Could the Leafs be looking to trade Reimer?

With Reimer’s deal up, it will force Toronto to likely make a decision in the offseason depending on his contract demands. When Edmonton was looking for a goalie earlier this season, it had been speculated by some that the Leafs should move Reimer, but that doesn’t sound like an idea that appeals to Nonis for this season.

“It’s possible, but unlikely,” Nonis said. “They’re both contributing. And you still don’t know if either one can play 60 games because they haven’t been put in that situation. As this year plays out, it’s a distinct possibility they’ll both play a career-high number of games. That’s a good opportunity for us to evaluate them as well. Never say never if ever something falls in your lap you’d have to say yes to, but it’s something that I really don’t see happening at all.”

Why not ride out the one-two punch as long as possible, while it’s still feasible under the cap?

“What we try to do is create where you have a 1A and 1B,” Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said Thursday morning. “Done it before. To say that we are the only coaching staff that’s ever done it is crazy. Terry Sawchuk and Johnny Bower played together, didn’t they? Right? … Grant Fuhr and Andy Moog played pretty well, pretty good tandem in Edmonton in their dynasty years. So there are examples that you can go back to where there has been two goaltenders that have went in and played very well for their hockey club. I think it’s a sign of strength, and it’s a great sign for the organization.”

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  1. doorman says:

    Unless it is an absolute no-brainer, neither goalie is going anywhere, IMO

    • blaze says:

      Try telling that to the goofs on hockey buzz. In their opinion Reimer is already gone. I love the platoon. It’s great to know an injury won’t devastate the team.

      I’d love to see Reimer sign a contract similar to what Bernier signed this off season.

      • mapleleafsfan says:

        If Bernier keeps giving up incredibly weak goals every other game I no longer have any interest in trading Reimer. I was on board before, but this is getting ridiculous. Bernier is awesome, but these crazy goals need to stop.

        • mojo19 says:

          I agree. Bernier seems to have that Carey Price/M-A Fleury condition where they let in really terrible goals in the middle of an otherwise solid performance.

          As for Reimer – it’s too much of an adventure when he’s in net. His rebound control is as bad as it comes, he is terrible at playing the puck, but he manages to keep the puck out.

          Both guys seem to have some strengths and weaknesses but above all, they seem to work well as a tandem. I’m with Nonis, let it play out for the rest of the year, no need to trade Reimer, then re-evaluate in the offseason.

          • Gambo says:

            I don’t think Reimer’s rebound control is as bad as it’s said to be. Sure, he’s no Belfour when it comes to rebound control, but I just think he’s underrated in that aspect.

            His puck control though, like you said is terrible. He can be caught out of position a lot of times too, but he always seems to make an incredible save to make up for that.

            I honestly don’t know which tendy I have more confidence in. Which is a good thing, because I am highly confident with both of them in net.

  2. doorman says:

    Ya not having a fall off is a great feeling, I think reimer signs a contract but there will only be one man standing in the end a season or two from now.

  3. leafy says:

    I see no shred of proof that Bernier is better than Reimer. In fact their stats are almost identical.

    Bernier has a razor thin edge in GAA, but Reimer is ahead in save % (obviously he’s faced more shots) and win %.

    So why does the media feel it’s Reimer who’s the odd man out? Is it because Bernier was a first round pick? Is it because there is an exaggerated belief that Reimer gives up rebounds?

    Some say it’s because Reimer is a bit unorthodox. But people said the same about Dominik Hasek when he broke into the league.

    Like people said, I like the platoon. No need to rush moving either goalie. In fact I believe the Leafs need BOTH goalies to even make the playoffs!!!

    • reinjosh says:

      I think it’s a combination of a bias against Reimer because he’s a later pick and Bernier being a first round pick, and the fact that management went out to get Bernier after Reimer led the Leafs to the playoffs last year.

      I have no problem with a platoon. If we could get Reimer to sign an extension, I’d love it. And I think he could. He’s not the type of guy who craves being “the guy” (I actually can speak to this. My cousin is good friends with him. They met at church lol).

  4. leafs_wallace93 says:

    If Reimer ask for too much money, then get a Bernier like return for him. A pick, a young forward or blueliner with promise and a useful throw with some cap relief. LA was really high on Frattin (well we all were).

