Leaf's Practicle Rumors

Leaf fans, I may have found a solution to the latest rumors / problems the Leafs have been dealing with.

The first is this constant notion that Raycroft is going to get traded to LA for Cammalleri. I really don’t think it’s going to happen simply because Cammalleri got a low contract and might not get traded at all now. IF in fact he is on the block, then arises the second issue, competition. Other teams are in on this thing too and I really don’t think Raycroft alone is enough to land us Cammalleri. I said from day one that I wanted to keep Raycroft because he provided the pressure behind Toskala to simulate the situation in San Jose and to have him there just in case Toskala falters or gets injured, both of which are still entirely possible.

However, if in fact the Leafs can acquire Cammalleri for Raycroft, by some act of God, I think I may have a solution for our back-up situation. Mika Noronen. His name was thrown around a lot last year but his name has been less frequently mentioned as of late. I think if the Leafs decide to trade Raycroft over to LA, Noronen is the perfect back-up for Toskala. To begin with, Noronen is a big goalie. At 6’2 200 pounds, Noronen fills up space in the net. Toskala doesn’t. If there’s a game that Noronen needs to play, the shooters will have to change their approach and with the odds in our favor, Noronen will probably win. Also, Noronen is still capable of being a number one guy. He’s 28 and has put up good numbers almost everywhere he’s played. I hate to use the TSN scouting report, but it’s all I have. It says he can be a starter for short spurts of time but has trouble with being the back-up. If he, and his Finnish competitor, are competing, I can see them pushing each other to higher levels.

Instead of signing an over the hill Cujo, why not pay a 28 year old, 1st round pick instead for probably the same price? Toskala has almost nothing to learn from Cujo as he is ready to take over himself and has been taught by the best in his former goalie coach in San Jose. If anything, Toskala needs to be pushed, just like he did in San Jose, and if Raycroft is going to be a guy used to acquire other players, I think my first pick as back-up would be Noronen.

Unfortunately, there still remains the problem of signing Peca. If Raycroft is indeed traded to LA for Cammalleri, the trade pretty much puts us over the cap because Raycroft costs us 2 and Cammalleri would cost us 3.35 thus taking up the remaining 1.247 we have, and putting us over. We would have to put Belak on waivers just to cover the extra cost. After that, we need 1.25, maybe 1.5 to sign Peca. If you put Pohl and Wozniewski on waivers, you only have about 1.1. That being said, I think the only way we can make this whole thing work, is if we deal away Kubina or Antropov. If Antropov is dealt, along with the others being put on waivers, it clears a spot in our lineup for Cammalleri, it pays for Peca and Noronen as I mentioned earlier. If Kubina is dealt, the same applies, except the left over money goes to Danny Markov, or a player we get in return to fill his spot in the roster, but, then we have a log jam at the forward position. Personally, I would do it all like this.

Trade Raycroft and Antropov to LA for Cammalleri. (Highly unlikely, but if it can be done, it should be)

Trade Kubina to Phoenix for Martin Hanzal and a pick or two. Or to Chicago (if they’re still interested as Eklund said they were a week ago) along with Kronwall for Barker and Bolland.

Sign Peca, Markov and Noronen.

Subtracted salary would be 9 million, and added salary would be 8.5, give or take.

I usually don’t post this kind of stuff, but with all the rumors flying around, I thought I’d take a crack at it, just to see how close or far I am off base. I think some of these things can work, while others are wishful thinking.

Now (Since everyone else has been doing this) the new lines

Blake- Sundin – Poni
Tucker – Wellwood – Cammaleri
Bell – Stajan- Steen
Deveroux-Peca- Battagula



These lines/ Trades are closer then alot I’v heard and partially practacle and would easily put Toronto as a Coference Final Contender

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  1. heimey says:

    I like your imagination, however, I think it it wishful thinking. I do agree with the fact that a lot of what is being said is wishful thinking in that no team is going to take Raycroft for Camalleri straight-up. I like the ideas you put forth. Maybe JFJ should read this LOL!!!!!

