Leafs to Release Marchment


According to TSN.ca the Toronto Maple Leafs have decided not to bring back Bryan Marchment.

Marchment is a 16 year veteran who in all likelihood will retire. The Leafs did not need to contribute any more evidence that proves their ineptitude. Marchment has been a consummate pro working hard, playing physical and doing everything to try to make the team. However the Leafs again have decided to go the direction of players who have not earned a spot with the team.

Would Marchment been a big help to the club? Perhaps not. His contributions would have been not as much as say the likes of Mccabe and Kaberle on defence. However we have seen in camp the likes of Wade Belak take penalty after penalty continuously proving his inability to play under the new rules. Yes his spot is guaranteed. In most cases, injuries, would open the door for players to win jobs but that appears not to be the case. Berg, Klee and Brown have all been out with a variety of ailments but their spots are assured.

Practically every year the Leafs have suffered from a lack of physicality on defence and Marchment is one player who delivers in that department every game. I find it odd how with so many injuries and so many players who have played poorly so far, that a guy who has worked hard, done his job and in reality earned a shot at being on the team was cut loose.

The Leafs have been preaching and showing in camp that they have been more about looking at players to see if they can earn a spot on the team rather than working on team concepts and working on their system and style of play. They have given long looks at rookies, given tons of ice time to players who have not earned it, and have kept a large number of players around longer than most other teams who are fairly set in their lineups. Granted, the Leafs are suffering from injuries which warrant the large roster, but when players who perform well cant earn a job but players who have been nothing short of horrid do, what kind of message does that send?

From what I can see, the so called “plan” that management has preached all summer, the so called open season for jobs that seemingly is in place as indicative of the lineups in place all pre-season is all very much hearsay. Marchment is the 2nd Leaf hopeful who has played much better than several players who he is fighting for a roster spot with who has been cut. Goalie JF Racine also lost out to Mikael Tellqvist for the backup job in goal even though he has stood on his head while Tellqvist has struggled badly.

People talk of the injuries, the lack of depth, the questions on defence being the reasons why Toronto will suffer but the reality is what is killing the Leafs is their blind loyalty to players who are both inept and inferior.

The Belaks, the Ponikarovsky’s, the Antropov’s have been given jobs and in some cases huge roles with the team and in my mind it sends a wrong message. This is why I think we have seen Coliacovo and Stajan be practically invisible because they have since the onset of camp been given jobs with the big club. They have seen other players who have played poorly show no urgency to play hard, play smart and earn their keep. To see some of Toronto’s quality young talent pick up such bad habits is a bad sign for the hockey club.

Unfortunately this type of reasoning will be criticized and chastised for being too negative and too far fetched because of the timing as it is still only pre-season. However training camp is a lot about getting rid of bad habits, working on team concepts and getting good chemistry as it is fighting for jobs and getting in shape. We have not seen very much of that so far and with only 2 games left, there is tons of work to be done. Injuries have played a part and that I can understand, but should that not provide the push for players to work harder and play better to fill in for those currently out? Instead we have seen too much floating and little smart play. I would hate to see any of Toronto’s top prospects play with the Leafs this year, not because they don’t deserve it because they in fact do. The reason is they would not be part of a winning atmosphere, and begin to pick up the poor habits of many of the Leaf regulars who seemingly get away with anything without any repercussions from the coaching staff. I think their futures and the future of the Leafs would be best served with their top youngsters learning from Marlies coach Paul Maurice.

However this is only my humble opinion. I know if this gets read, it will be full of responses by angry Leaf fans who frown on any criticism of their beloved team. This only reiterates my point in a need of a change in philosophies within the team and for a fresh new beginning for this original six franchise. I feel for those passionate fans who blindly follow and stand up for the inadequate and inept that fill half of the Leaf roster. It is because that is all they have and unless things change, will continue having to stand up for the likes of Berg, Belak, Ponikarovsky, Antropov providing us with foolish and blind reasoning that only fellow Leaf fans can understand.

I believe the Leafs have the talent to make the playoffs, and perhaps surprise people when they get there. But in the end, it will all be for not because of the team’s constant reliance on players who simply are not good enough, smart enough or talented enough to be main cogs on a team. For Leaf fans, I hope I am wrong, I hope those players overachieve and prove me and many other incorrect. We know the stars will deliver, but if these underachievers can reward the team’s loyalty to them, then the Leafs can accomplish many good things.

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  1. DeathCab says:


    I really like Marchment, but bringing him onto the team would be going in the exact oposite direction they claim they want to go in.

    Coliacavo (sp) deserves a shot with the big club, not some mid to late thirties player who just wants to end his career as a leaf.

    One funny thing I’ve noticed (seeing how I’m a leaf fan). There are a large number of people who wanna play for Toronto, so the team and media claims. But so far most of the people who wanna play here are looking to have 1 last season. We need more of the guys like Lindros who want to play for the Leafs when they’re a little closer to their prime.

  2. Marky2Fresh says:

    You know DandoEagle is right. There are alot of players on the Leafs that wouldn’t make it on another team because, hen they are on the ice, they look like they couldnt care less.

    The only reason I can think why Antropov hasn’t been show the door yet is he must give one hell of a mean hummer.

  3. TMLsundin says:

    This came as very strange to me. If you’ve been watching camp and the pre-seasons games.. you would know Bryan Marchment has been the most intense and effective defensemen in camp. He has been a warrior! Using a youngster like Colaiacovo or Kronwall as a 6th or 7th guy is pointless, not much development is done there. It’s good to have 2 vets on your 3rd pair.

    Unless this is a preamble to making a possible deal for Nick Boynton, who is rumored to have requested a trade to Toronto.. then I don’t like it.

