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According to Larry Brooks, NYPost.com, Toronto Maple Leafs’ defenseman Tomas Kaberle would waive his NTC to come to the Rangers. Kaberle would be a bargain at his current salary for the Rangers, but the price is said to be very steep, at least including Bob Sanguinetti. Two other Leafs defensemen, Bryan McCabe and Pavel Kubina, are not gaining interest from the Rangers.

mikster’s note: With Lundqvist’s new contract, the Rangers will most likely not re-sign their Czech players in Jaromir Jagr, Martin Straka, Marek Malik, and Michal Rozsival. They will be in the hunt, in the off-season, for wingers that can fit the style of hockey that Scott Gomez and Chris Drury play. The future of the Rangers lies within their organization, since they won’t have much cap space to play with for the next number of years, and so I do not see Sather trading too much youth for veteran help. Also, he would have to clear cap space by ridding himself of either Malik or Paul Mara. I also do not see the Leafs trading Kaberle, and I would encourage the Leafs not to trade him.

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  1. LeafsNation91 says:

    Must be since they suck with Gomez and Drury

    Atleast we know we suck, you guys are in LALA land right now

  2. LeafsNation91 says:

    Must be since they suck with Gomez and Drury

    Atleast we know we suck, you guys are in LALA land right now

  3. canuck67 says:

    You stated above that the Rangers suck, so what is the diff?

  4. Gamble says:

    Typo, what I meant was in the last two years he's been 4th and 8th respectively for dman scoring. In 05-06 he was 4th in scoring and in 06-07 he was 8th in scoring.

    Don't worry you still look dumb.

  5. leafsrule31 says:

    if ryan smyth and peter forsberg are worth 3 first round picks for 20 games.. your damn right an under contract kaberle is worth 2 first round pics.. especially given the market for a blueliner of his talent

    your on really shitty crack if you see it otherwise.

  6. mojo19 says:

    gamble writing a typo doesnt make him look dumb, there are typos on here all the time. If Kaberle is traded I want you to come on here and apologize to everyone when you see what kind of return the Leafs get for him.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Well Kaberle's not young, but he's under 30, and clearly one of the elite D-men. He would turn the Rangers from pretender to contender immediately.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Not a big difference in stats. But stats aren't everything, and it doesn't really demonstrate how much Kaberle controls the play when he's out there on most nights.

    Rozsival is a very good player, but he has a long way to go before you can start comparing him to a player like Kaberle. I think any NHL GM, Coach, or educated fan would agree with me.

  9. NHLSlayer says:

    I watched the Leafs beat them 6-1 not more than a few weeks ago, does that count?

  10. NHLSlayer says:

    If you're such a dumbass that you are seriously comparing Roszival to Kaberle, you need to unplug your computer from the wall before you put yourself into traction, you inbred son of your sister.

    That might be the stupidest comment I've read in the history of HTR, AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT!

  11. arigold says:

    I don't think the Rangers are in the market for a dman right now.  Sure Kaberle would be a nice addition to any team, but i honestly think they most likely would be looking to shed salary at this point and keep their young players.  There are teams that would be after Kaberle, I just dont' think the Rangers are one of them.

  12. LeafsNation91 says:

    Well, the Rangers have talent like the Canucks and unlike the Maple Leafs

    Big Difference is you both suck with talent

    Unlike the Leafs who suck qith zero talent.

    Like seriously, look at Vancouver and NYR's lineup and you would think top in the NHL for sure, with all that talent

    Then look at their record and you think, wow they suck.

    Leafs lineup looks like shit

    And they are in last place where they belong

    So thats the BIG DIFFERENCE

    Kaberle plays with zero talent, while Roszival plays with alot of it(AKA Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Prucha)

  13. habfan1 says:

    atleast you’re mentioning more than one name witch is the smart thing to do incase they don’t get stamkos they could bilt the team around beach

  14. beckfan05 says:

    I never said anything about being traded. I said what he shouldnt be traded for. Get you shit straight.

  15. beckfan05 says:

    It s funny looking back in the archives and seeing how everyone predicted the Queefs to finish anywhere from 5-8 but now they dont have the talent.

    Everyone was saying that Wellwood could score 80-100 and that Sundin and Blake should mesh great together. Oh, and dont forget Antropov was supposed to be a super star and you have McCabe and Kubina and Kaberle on D. Stajan was supposed to tear up the league by now along with Panikarosvky and Steen. And dont forget Colaiacovo. We was untouchable.

    And Toskala was supposed to complement Raycroft, right?

    And Tucker is the supreme enforcer too!

    What happened? This is only 6 months ago? Now everyone has turned sour and  is saying that the Leafs dont have talent? How come? I though all these guys were supposed to be super stars.

    I guess all of you guys are retracting your stand on the Leafs and their talent and are throwing in the towel on these guys? I dont want to hear it next season how these guys are gonna score 100 points each.


  16. mojo19 says:

    Get your shit straight. I just showed you on that other forum that Kaberle is one of the top scoring d-men over the past 5 years. Meanwhile you just said above that he has only had 1 impressive offensive season. Clearly you're wrong there, and clearly you have no clue what you're talking about.

  17. KINGSHEW says:

    wellwood kesler and tulsty cannot play on the first line.. dumbass

  18. Hoondog2 says:

    Things are not as bleak in Leaf land as you would like to believe. We’ve actually got a few good prospects coming up. Remember, everything that could have gone wrong this season has – Blake and Tucker way underperforming, Wellwood a no show on the season, injuries, Raycroft proving that he actually is that bad, suspect coaching……Most of these things will be dealt with before next season and we will be back, hopefully with a cupboard full of old and new prospects.

  19. canuck67 says:

    Thats funny how at the start of the season, if anyone said the Leafs lineup sucked you would have thrown a real hissy fit.
     Whats changed?

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