Leafs options for the trade deadline

If the leafs need anything right now its a scoring winger, and a shoot-out artist, a list of trade options would be: Brendan Bell, Staffan Kronwall, Andy Wozniewski, every draft pick except the 1st rounder, Wade Belak, Travis Green, Kris Newbury, Aleksander Suglobov, and perhaps J-S Aubin

With this list to work with the leafs can perhaps aquire:
Jason Blake(doubt it),

Marek Svatos(would love him)

Milan Hejduk(Sweet)

Bill Guerin(might as well start engraving the cup now)

Jamal Mayers(he better be cheap, he wont do much)

Dainus Zubrus(doubt caps, would give him up but if they do, for the right price, watch out)

Glen Murray(interesting)

Bryan Smolinski(meh)

Todd Bertuzzi(hey seeing how anson carter went for free, anything could happen)

Shawn Horcoff(?)

Michael Nylander(mmmm)

Martin Straka(ooo love to, but doubt it)

Petr Sykora(yay a shoot out artist)

Richard Zednik(nice)

Jozed Stumpel(i dont like em…)

Gary Roberts(k that s*** is getting old)

MARC SAVARD(i would definatley get his jersey, although he wont come cheap, but with sundin, ohohoho man)

Sergei Fedorov(sweet, yep)

So i can almost guarantee you they will get atleast one of these guys…almost. what do you think?