Leaf's Practicle Rumors

Leaf fans, I may have found a solution to the latest rumors / problems the Leafs have been dealing with.

The first is this constant notion that Raycroft is going to get traded to LA for Cammalleri. I really don’t think it’s going to happen simply because Cammalleri got a low contract and might not get traded at all now. IF in fact he is on the block, then arises the second issue, competition. Other teams are in on this thing too and I really don’t think Raycroft alone is enough to land us Cammalleri. I said from day one that I wanted to keep Raycroft because he provided the pressure behind Toskala to simulate the situation in San Jose and to have him there just in case Toskala falters or gets injured, both of which are still entirely possible.

However, if in fact the Leafs can acquire Cammalleri for Raycroft, by some act of God, I think I may have a solution for our back-up situation. Mika Noronen. His name was thrown around a lot last year but his name has been less frequently mentioned as of late. I think if the Leafs decide to trade Raycroft over to LA, Noronen is the perfect back-up for Toskala. To begin with, Noronen is a big goalie. At 6’2 200 pounds, Noronen fills up space in the net. Toskala doesn’t. If there’s a game that Noronen needs to play, the shooters will have to change their approach and with the odds in our favor, Noronen will probably win. Also, Noronen is still capable of being a number one guy. He’s 28 and has put up good numbers almost everywhere he’s played. I hate to use the TSN scouting report, but it’s all I have. It says he can be a starter for short spurts of time but has trouble with being the back-up. If he, and his Finnish competitor, are competing, I can see them pushing each other to higher levels.

Instead of signing an over the hill Cujo, why not pay a 28 year old, 1st round pick instead for probably the same price? Toskala has almost nothing to learn from Cujo as he is ready to take over himself and has been taught by the best in his former goalie coach in San Jose. If anything, Toskala needs to be pushed, just like he did in San Jose, and if Raycroft is going to be a guy used to acquire other players, I think my first pick as back-up would be Noronen.

Unfortunately, there still remains the problem of signing Peca. If Raycroft is indeed traded to LA for Cammalleri, the trade pretty much puts us over the cap because Raycroft costs us 2 and Cammalleri would cost us 3.35 thus taking up the remaining 1.247 we have, and putting us over. We would have to put Belak on waivers just to cover the extra cost. After that, we need 1.25, maybe 1.5 to sign Peca. If you put Pohl and Wozniewski on waivers, you only have about 1.1. That being said, I think the only way we can make this whole thing work, is if we deal away Kubina or Antropov. If Antropov is dealt, along with the others being put on waivers, it clears a spot in our lineup for Cammalleri, it pays for Peca and Noronen as I mentioned earlier. If Kubina is dealt, the same applies, except the left over money goes to Danny Markov, or a player we get in return to fill his spot in the roster, but, then we have a log jam at the forward position. Personally, I would do it all like this.

Trade Raycroft and Antropov to LA for Cammalleri. (Highly unlikely, but if it can be done, it should be)

Trade Kubina to Phoenix for Martin Hanzal and a pick or two. Or to Chicago (if they’re still interested as Eklund said they were a week ago) along with Kronwall for Barker and Bolland.

Sign Peca, Markov and Noronen.

Subtracted salary would be 9 million, and added salary would be 8.5, give or take.

I usually don’t post this kind of stuff, but with all the rumors flying around, I thought I’d take a crack at it, just to see how close or far I am off base. I think some of these things can work, while others are wishful thinking.

Now (Since everyone else has been doing this) the new lines

Blake- Sundin – Poni
Tucker – Wellwood – Cammaleri
Bell – Stajan- Steen
Deveroux-Peca- Battagula



These lines/ Trades are closer then alot I’v heard and partially practacle and would easily put Toronto as a Coference Final Contender

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