Lecavalier to Canucks

The Boston Herald reports that Vancouver Canucks General Manager Brian Burke will try to deal for Tampa Bay Lightning Vincent Lecavalier or Boston Bruin Bill Guerin. It is not clear if Burke will trade during the offseason or before the trade deadline but Vancouver will be doing business for good talent in the near future.

The most unlikely scenario is that Boston trades Guerin. As a Bruins fan I know that Guerin will not be traded to Vancouver unless it is for Todd Bertuzzi who is an untouchable. The only way to go for Vancouver in the trade department is pursue Lecavalier who Tampa Bay would like to get rid of. Plus Vancouver has some decent trade bait with Trevor Linden, Mattias Ohlund, and in my mind Bryan Allen.

Vancouver will try to trade before the deadline because they need a goalscoring center, and can’t put to much pressure on goaltending, because there really isn’t any.
Vancouver could trade for a goaltender but will probably wait until the offseason to make a signing.

Vancouver wants Lecavalier because he would be working with Bertuzzi on the left and both could probably post over 100 points if put together on same line. What would Vancouver have to give up, however? Linden and Ohlund are probably the most likely people to be dealt. Vancouver has great pairings in the back and won’t be to upset departing with Ohlund. Linden is a leader in the locker room and could help rejuvenate the team and put up some good numbers. I don’t see this trade involving any more players than needed. The trade would work out for both teams and would help Tampa Bay build for the next season.

One thing is for sure and that is Vancouver will land an impact player either during this season or during the offseason through signings. Vancouver could get another big name like New Jersey Devil Bobby Holik, but Vancouver is looking for really young talent to call their own.

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