Could the Leafs be looking to trade Reimer?

With Reimer’s deal up, it will force Toronto to likely make a decision in the offseason depending on his contract demands. When Edmonton was looking for a goalie earlier this season, it had been speculated by some that the Leafs should move Reimer, but that doesn’t sound like an idea that appeals to Nonis for this season.

“It’s possible, but unlikely,” Nonis said. “They’re both contributing. And you still don’t know if either one can play 60 games because they haven’t been put in that situation. As this year plays out, it’s a distinct possibility they’ll both play a career-high number of games. That’s a good opportunity for us to evaluate them as well. Never say never if ever something falls in your lap you’d have to say yes to, but it’s something that I really don’t see happening at all.”

Why not ride out the one-two punch as long as possible, while it’s still feasible under the cap?

“What we try to do is create where you have a 1A and 1B,” Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said Thursday morning. “Done it before. To say that we are the only coaching staff that’s ever done it is crazy. Terry Sawchuk and Johnny Bower played together, didn’t they? Right? … Grant Fuhr and Andy Moog played pretty well, pretty good tandem in Edmonton in their dynasty years. So there are examples that you can go back to where there has been two goaltenders that have went in and played very well for their hockey club. I think it’s a sign of strength, and it’s a great sign for the organization.”