  2. mcdivitt says:

    I agree that acquiring Cammaleri is a dream, unless JFJ really unloads to get him.  He's young and increasing his point output every year.  This kid is good.  Raycroft has very little value, I think.  His stats are not flattering over the last couple years, and I think every player in the league probably knows he's weak up top.  If the West doesn't, it wouldn't take long to figure out.  Honestly, I think I would throw Steen in there with Raycroft.  I think that would get a deal done.  Steen has shown no progress, and is always so soft on the puck.  He has no drive, it seems.

    Having said all that, I do question Cammaleri's value in terms of personality.  He has one point-per-game season, and he goes to arbitration asking for six million dollars a year???  Excuse me?  Forsberg, Sundin, and Selanne don't even command that cash.  I mean, get your head out of your ass.  Someone like that could be poison in the room.

    Just a thought.

    How about Kubina, Raycroft, Steen, and Woz for Cammaleri and Visnovsky?

    Go ahead and bash….I usually don't try to table bogus trade ideas either, but whatever, I'm bored.

  3. the_next_agent says:

    We leaf fans do have an imagination, but some of our potential trades have a very good chance of happening.  I have a few trades that should happen.

    Trade Raycroft Stajan Kronwall
    For   Cammalleri

    Trade Kubina Kilger
    For Witt(NYI)
    with these trade we have roughly 4.5 to spend of FA

    we should Sign

    Our lineup would look like this




    This could happen because we all know that Kubina, Stajan and Raycroft are being traded prior to the start of the season.  I also strongly believe that Bell was the replacement for Kilger.  Cammalleri is rumoured to be coming to the Leafs anywyas and Kubina is rumoured going to the Island and with Kilger and a pick in one package for Witt its a good deal for both sides.  Peca and CUJO are also coming to the Leafs no doubt about it.  The Leafs have a great PK and balanced scoring.  CUP CONTENDERS once again.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. KingCanada says:

    Good ideas but the problem is that you have TOO many moves to do to only slightly improve our team.  I garantee this will never happen but its sometimes fun to imagine and hope.  The team is fine the way it is, there is NO WAY JFJ ends up trading like a half a dozen players only to get Cammaleri and Peca, keep dreamin boys lol.

    You guys keep trying to constantly look for ways to improve the team while the Leafs have been one of the most active teams already this off-season, face it guys JFJ is done wheeling and dealing.  The most he will accomplish is a minor move to maybe fit in space for Peca, THATS IT!

  5. KingCanada says:

    Im not sure u understand the nature of finances and negoatiation.  Obviously hes not expecting to get 6 million.  The team prolly says something in the area of like 2 million and then he gets somewere in the middle of just over 3 million from the arbitrator.

  6. mcdivitt says:

    I understand the concept.  But $6M is ludicrous.

  7. mcdivitt says:

    Hmmm….not to pick apart your post, but if you've looked at Noronen's profile on TSN, then surely you looked at his stats.  Seeing save %'s of .844 and .870 scares me.  It scares me a lot.  I don't see this move happening.

    What about Bryzgalov?  He's on the block isn't he?  I wonder what the Leafs would have to do to get him.  Toskala and Bryzgalov would be a solid tandem for sure.

  8. Glucker says:

    or we could just trade away Kubina and Raycroft for prospects/picks, sign Forsberg for 5 mill, sign Auld for 0.5, sign Peca for 1.25(as per the rumor)… and we actually end up clearing space. Kubina's spot will be taken by one of Kronwall, Wozniewski, or Belak… but it may also be Stralman…

    Blake Forsberg Sundin
    Antropov Wellwood Poni
    Tucker Peca Steen
    Bell Stajan Kilger

    Kaberle McCabe
    Colaiacovo White
    Gill Stralman/Kronwall


  9. jpmac says:

    it would probably take more to get bryzgalov then it would to get toskala, and with the position the leafs are in prospect wise  they would be smart not to do it, and before anyone mentions their names, i would guess that no the ducks do not want kubina or mcacbe, it would be strictly prospects and picks..

  10. Jbooter says:

    Blake Forsberg Sunding Line? Wow…that could be deadly. Too bad we won't see it happen though.

