Leafs were offered a few major-league centres

The Leafs were offered a few major-league centres in their dealings before settling on Anaheim’s Peter Holland. The reason they didn’t trade for a veteran third- or fourth-line guy was because they felt there was no upside in doing so. With Holland, a first-round pick in both the OHL and NHL drafts, there is a belief he could become something. He has size and a good shot. Now it’s up to him …

Holland was coached in minor hockey by his father, whose nickname is Dutchy … Testing my memory here, but I don’t remember another NHL team losing its top three centres at the same time at any time. Do you?…. And no, the fact Tyler Bozak and David Bolland are hurt and Kadri is suspended is not why the Leafs should have held on to Mikhail Grabovski. One aspect has nothing to do with the other. Why can’t people get over this? .