LeafyMcLeaf: He has no clue what he is talking about.

I have to call out LeafyMcLeaf for his recent Leaf article posted this past Sunday.

Leafy Posted this part that makes no sense.

In Defense of Pat Quinn

I’ll admit I’ve been very critical of Pat Quinn over the years, but I will hate JFJ even more (if possible) if he fires Pat Quinn. Quinn has made this team great for years, one failed year, and people are wanting him to go, keep him aboard, he has a great system that the players love. He is to the Maple Leafs, and fellow Yankees fans don’t jump all over this, he is to the Maple Leafs and hockey, as Joe Torre is to the Yankees and baseball. Over the years, there’ll probably be a few players, including Ed Belfour who will or have signed here because they love Pat Quinn.


Comparring Pat Quin to Joe Torre. You got to be kidding me. They have nothing in common. Torre has at least won championships unlike Quinn. Leafy, for you to say that you will be mad if JFJ fires Quinn. Come on now Quinn showed this year he was one of the dumbest coaches. He always got caught with Berg, Khavonov and no namers against teams top lines and they got exposed. Also the coaching job Quinn did at the Olympics was terrible at best.

JFJ as GM should have the right to hire his own staff. JFJ has been a puppet of Quinn and MLSE. JFJ is the reason the Leafs might do ok next year because he has drafted well and managed the cap not that badly If JFJ gets fired, this shows that MLSE is not willing to win games and all they care about is money.

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  1. curtman96 says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying he has been the dumbest coach this year. He has rallied them up the past few weeks and gave a great run. The reason he puts guys like Berg and Khavonov out there is because thats what he has to work with. McCabe isnt much better defensively and Kaberle cant handle forwards as well with his size, although im a big Kaberle fan. McCabe and Kaberle receive more minutes than most defencemen in the league so you can’t say he doesnt play them enough. But, I agree he does put guys out there at all the wrong times especially with Belak, but there is not much you can do with that poor defensive group. Quinn has made bad decisions in dressing Berg and Khavanov instead of playing some of the talented young rookies they have and thats where I see his big mistake. Quinn is a good coach and is proven, its just time for a new direction with this team.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he is the best nhl coach in the old nhl, but quinns style is not suited for the new nhl. its bettmans fault not quinns

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Wow… the fact that you’re enough of a loser to sit and write an article attacking my opinion of Pat Quinn is sad… why not just post a comment? The comparison to Joe Torre was because players love both of them, and love to play for them. Joe Torre has done an excellent job recruiting for the Yankees, and as Paul Kariya said of Pat Quinn “He’s the kind of guy that you want to go to the wall for” that’s the hole comparison. It’s like if I were to say… Wellwood skates like Alex Kovalev, does that mean he’s as good as Kovalev? No, does it mean he shoots like Kovalev? No, does it mean he dekes like Kovalev? No.

    As Tim Allen said in “Toy Story”, you are a Sad, strange little man…

  4. Guero says:

    He had something to say and he said it. This is a forum, thats what you are supposed to do. Don’t worry about it, no one values anyone’s opion much higher than anothers to much of a degree on this site. You said what you wanted to, and he called you out on something he didn’t agree with.

    PS. Bad choice in quotes…. Tim Allen is a Sad, Strange little man….

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    Ever see the movie big fat liar??? You probably haven’t, it’s a kids movie that came out in 2002, I was like 9 or 10. Anyways, the big jack ass producer Marty Wolf… he reminds me of John Ferguson.

  6. Wilson52 says:

    Well Leafy, am I good or what. I called my shot and I hit it out of the park. I am sorry that I hurt your “feelings” because I had an opinion. You can use quotes from a guy that always screwed up on Home Improvement and in his private life. All this shows that you are not original.

    Anyways, Quinn had to go for many reasons before JFJ

    1) The GM should have the right to hire his own staff.

    2) Quinn had 7 seasons to get the job done and he didn’t deliver

    3) Misuse of players especially young players. He keept playing Berg and Khavanov over youngsters that were better. Also putting a talent like Lindros with Kilger and Domi. Are you kidding me? Lindros should of been on the second or first line.

    4) JFJ has drafted well in his short tenure.

    5) Guys like to play for Pat but he sure has no clue how to discipline them or communicate to them. Prime example, same guys taking dumb penalties and the way he coached Team Canada.

    6) Some of the trades he has made as GM has put the Leafs back years. Boyes, Steve Sullivan, Freddy Modin, etc.

    7) I could give you more but I will be here all night.