  11. m4gician says:

    Guys shut up. Let's stop getting carried away here please. Yes I'd love to be the New York Yankees of the NHL or even be the team that "everyone wants to play for" but everytime you guys talk about this stuff its just about nothing at all.

    First off all, Eklund he doesn't know anythign but what's on the news. He has no sources, and he's pathetic. You tell him he's an idiot or that he's wrong you get banned from his forum.

    Now, if you paid attention, JFJ likes his team and is going to stick with his strategy. His JOB is on the line and he made promises, especially to have a tandem of Raycroft and Toskala.

    He signed his winger, and he's not willing to break up this team as per his words himself. In doing so he LESSENS his chance of keeping his job, and he hasn't even seen this team hit the ice yet. So come on, SHUT UP!

    Raycroft + Kubina? Really ya sounds like a good idea right? Wrong, no one wants Kubina he wasn't productive at all and was hurt half the time. Raycroft sure, but no where near tier 1 or tier 2 players.

    Now let me sound like a bunch of ignorant mofos with computers…

    GUYS!! Listen, I heard that we could probably get Zetterberg out of Detroit, my SOURCES are saying that htey want Raycroft to replace Hasek!!!

    So here's our lineup

    Gilmour – Sundin – Zetterberg (GILMOUR IS DA BEST!! AND HE'S COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT)
    Poni – Wellwood – Forsberg
    Camalleri – Peca – Antropov
    Tucker – Stajan – Steen

    on defence

    McCabe – Kaberle
    Lidstrom – Niedermeyer (he retired then came back to the Leafs!!!)
    Gill – Coliacovo (we traded White for Lidstrom STRAIGHT UP!!)

    in Goal


    seriously guys, you wonder why everyone makes fun of leafs fans? There is a difference between having faith and loving your team, and being down right ignorant. Half of you guys sound like "vito from Woodbridge"     

  12. JuicemaN says:

    Dude I've posted almost this exact post and made articles about it…it never changes a thing.

    I'm doing my best to just live with it…if you're a leaf fan it comes with the territory…you live with idiots.

    And yes, Eklund is an idiot.

  13. mcdivitt says:

    Telling people to "shut up" is ignorant, my friend. There is no need for it. If people want to hope and speculate, they can. That's what this site is for. Sure, some of the "what if" trades can be a little much, but who cares.  Is it really ruining your day?  I  think I speak for everyone when I say, keep your comments to yourself.

    In terms of your content, I'd be pretty surprised if both Raycroft and Kubina began the season with the Leafs.

    And, of course JFJ is going to maintain publicly that Raycroft is staying in blue and white.  That's what GM's do.  There would be a lot of ill will and crushed confidence if every GM that was considering moving players let the world know his intentions.  I guess JFJ's press release would go something like this…

    "Andrew Raycroft was a bust.  He let us down last year in key situations, and I am not confident that we can make a serious playoff run with him in net.  I can't believe I gave up Rask for this idiot!  I am now contacting every GM to see if they will give me anything substantial in return for him.  I will be very disappointed if Andrew Raycroft is a Maple Leaf this season."

    Are you an NHL GM?  No?  Then please stop talking to everyone as if we know nothing about hockey.

