Will the Leafs go after the first overall pick?

Damien Cox of thestar.com writes about how the Maple Leafs might want to make a play for Panthers’ No. 1 pick.

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  1. leafy says:

    So Damien Cox suggests using Gardiner or Kadri as bait to get the no. 1 pick. I’ll tell you I don’t see it happening.

    • leafmeister says:

      I’d build a package around either to acquire the pick, but I’d want to keep the 8th pick in that case. I don’t get the sense that the difference between Ekblad/Bennett/Reinhart and Virtanen/Ehlers/Nylander would be worth Kadri or Gardiner.

      • leafy says:

        That’s a good point too. Since there really isn’t a clear franchise player in this draft, the best pick may easily be at no. 8 or no. 10, for instance.

        • Going after the first would require a lot of assets – I don’t think it’s worth exploring for the leafs.

          You have Reilly, so a center would be real smart here…but is drafting one of the top 2 centers in this years draft class worth giving up a few pieces of your team? I think moving down a few spots is going to cost a lot less than shooting for that #1 pick, which is probably going to be on a d-man anyway.

  2. toronto77 says:

    I have expressed over and over again that the leafs should trade the 8th overall pick for a young player in the 20-24 year old range that can compete now!

    What if we trade the 8th overall pick and maybe package it with Reimer for one of Strome, Grigorenko, Kulikov, Bogosian, Myers??? just to name a few.

    Unless Ritchie, Virtanen, Elhers, Nylander can step into the NHL next season and make an impact then I have no interest in them, we need a young player to help us now!

    What are everones thoughts on Connor Brown? Does anyone think he can get a full-time roster spot with the leafs next season or will he play in the AHL? me personally I think he will play in the AHL because of his small size but we could have found our Tatar or Nyqvist.

    • nordiques100 says:

      Carter went to Columbus for Voracek, a solid young talent, plus the 8th overall which Philly used to get Couturier.

      Would you, trade say Gardiner, plus the 8th overall to Colorado for Ryan O’Reilly?

      Then Flip Kadri and Reimer and Franson to the Jets for Zach Bogosian and a couple picks including a 2nd?

      Resolves the need for a top 6 forward, whos actually a centre. Resolves the need for a RH defenceman who can challenge Dion for the no. 1 role.

      I hate to see Kadri and Gardiner go, but sometimes….

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        Not a bad idea. I’m a little curious about how people will approach Ryan O’Reilly. Since he is making $6.5M in salary this year you would have to qualify him for 6.5M. Is he worth it? Unless people are willing to sign him to a multi-year deal at over 6.5M a year then Colorado may not qualify him. Which means sending the 8th overall pick PLUS might be too much if an over payment. If I am Colorado I would jump on the chance to acquire a top 4 scoring defense and the 2nd best defenseman in the 2014 draft (if they go that route).

        • O’Reilly just had 64 points. Is very young. Plays great 2-way hockey. I don’t think trading the 8th overall and a decent player is an over-payment for him. If your 8th overall pick becomes half as good, it’s a great 8th overall pickup. If they decide that O’Reilly is the odd man out, and I can’t see why they would go down that route, they can get a better deal for him. Guy is playing great hockey in the shadow of about 3-4 other players on that team. If you can justify the money on him, he’s worth a solid return.

  3. coyotes_bettman says:

    I think you guys all need to remember you have Safety Dave Nonis as a GM and there is zero chance he’s moving assets off his roster to Florida to make a trade for a draft pick “sure thing or not”.

    Nords is right in that if a move is made it’s going to be for an established player in this league who is going to step into the line up and help out.

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