. My only issue then would be term. My issues with Bozak I guess are more that he’s not a first liner than with his price tag. That’s not an awful price for a 2nd line center. If Kadri becomes our top line center than things are right in the world when Bozak moves to the 2nd line.

        So yeah good points, that really its Burke and not Nonis. Fraser might be overpaid a little.

        Bernier I probably agree with but you’re paying for potential with him. It’s a risk but I guess I don’t mind making it.

        • DannyLeafs says:

          You have to remember also that Nonis doesn’t get to choose with Gunner and Fraser. You can’t walk away from Arbitration awards under 3.5 million anymore, so Nonis was much more under the gun to avoid the hearing. If Fraser or Gunner signed for a little less than the Arbiter would have awarded, they were reasonable signings. I am pretty happy with the Fraser result given what he was asking for and the fact he had really good numbers to back it up. Fraser could have seen the whole thing through as he had nothing to lose. A 1.6 or so million dollar award wouldn’t have been shocking considering he led the team in +/-, hits and blocked shots amoung defensmen.

          • reinjosh says:

            Yeah good point. That puts a fair bitof pressure on him and puts some nice negotiating power in Fraser’s hand. This could be really interesting in the future for players with arbitration rights.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Well something will have to give so should still be an interesting summer. Gives us something to chew on at least. Kadri and Franson are ripe for an offer sheet though which is scary.

      Fraser and Ranger can always get buried for a minimum cap hit so this deal shouldn’t hurt throughout the season but adds to the mounting pressure this summer.

      Cap squeeze should only be for this season and maybe next, everyone calling for Holgrem’s head but I expect it mostly to work out in Philly as the cap eventually goes back up. This is just like coming out of the full lockout season, the 42 million dollar cap was hard squeeze and as the years progressed the cap inflated and big spenders where fine. History will repeat itself.

      • DannyLeafs says:

        I wouldn’t be too worried about offer sheets. There are very few teams with both the cap space and picks necessary to pull them off, and neither Franson or Kadri are the most attractive targets for those teams. Stepan would actually be an easier target because the Rangers are tighter against the cap, and have fewer options to dump salary without giving up someone they value. Stepan is also a much more polished center than Kadri. He is about the same age, and put up the same numbers as Kadri offensively, but he is also the Rangers best defensive center, and is heavily relied on to kill penalites and play important defensive minutes, both of which he does very well. He would be more appealing to offer big money too as he is a much lower risk to bust given he has never missed a game, and played every game of his ELC for the Rangers and usually as a top 6 forward. He is already a proven and versatile 2nd line center with great defensive abilities, the only question is whether or not he can continue to bring top line offense. It would put the Rangers in a tough spot if they had to match 5+ million on an offer sheet, but Stepan isn’t likely to be a massive overpayment at that amount even if his offense does dip from last season.

        And as good as Franson was in the playoffs, a team would likely have to offer up well more than 3.5 million to get him from the Leafs, which would need a 1st & 3rd as compensation. That would be a lot to give up, considering the teams with the cap space to do it aren’t exactly the best and brightest in the league, it would be a pretty big gamble. Also, with Pietrangelo still out there, teams may have a bigger target on D if they are going to go that route.

        That actually made me think of teams going after Pietrangelo. The Islanders and the Avalanche are pretty much the only teams I can think of that have the cap space, the picks and the aspiration to go for a big offer sheet. The Sabres could, but given they are probably going to start a rebuild, I can’t imagine they would be willing to give up 1 or more firsts.

        The Islanders had a great showing last year, and could really use a top tier D. Given that Pietrangelo has the potential to be one of the best D in the league in all 3 zones, he could be worth a big push. The Islanders have their star center to build around, and have added some nice pieces, they could conceivably afford to give up a lot picks if they could nab Pietrangelo. Would a 8+ million dollar offer sheet make sense?

        The Avalanche have been agressive, they have a ton of depth at center, and lots of talent for the top end. They could desperately use a guy like Pietrangelo, as he would really give them a star at every position other than goal. Given they just got to pick first overall again, if they could forfeit some firsts to get Pietrangelo, they have the space to make room for an 8+ million contract as Stastny will likely not be back after next year.