    Keep Riemer for the year and post season though. We’re not getting a guy that gives us a better chance to win than him.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    i’m going to make a prediction on trade i think the leafs will make;
    to toronto:
    mike cammalleri
    mark giordano

    to calgary
    james reimer
    jake gardiner
    3rd pick in 2014

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      While Giordano would be a nice piece, the leafs would have absolutely no interest/need/capspace for cammy. If we’re trading it’s for an upgrade on D or Center.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    you guys will get calgary to pick up a portion or half of that salary for cammalleri giordano i believe is indeed available there and would up grade any teams top 4 he’d help the leafs immencely

  7. lafleur10 says:

    i think cammalleri upgrades your wingers big big time he’d be the sniper you guys are missing especially playoff time i think it makes sense that he goes there with giordano ,…..with burke in calgry knowing that he really likes reimer and brought gardiner in and he likes to make bold moves cammalleri doesn’t fir their long term plans ,plus the flames have no centers that would upgrade you guys everything you currently have is better than what they have …except monahan and you won’t get him he’s untouchable.

    • mojo19 says:

      Sorry lafleur, but with Kessel, JVR, Lupul as our top 3 wingers, Cammalleri would come in as the 4th best winger, but we would still have Raymond, Clarkson, and Kulemin, meaning one of them would have to play 4th line.

      We have the depth on the wing that Cammalleri wouldn’t provide much of an upgrade. Raymond was interested in signing with Calgary before he signed here, maybe if he was included in the deal, take out the pick and have Calgary throw a pick back, you might have something a little more interesting.

      Loving the Mark Giordano suggestion. But he’s the captain there, currently injured, and i just don’t think they would move him. Who knows though? Burkey has the Gardiner connection, that’s actually an interesting suggestion you’ve made.

  8. lafleur10 says:

    maybe mojo but cammalleriis a proven playoff performer and he’d produce great numbers with some of the guys he could pay with i disagree that he’d be the 4th best winger he’d be no less than 32 he’s an upgrade on lupul clarkson and kulemin he’d be just behind kessel imo i think your not giving him or his scoring ablity enough credit the guys better than all thos guys except kessel again his numbers back it up i really think you guys could get giordano he’s available there ,yeah he’s captain there but you can’t have enough leadership and he provides that with alot more i think he would be a real solid top 4 d-man and can provide offence on your 1st or 2nd p.p. unit that’s why i suggested him as part of a package that includes reimer and gardiner burkes loves to 2 guys and nonis doesn’t they’ll sort of fell out of favor with the leafs and calgary’s goaltending realy stinks they need an upgradetheir and reimer will give them that and gardiner will help that defence there as i said earlier maybe a trade like this is something that you gusy and the flames will do closer to the deadline
    to toronto:
    2nd rd pick

    to to calgary
    raymaond(as you suggest)
    3rd pick 2015

    • leafmeister says:

      Or, alternatively, Nonis could not trade the goaltender leading the league in SVP.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      I like the idea of Giordano, when he is healthy, and upgrading a rental winger like Kulemin or Raymond for Cammy is definitely a huge win for us but I wouldn’t give up our goaltending depth for slight upgrades. It might be worth it if we get a high end prospect back and ship Liles.

      Cammalleri ($6.000M – retain $3.0M)
      Giordano ($4.020M)
      Berra ($0.850M)


      Reimer ($1.800M)
      Gardiner ($0.875M)
      Kulemin ($2.800M)
      Liles ($3.875M – retain $1.5M each year)

      Giordano > Gardiner
      Cammalleri > Kulemin
      Wotherspoon >>>>> Liles (although maybe he becomes worth the contract in Calgary)
      Berra <<< Reimer

      Calgary gets a lot younger (with the exception of Liles who evens up the cap hits), picks up a starting goalie for the long term, and although they downgrade now in all other positions the deal can prove to be a win for the Flames when they are playoff ready (which will be a lot sooner with Reimer in net).

      The retained salaries are done that way so Toronto can fit under the cap this season and Calgary gets Liles at a more cap friendly contract as well as saves more cash long term.

      So many reasons it won't happen but I wouldn't move a goalie unless Toronto cleans up in the deal.

      • lafleur10 says:

        that is where you get calgary to tak on salary because they have a ton of cap space…i think you potentially could geta better prospect than wotherspoon too you get a high pick this year calagry’s will be a lottery pick in the top 5 and your not trading them anything worth the top 5 ,they are getting very good quality in the deal!

