LeafyMcLeaf: He has no clue what he is talking about.

I have to call out LeafyMcLeaf for his recent Leaf article posted this past Sunday.

Leafy Posted this part that makes no sense.

In Defense of Pat Quinn

I’ll admit I’ve been very critical of Pat Quinn over the years, but I will hate JFJ even more (if possible) if he fires Pat Quinn. Quinn has made this team great for years, one failed year, and people are wanting him to go, keep him aboard, he has a great system that the players love. He is to the Maple Leafs, and fellow Yankees fans don’t jump all over this, he is to the Maple Leafs and hockey, as Joe Torre is to the Yankees and baseball. Over the years, there’ll probably be a few players, including Ed Belfour who will or have signed here because they love Pat Quinn.


Comparring Pat Quin to Joe Torre. You got to be kidding me. They have nothing in common. Torre has at least won championships unlike Quinn. Leafy, for you to say that you will be mad if JFJ fires Quinn. Come on now Quinn showed this year he was one of the dumbest coaches. He always got caught with Berg, Khavonov and no namers against teams top lines and they got exposed. Also the coaching job Quinn did at the Olympics was terrible at best.

JFJ as GM should have the right to hire his own staff. JFJ has been a puppet of Quinn and MLSE. JFJ is the reason the Leafs might do ok next year because he has drafted well and managed the cap not that badly If JFJ gets fired, this shows that MLSE is not willing to win games and all they care about is money.