  14. Shorts_Pimp says:

    I would like to start off this response by stating that the Toronto Maple Leafs will likely not be acquiring Mike Cammaleri from the Los Angeles Kings. Here is my reasoning. The leafs have a young, talented group of prospects, all capable of becoming a star in their own respective positions, with a few players having the possibility of becoming a franchise player. Mike Cammaleri is good, and he's young, but is also quite overrated. He has had ONE 80 point season, with his second highest season coming at the tune of 55 points. He has produced these numbers on a weak team, that is overreliant on him, and gives him a vast amount of ice time. If he were to come to Toronto, you could expect him to play anywhere from 10-15 minutes a game, and post approximately 60 points. In essence, it is a good deal, but not for the prospects and draft picks you would be losing. For years the Leafs were guilty of, and have been often criticized for trading away their young talent, and in return, receiving old washed-up ex-superstars. Yet, we still hear rumblings of trade rumors regarding the oft-injured Peter Forsberg, Mike Cammaleri, Milan Hejduk, etc. I, for one, am totally opposed to acquiring these players, as it would decrease the ice time and opportunity for our younger players to prosper. In the Leafs line up, already, are Wellwood, Pohl, Ponikarovski, White, Colaiacovo, Steen, and Stajan, who, in my opinion, are excellent players (they just need a development period). This is without mentioning propects such as Pogge, Kulemin, Stralman, Earl, Tlusty, etc., who will likely be NHL ready in a matter of years. It makes little to no sense to trade away your future for a chance at a mediocre present. The only real move I see being made, is Andrew Raycroft being move, strictly to free up cap space, in order to sign Michael Peca. However, John Ferguson Jr. will also be evaluating the team throughout the season, analysing players abilities, and, if the Leafs are in contention for a playoff spot, or Stanley Cup run, will like acquire a veteran player of some sort in order to aid the team, deep into the playoffs. Even if the team remains as is, come the trade deadline, there will be several offers for players on the Leafs roster, including Andrew Raycroft, as teams will be willing to take a chance in order to propel themselves into that last playoff spot, or next round in the playoffs. It all depends on the teams performance throughout the year. What we cannot do, is fall into the old cliche of making trades in a team that hasn't seen playing time this season, and players who haven't been given a chance to prove themselves adequetly.

  15. SuitcaseSmith says:

    Why is Toronto so keen on Peca? An overpriced, often injured older player?
    The leafs keep trading young talent for unproductive older veterans, you'd think JFJ would have figured that out by now. Good luck getting rid of Raycroft!

  16. the_next_agent says:

    heres what should happen.  Peca is probably goin to the Rangers so we dont have a good checking line center.  there is one team out there with a checking line center who didnt have a very good year last year and that team is the Dallas Stars and that center is Jeff Halpern, he has a scoring touch and is excellent on the Pk  They also have Jussi Jokinen who would help out are shootout.  Jokinen has had is name mixed with the Leafs over the past week, we should send a package to Dallas, the players would be, Matt Stajan, Johnny Pohl, Jay Harrison and a draft pick.  Our goaltending situation is good as it is.  we may be like the Ottawa Senators of last season.  Raycroft may do really well and take over once again.  Overall i think that if the Leafs make that trade we can safely say we can possible get the 5th or 6th spot.  We could have an amazing PK, we have speed, leadership, toughness and scoring. We have it all we just need to work it out and finally live up to expecations!  Oh Also Sundin is going to get more than 90 pts this year.  He had Antropov and Poni next to him last year and he still got 76 pts, now he has Blake, there both gonna shine.  We can trade Raycroft at the deadlin if we want, but havin two goalies like that is only gonna push them to be better goalies. 

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mapleleaf92 says:

    please mail this to ferguson
    maybe he'll stick his head outta his ass

  18. Unholy_Goalie says:

    Wow buddy, just wow. I can't believe you actually went to hockeybuzz.com, read this post, copied it and then pasted it as your own on this site. These are MY ideas, not yours. You think because you can copy, paste and then add a completely misspelled lineup that it's now yours? You can tell just by the grammar and spelling what I wrote and what you wrote. Either give me some damn credit for my ideas, or delete this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  19. Unholy_Goalie says:

    If you guys don't believe me, here it is.


    It's about half way down and the whole thing is plagiarized aside from the crappy lineup he made and added to the end.

  20. wprager says:

    I usually don't post this kind of stuff, …

    That's because you copied this word-for-word from Unholie_Goalie's post on HockeyBuzz.com.  Uncool, man, really uncool.  Taking someone else's words, not adding any citation or attribution.

    Here's the original posting by UG — the 16th post on this page:

  21. Unholy_Goalie says:

    Thank you man. I was really bored this morning, so I decided to look at ALL the rumor sites, regardless if they sucked or not and stumbled across something that looked extremely familiar. It was only a matter of a few lines did I recognized my unique writing style and remembered that this was indeed mine. I really hope he just liked my ideas and that he wasn't trying to steal them, as much as he was trying to spread the word, but it pissed me off when I saw it at first.

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