  9. razer1818 says:

    Any deals to Calgary must include J.M Liles as for the trade above you are trading $3.675M for $10.005M no sense and totally weaken or goal tending

  10. leafy says:

    Reimer baby! Steals another game. The kid gets no respect.

  11. leafy says:

    49 saves on 50 shots and he wins the shootout to boot.

    And the media wants this guy moved. Are you fucking kidding me?

      • lafleur10 says:

        no chance at that realistically

      • lafleur10 says:

        he won’t even get a look the 3 goalies for sochi are price,loungo,smith in that order

        • LN91 says:

          Sadly, that will most likely sink them.

          • lafleur10 says:

            well i guess we’ll have to see those guys give us a better chance at winning the gold than riemer does especially with the way price is playing right now

            • leafy says:

              First in the NHL is save % (and having a 2nd straight brilliant year), yet those other 3 goalies give us “a better chance”? You’ll have to explain that one Lafleur.

              • lafleur10 says:

                LEAFY price has won at every level so has luongo both have won wjc championship gold reimer hasn’t and although he’s
                s playing great price and luongo have handle pressure playing in big games’ example game 7 reimer hasn’t especially price right now he’s the best canadian goaltender in the game

                • leafy says:

                  Price has made it past the 1st round only once, but I’ll admit he’s playing well and add him as 1 goalie for Team Canada. Luongo’s numbers are nowhere near as good as Reimer’s or Bernier’s, even though those 2 goalies face FAR more rubber than Luongo. Plus Luongo is NOT a clutch goalie which has been proven time and again. As for Smith, you must be joking Lafleur.

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    LEAFY i’m not saying ghe doesn’t deserve a shot,but at the end of the day he won’t even get consideration smith has been mentioned as the 3rd goaltender for team canada and in all likelyhood will be there i know it’s unfair reimer should be but won’t price will be the starter and right is the best of all the canadian goaltenders loungo will go because he’s turned his play around in vancouver and smith despite having no stars in phoneix and a below avaerage team he just wins there if he wasn’t there they’d be terrible that’s what yzerman and co will look at

                • mapleleafsfan says:

                  Meh I think Reimer deserves a look. He’s been at the top in save % in the league the past year and a bit. He’s got the best save % in the league right now. Don’t see how that doesn’t deserve a look.

                  Price should definitely be there, Luongo will as well just because he won last time. As for those players handling high pressure though, that’s debatable. Canada’s WJC team is a favourite every year, despite goaltending. The Canadian goalie always has the best team in the tournament infront of them. Price’s playoff save % is also much, much worse than his regular season % (.905%, yuck), which hardly makes the case for him handling pressure. We’ve all seen Luongo’s chokes, but he was in net for the last gold medal so it’s hard to leave him off.

                  For Smith; Reimer has better stats, both this year, and for his career, on a team that is not nearly as solid defensively as Smiths.

                  I just don’t get why Reimer gets overlooked so hard. For some reason this big bandwagon started that he was garbage with absolutely no way to back it up. Reimer’s win/loss ratio with the Leafs would lead us to a 104 point season over a full season. Pretty impressive.

                • mapleleafsfan says:

                  Also none of those goalies have won at every level until they have a stanley cup 😉

    • toronto77 says:

      Ya, i don’t know where this Reimer hate is coming from? Despite all his adversity, he does not go away, he continues to win the job from his competitors. He stole his first job from Giguere, than Gustavsson(even though he was horrible), scrivens(who is an amazing back-up for LA right now) and now Bernier, competition is getting tougher but he is still finding a way to stay in there. I would like Bernier to win the job from Reimer but I love Reimer’s character right now it is turning into a great story.

      as the biggest Bozak hater on here, where is the Bozak hate from the media??? Phaneuf gets his fair share of hate whenever he deserves it but at least he has made an improvement.

      You look at almost every single player on this team, they were never handed a position, they had to work hard for it. Look at Reimer, Gardiner, Rielly, Franson, Fraser, Kadri, JVR, McClement, Lupul etc… When all these players came to the team expectations were up in the air of what these players would bring, but through some hard work all these players gained respect and were awarded with full-time positions.

      Bozak on the other hand was defaulted the no.1 C spot because he came to this team when it had its worst depth a centre in years, and it was down to either him or Grabo, but Wilson didn’t think Grabo and Kessel would gel because of their style of play and wanted to spread out the talent, and carlyle just left it the way it was when he arrived.