  4. jacksheit says:

    Marchie should go to tampa

  5. heyspearsy says:

    Interesting article, though I might agree with the other poster that Marchment has looked pretty intense. I, for one, would like to see a long-awaited youth movement with the Leafs.

    Just have to keep waiting.

  6. Aetherial says:

    The parts of your article about what training camp is about and what the Leafs are or are not working on, is ridiculous.

    Your comment that he brings what Kaberle or McCabe brings is also ridiculous.

    McCabe 2nd team all star and what 4th in defense scoring… and a league looking to score more.

    Kaberle, skater and play maker, weak physically…in a league looking to score more.

    Marchment brings NOTHING like those 2 do. get a grip and sober up before you post.

    I can see your point that maybe they should have kept him and send the kids to junior EXCEPT for 2 things…

    1) They have Brown, who brings the same thing to the team and they have him under contract.

    2) They need to give a kid a chance. That is likely to be Colaiacovo with a dark horse vote going to Woznieuski (sp?)

    See, for Colaiacovo and Tellqvist it is time to step up or move on. The Leafs are determined to give these guys a chance.

    Signing Belak mystified me then, it mystifies me now.

    Next, they might not sign Thomas. This is because they will keep one or both or Wellwood and/or Steen.

    Although they did get considerably younger, they have good veteran team. Wellwood and colaiacovo have done time in the minors, Steen has done time in pro hockey overseas… it is OK to throw in a couple kids into a veteran team.

    They are rolling the dice with Ponikarovsky and Antropov now also. They have a dearth of good young players… if these guys do nothing this year, they maynot last the year or at the very least, they will be gone next year.

  7. robinson19 says:

    I’m sure the Habs are on the phone about both Marchment and Boynton… but for some archaic reason Boston and Montreal never trade, must be some old Masonic tradition or something, and Marchment says he doesn’t want to go anywhere else than Toronto… Although I’m sure when it comes down to it he won’t want to sit on his ass… I could see him going to Tampa.

  8. robinson19 says:

    your post is *****y.

  9. Aetherial says:

    That’s a compliment coming from someone like you.

  10. Aetherial says:

    I could see maybe Pittsburgh?

  11. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I was never a Marchment fan…kind of a dirty player at times.

    I understand he’s older now…but who do they Leafs have that they have to cut him for? They don’t have alot of youth that they have to get into the lineup, and they basically spent the off season trying to put a team together with guys no one else really wanted. Not to knock Lindros/Allison, but there was a mild interest from other teams due to their injury trouble. The Leafs arn’t really in a position to be turning players away…they’re like the ugly girl at the dance turning down what they can get and waiting for something better that won’t come along.

  12. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I think that’d be a good fit. The Pens could use a tough, verteran defenceman, and I doubt he’ll cost them much.

  13. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I think that’d be a good fit. The Pens could use a tough, verteran defenceman, and I doubt he’ll cost them much.

  14. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I think that’d be a good fit. The Pens could use a tough, verteran defenceman, and I doubt he’ll cost them much.

  15. Aetherial says:

    I sort of see the idea but I really do think they have to give someone a chance on the blueline. If there is any place where they have some decent young talent it is on the blueline…







    The only one of those players who has not shown that he has NHL potential so far is Bell…

    I think they have to at least try with a couple kids. Let’s face it, they are not serious about thinking they can win this year, or even next, thus all the one year contracts… rebuilding is going to be a tough pill to swallow but they have no choice. There is no future *now*.

  16. PSU_Penguin says:

    Though I would love to have a good veteran D-man to come play in Pittsburgh, Sir knee-to-knee isn’t my first choice, I just couldn’t get behind a dirty player. The same goes for Hal “I’m still going to hook and hold as much as I can” Gill.

  17. monley89 says:

    lmao i saw brian marchment at pizza pizza two weeks ago it was so cool, but man that guys nose is shaped like the letter L

  18. Sed8dad says:

    WRONG has not been officialy released as of yet. Pat Quins own words Leaf TV!!! Not a Marchment fan but lets get it right when posting.

  19. Rico71 says:


    I totally agree on everything you said. As a Habs fan…seeing a waste of roster space like Kilger in TOR makes me sad. The guy has been a bust since the beginning…and still teams keep him. He must be good at something…sucking up to coaches? *shrugs*

    Kellwood was very impressive…not perfect but impressive. Can he be better than Kilger? Totally. Same goes for Racine. The guy was great, but he’s sent down while Aubin (who could not even earn a spot in PIT…before Fleury was there) is still with the club. Tellqwist(sp?)…? Seems to me he’s taking a loooong time developping his game.

    Quinn is simply too old school for today’s hockey. They need to inject some news blood at the helm of this team…or its gonna be another Cupless year…or even years for TOR.

  20. brashman says:

    I think the reason Racine was sent down was to get into a bunch of games. He’ll develop much faster playing in 50-60 games with the Marlies than with the 20 or so he’d play with the Leafs. He’ll probably be the #1 for the Leafs in a year or 2.

    I’m starting to believe they are giving up on Tellqvist though. Eklund posted that they are interested in Noronen, and Telli certainly has shown much reason for optimism.

    As a sidebar, the Marchment rumor started because he missed a practice for a meeting with JFJ over his health. According to Rick Ley, he spent the night in the hospital. He has not been cut. Personally I think they should keep him. He’d be the ideal 7th dman. I heard the Carlo hasn’t had a great camp, so maybe he needs to start the year with the Marlies?

  21. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    As Ken “the hawk” Harrelson says………………

    Marchment, HE GONE!

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