        Would be interesting anyway.

        As a side note, I am not sure if things will be the same. I think big spenders will be alleviated by the cap going up, but without some of the ways of hiding your mistakes the old system offered, it will still require a little more finesse then some managers exercised.

        I am not a fan of Holmgren, but it has as much to do with results as anything else. The team should be a contender, but I really don’t feel like they are. I have no problem with the spenders, I loved what Tallon did with the Hawks while he was there. He went for it, but at the end of the day, they had no trouble shedding salary because he didn’t make terrible choices. Other GM’s wanted his guys. He went with basically one contract he knew he would be stuck with, but it was the type of player thats rare and hard to obtain. Other than that he paid guys a lot for their role, but they were guys other teams would gladly take and give up picks for. Hard to argue that he didn’t do a good job of building the core and even maintaining flexability as they have won 2 cups and still have their core together under the cap.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Would love to not have Bozak on the team right now, have money to pay Franson and Kadri, and just go into the season with what we’ve got, and eventually develop or land a solid centre.

    We could have even just signed a bandaid veteran free agent like Malholtra or Antropov instead of re-signing Bozak and saved a ton of money, and not be locked in for such a long term to a weak player.

    There, I’ve been silent for weeks. Fuck Tyler Bozak.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Is Bozak your Steen? If so I hear you, must hate when Leaf fans say he’s not that bad.

      • TmLeafan says:

        Why do you hate Bozak so much? I agree he isn’t a great player and far from the ideal 1st line centre that’s for sure. But if you look at the options Nonis had signing Bozak is not all that bad.

        One of the main reasons we were even in the playoffs last year was that we had the 2nd best pk in the league. Say what you want about Bozak but he is an excellent penalty killer. He is also the only one of our centres that can take a draw. Kadri, Bolland, Mcclement, Colbourne we would easily be the worst faceoff team in the league just like the oilers were last year and didn’t make the playoffs. You can’t deny the importance of draws after watching the Leafs Bruins series. It was a miracle we made it to 7 games with the mismatch in the faceoff circle.

        Considering Boyd Gordon who is a 4th line centre UFA on the non playoff Phoenix Coyotes got 3.5 mil per 4.2 for Bozak is not all that bad. Ideally we would have Bozak on a 3 year term until a better option comes along. Look at the other options that all got more money that Bozak:

        -Steven Weiss: no size, even softer, less durable, worse at draws, older, slightly better offensively.

        -Filpulla- Again much the same player as Weiss. Slightly better offensively but a classic case of a player being ovverrated just because they play for the Red Wings(they have some terrible players).

        Malhotra and Antropov are both borderline NHLers at this point in their careers, not useful even as a “bandaid”.

        I have got to say that I was disappointing when we resigned Bozak because I thought we might have had a trade lined up to add a dman from a team with cap trouble but I would rather him than the other options available.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Although I think Bozak is better than you do, I agree with not re-signing him. We are putting a lot of hope on Kadri developing into a true number 1 and taking money away that could have been used elsewhere.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    Actually the press and capgeek have been misleading as the “current” roster which is causing Toronto to have under 5 mil in cap space currently includes Trevor Smith and Korbinian Holzer.

    Both players are likely Marlies. In that case, removing those 2, the Leafs really have about 6.2 mil in cap space.

    They still need cap space still for sure, but those 2 players shouldn’t be included. If Liles was traded, the team would have 10 million in cap space. at least 9 say if they chose to eat some Liles salary. I think that would be enough to re-sign Franson/Kadri and add a 13th forward.

  4. 93killer93 says:

    Mayfield, 3rd 2014(2nd if the Isles make the playoffs)

    Kadri 2 years 5.5mil
    Franson 1 year 3mil

    Peter Mueller 1 year 1mil
    Chad LaRose 1 year 1mil
    Colten Teubert 1 year 925k
    Chet Pickard 1 year 925k




    • I don’t think they’re in a position to ask for a second if NYI makes the playoffs. I think it’s take what you can get and get him off your roster. Sure, he may bounce back and be worth giving up a 2nd for, but I think he should be dumped with no hesitation even if you get back a 5th round pick.