      Bozak better thank his lucky stars that the no.1 C spot is arguably the most hardest position to fill in the entire league!!! and the leafs are having a tough time trying to make an improvement. You can never ever sign one as a UFA because they are ALWAYS re-signed before that, you would have to sell half the farm to trade for one, so unless you draft one it is near to impossible to acquire one.

      Bozak was the worst forward in the playoffs last year for the leafs, why do you think Kadri was paired with Kessel in game 6 and 7, they were electric.

      I have no problem with Bozak staying on the team and being the no.3 C, but the no.1 C???? give me a fucking break!

      we are well above .500 right now and in a playoff spot so no need to take the no.1 spot away from him right now, but sooner or later we are going to have to make an improvement.

      • mapleleafsfan says:

        I am far from a Bozak supporter, but we are definitely a better team with him in the lineup. With Bozak, our PK was 2nd/3rd in the league. We’ve dropped all the way to 15th now, it’s been appalling.

        No argument that he’s not a first line Center obviously. But I’m looking forward to his return.

      • doorman says:

        I am not a Reimer hater, I love his personality and compete level. These guys are good for each other, period, for now. They will drive each other to play better, IMO. However it will not work forever. One will have to go, and truthfully the problem is with them both playing so well how do you know you have a true #1. there is a huge difference between 40-46 games and 65+, IMO. And as long as they are splitting those games, it will be a crap shoot once they no longer have each other for that push. But as i have said before with Nonis having traded for Bernier, it is logical he is the last man standing.

  12. leafy says:

    How about the Leafs signing Connor Brown? He’s the Leafs’ sixth round of the 2012 draft, 156th overall.

    In the OHL this year, he has a league-leading 46 points on 19 goals and 27 assists.

    That’s even better than his stats from last year when he was a point a game player.

    • toronto77 says:

      What a steal! hope to see him in the world juniors! and join the marlies in the playoffs at the end of the season.

    • LN91 says:

      1 and 8 in the OHL are Leafs draft picks…Connor Brown and Carter Verhaege (3rd round pick last year, 6’2 center).

      Verhaege is really interesting though, as Niagara is second-last in the O and he is only a -1 with 38 points in 25 games (Career high 44 points).

  13. toronto77 says:

    Good to see Grabo back with no bad blood, still keeps in touch with most of the players, I don’t know why carlyle didn’t use him move effectively but Grabo just spoke out in the heat of the moment and it’s water over the bridge now.

    Also good to see Versteeg back in Chicago, you can tell this guy never wanted to leave and even with this time in Toronto he still wanted to go back to Chicago.

  14. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Plus, how about Clarkson? I know many didn’t want us to go after him, but he has changed the dynamic of this team up-front. I remember saying about 5-6 games ago, don’t worry about the points, he is looking better every game and the points will come…now he has 4 pts in the last 5 games and is still getting better every game. This guy wasn’t going to stay off the score sheet forever. If he can get on a roll…Kadri/Bolland, Lupul, Clarkson could be deadly.
    Also, I have liked Holland’s game on the overall, which even makes me more pissed at the Bozak

    • LN91 says:

      With more experience and growth, Holland should be a better fit. I would hate it if they sent him down, I believe there’s possibly too much time a player can stay in the minors…Like the Leafs did with Colborne.

      • lafleur10 says:

        SOME GUYS are destined to be minor leaguers they lack foot speed etc to be regulars at the nhl level holland is a good fit for the leafs but wasn’t cutiing it in anaheim he couldn’t crack their top 3

        • LN91 says:

          Anaheim did not want to give him bottom-six minutes, and it was either first-line or second-line or bust.

          So, he had to compete with seasoned veterans like Getzlaf, Koivu, and Mathieu Perrault…It does not knock down his value as a prospect.

          • lafleur10 says:

            it does when he couldn’t beat out a veteran like koivu who’s best days are clearly behind him and mathieu perrault is one of those players to that he shoul’ve beaten out for a spot and didn’t but its nice to see him getting a chance with the leafs,however once bozak returns hollands fate wil be the minors

  15. LN91 says:

    Well, I finally got my Lupul-Kadri-Clarkson line I’ve been preaching since they signed him…And they looked pretty good!

    I liked Holland as well between JVR and Kessel, great pickup by Nonis!

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