Are the Leafs interested in Kipper?


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  1. leafy says:

    You just don’t make trades based on “names”. You must look at current EVIDENCE. I mean from 2013.

    I want you boys and girls out there to give me evidence to support your claim that Kiprusoff would be an improvement of the Leaf’s goaltending.

    I don’t want your hunch, your psychic interpretations, or your use of the force. I want proof that Kiprusoff would improve the Leafs goaltending.

    Right now looking at the numbers, BOTH Reimer AND Scrivens have WAY better GAA and save pct. I mean, it’s not even close!! And remember Kiprusoff turns 37 this year.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      no trade has the “proof” you are looking for, we could have gone back and said the same thing about the Lupul trade (PROVE to me that Lupul will get healthy and be worth 4M and that Gardiner will be blue chip prospect… you couldn’t at the time).

      Kipper’s numbers suck because he is playing on a shitty team, I’m not saying Kipper would play amazing with us or that he is automatically going to be a better goalie for us than Scrivins but also saying that he definitely isn’t going to be is just plain ignorant.

    • Sergei Bobrovsky has better numbers than all 3 of them. This point you’re trying to make is invalid. The idea of trading Reimer for kipper is stupid. The idea of trading Scrivens (not exactly a young stud) for a guy who can def. play until 40 as a backup and will offer great leadership–not so stupid.

      • Oh, Jonathan Toews has less points than Kadri. I’m sure Toronto would reject trading Kadri for Jonathan Toews or Tavares, because Kadri has better numbers.

        • leafy says:

          Terrible analogies. Kipper is at the BOTTOM among NHL goalies in stats this year.

          What the f*** does that have to do with Kadri, Toews or Tavares?

          • You said “Look at the numbers.” Well, numbers don’t mean everything. I get it, you’re against the trade and you think you’re right, everybody who is for the trade is wrong. However, you’re argument for why the trade is bad is a very bad argument. You keep asking for people to prove why it’s a good trade, yet you “prove” why it’s a bad trade by saying look at 2013. So, stop looking at the numbers and give a better reason. You want to say Kipper doesn’t want to play for the leafs? Valid argument. But, nobody is saying trade for him and hope he plays. The assumption is that you’re trading for what Kipper brings to the table. Knowing that he won’t play, yes, it’s a dumb idea. But again, nobody said the trade is a good idea because we can hope he plays.

            So, before you even begin to pull the “look who was right” card, don’t bother. Because again, everybody agrees not to trade for somebody who doesn’t want to be there. Up until this season, Kipper was considered an elite goalie. When your starting “questionable” goalie can learn from an elite goalie who has had a hell of a career on a shitty team–you take that risk.

            • leafy says:

              Well I guess we just disagree on whether Kiprusoff is in a slump or in permanent decline.

              Either way, I say, I take any chances?

              I don’t understand what people have against Scrivens. You cannot possibly ask for a better backup. You saw again tonight, the guy is solid. Him and Reimer make a great combo.

    • mojo19 says:

      They play on a way better team as well. Look at Luongo and Schneiders numbers from last year, you’d think they were the reincarnation of Sawchuck and Bower. It’s funny how goalie stats are so dependant on the team around them, and yet some people choose not to use discretion.

      Hockey is played on the ice not on paper, Leafy. Kiprusoff is a big game player on a terrible team. He’s done all he can in Calgary. If you think he’s a lesser goalie than Reimer and Scrivens, then you must be new to hockey.

      And this isn’t a “name” based claim. Because I don’t think Luongo is an upgrade judging by the way he handles rebounds, and the types of goals he’s prone to allowing. Kiprusoff is on a whole other level.

      Open your eyes to the actual game and not the computer screen. If a team operated by the stats on the screen without using discretion and taking situations into account, that team would become the NYI of the last 20 years.

      Funny thing about stats is that a save on a 2 on 1 and a save from a centre ice dump in are worth exactly the same on the stat sheet.

  2. leafy says:

    The latest results in the online poll, with 405 votes so far, a whopping 78% of people said acquiring Kiprusoff does NOT make sense for the Leafs.

    Obviously the Leaf fans on HTR are not representative of Leaf fans in general.

    The silent majority RULE!!!!!

  3. looks like 78% of the people are wrong to me. Doesn’t matter anyway, he doesn’t want to be traded, so trading for him would NOW be a mistake.

    • leafy says:

      The silent majority RULE!!!!!

      • doorman says:

        For the record I have nothing against Ben Scrivens. I would prefer a vet presence with Reimer. You look how well Scrivens played tonight? He made a few very nice saves yes and had an unlucky bounce off kostkas skate. I say, but did you miss all those juicy rebounds he let out? Did you see him fumble the puck and almost fall over standing in his crease? Did you see how active he is in his crease as opposed to calm and collected?

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