    Remember Leafy, the greatest hockey coach of all time Scotty Bowman was not the easiet guy to play for but the guy won. Unlike Bowman or Joe Torre, Quinn has not won the “BIG ONE”. I know what your response is going to be, so save your time. Quinn had to go, JFJ is the man and Joe Torre and Pat Quinn do not belong in the same sentence no matter what twist you use.

    After illustrating my points are you still going to say that Quinn deserves to be with the Leafs. The answer is simple. NO.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You’re such a loser… it’s laughable. So just because John Ferguson did it means you were right? I guess Jason Allison was a good signing? Khavanov was a real great move?

    Boyes was a deal that could’ve made us go all the way, unfortunately jack offs like Hoglund and Lumme choked. Sullivan was too small to work in the east, and Freddy Modin? Exactly what did he do (and really, what has he really done since) with Toronto to make him a big mistake for Pat Quinn… he did jack here, it wasn’t working out, there are just some guys who don’t fit in, and he didn’t.

    The teams Quinn had to work with (especially this year) were bull shit, you can’t blame him.

    Yes, a coach has failed when Todd Bertuzzi takes a dumb penalty….

    Khavanov played great, I love the guy, he blocked shots, he took hits, he threw hits, he’d get hit in the face with a puck or stick, get stitched up and come right back, you gotta love the guy.

    Did you know that all the young defenseman he wasn’t play were hurt??? Kronwall, Colaiacovo, Harrison, and Wozniewsky are all hurt.

    And Well, the fact is, you don’t fire a coach just because you’re relatively new, and you didn’t hire the guy. If you took over the the Red Wings in 2002, would you have fired Scotty Bowman??? I don’t think so.

    The one point I’d really have to agree with you on is the misuse of Lindros, but O’neill got *****ed on that the most.

  8. Wilson52 says:

    Say what you want but facts and stats do not lie Leafy. Let me give a crash course. The player you said that played great “Alexander I should have not of made that pass” stats were this.

    GP G A PTS +/-

    64 6 6 12 -11

    This really shows how much you know about hockey when you say Khavanov played great. What games were you watching this year? He was a pylon and a human give away machine when he was on the ice. Its funny how the Leafs record really improved when he did not play.

    “Khavanov was a real great move?” then say later

    “Khavanov played great, I love the guy, he blocked shots, he took hits, he threw hits, he’d get hit in the face with a puck or stick, get stitched up and come right back, you gotta love the guy.”

    I love your contradicting approach. Was he good or bad? Its like saying a girl is half pregnant.

    As for JFJ some of the moves were his fault, I am not letting off the hook but to say he is fully responsible is a joke. At least JFJ was smart enough to get $20 million or more in cap room to make a move. Quinn also had a big say in what happened. He wanted certain players and he was that was playing them. JFJ was a puppet for Quinn and MLSE. Now that Quinn is gone, we can see what JFJ is really made of. By the way JFJ has drafted really well unlike your buddy Quinn (ie. Pogge, Rask, Earl and more to come) and not trade them for over the hill guys that did nothing for a Stanley Cup run.

    Your Scotty Bowman analysis was terrible and out of line. Yes the GM has the right to hire his own staff but here is the difference. Bowman is regarded as the best coach in NHL history and has won more Stanley Cups than any other coach. Quinn on the other hand has not won a CUP. See the difference? It is simple common sense but you seem to lack that. Also, Quinn had no control of his teams, they lacked discipline, an identity, chemistry, focus and I could go on and on. Remember, he was the one that kept playing Bertuzzi and Pronger in the Olympics when they were by far the worst players on Team Canada. Just like Berg, Lumme and Hoglund (Quinn moves by the way) and other bums on the Leafs.

    Finally, Brad Boyes

    GP G A Points +/-

    82 26 43 69 +11

    He got these stats on a terrible team. A player that Quinn let go for Nolan the hunter.

    Modin, decent scorer, rocket shot, Top line winger on Sweden’s gold medal team and oh yeah a Stanley Cup, something Quinn does not have.

    Sullivan to small to play in the East? Common. The guy has been a consistent scorer, great skater, good creativity and a pretty responsible player. So what if he is small. The guy produces and Quinn let him go for NOTHING. But oh yeah he is too small to play in the East. I guess someone forgot to pass your memo to Fleury, Gomez, Samsonov, McCauley (on his playoff terror) Briere, Koivu, Tucker, St. Louis and more. But oh yeah Sullivan was too small.

    Kinda of odd how some players Quinn can’t use do really well on other teams now and the players he loves are bums altogether.

    Call me a loser all you want but stop kissing Quinn’s butt. Just like with the Leafs and other teams he has coached, he cannot win the CUP. He . At least with JFJ you get a fresh approach and a chance to build for the future which most Leaf fans just like you cannot accept.

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