      • nordiques100 says:

        The Leafs aren’t in any position to ask for anything of value for Liles.

        At most, a 4th round pick, maybe.

        And in all likelihood, some salary will have to be kept, no matter who the team they are trading him to is.

        if i were Toronto i’d probably offer to pay at most, 1 million per season left on Liles contract. That’s eating 3 million. That’d be a huge benefit to the other team but still giving a bonus to Toronto in clearing upwards to 3 million in cap space.

  5. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Move Liles if possible, return is not important right now.

    The only way I want to move Franson though is if we can get a quality shut-down guy. Best trading partner IMO would be NYR, so I am interested what TGWL thinks of this. NYR needs a RH puck mover. Toronto needs a big minute shutdown guy, which NYR has 3 of, but NYR is also against the cap worse than the Leafs with Stepan and Moore yet to sign. I’m sure they would love to move Stralman to free up cap space if they had another proven puck mover who adds offense.

    To Toronto
    Girardi $3.325UFA(end of season), Boyle$1.7UFA, Kreider $1.325RFA
    To NYR
    Franson RFA, Kulimen $2.8UFA, Holzer $.787, Ashton $1.040 RFA

    I think Franson would be great with Staal, McDonaugh and Del Zotto as a top 4. Holzer adds a big, physical, cheap 6-7 D for NYR. Kulimen gives them a solid two-way 2nd/3rd line winger with Ashton a good 3rd line prospect winger with size. With he addition of Franson, Rangers should also be able to move Stralman now for a pick/prospect to free up cap space. There should be a taker since his cap hit is only $1.7.

    Girardi gives the Leafs the RH shut-down guy they have been missing that can play big minutes. Also add a big 3rd line guy in Boyle who can penalty kill and play centre or wing. Since NYR has great centre depth, Boyle is moveable. Kreider is a good talent, but hasn’t seem to find a spot in NY, but could fill the 3rd line LW spot on the Leafs. Girardi would also soften the blow if Phaneuf leaves (or traded). Gives the Leafs a current top 5 of Phaneuf, Girardi, Gardner, Ranger and Gunnar with Reilly the unknown. Fraser and Brennan fill 6-7 spots if Liles can be moved. If Liles can’t, Ranger, Gunnar or Girardi should make a decent pairing with him. More options on Leafs D with additions of Girardi and Ranger in the mix.
    Boyle and Kreider could fill out third line. Since Boyle, Bolland and McClement will all be UFA end of season, gives Leafs many choices on who to keep or move at deadline if needed.

    Lupul Bozak Kessel
    JVR Kadri Clarkson
    Kreider Bolland Boyle
    McClement Colborne Orr
    McLaren ex

    Phaneuf Girardi
    Gardiner Gunnar/Ranger
    Fraser Gunnar/Ranger

    Reimer Bernier

    It’s a trade that helps both teams by filling needs now and moving forward.

  6. Girardi is our top RD dman, who shoots right handed. We got Staal and McDonagh who are LD. Del Zotto could handle being a puck moving d-man, so we’d really have to replace our number 1 RD. I’m not sure Franson fits that just yet.

    Ashton isn’t needed and Ive never been sold on him. I don’t see him cracking out line-up. I do like Franson’s shot and Ive always been a fan of Kulemin. He’s probably the one D-man I would want from the leafs that would finally give us a bombing point man we’ve been lacking.

    As much as I despise Boyle, I would rather Pay Girardi a raise and keep him in our line-up. Kreider could start to show potential with a new coach, or he could prove to be a bust and make Torts look like a genius for scratching him and sending him down. I’m not really sure which way he’s going to go. I like him, but I haven’t seen him be very consistent. Still, I rather chance out another season with him.

    I think Girardi could fetch a decent return without offering Kreider. Franson is an interesting piece, but not at the expense of Girardi, especially when it’s tough to know if Franson could handle first line minutes.

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