Legit Backup for the Canucks

As mentioned on the Hot Stove Chicago is looking to unload a goaltender…. Either Brian Boucher or Patrick Lalime (who are 2nd and 3rd in the depth chart right now). Nonis could easily acquire one of these goaltenders for a midround pick but it is also rumored that canucks are trying to involve Brent Seabrook in this trade. This is unlikely to happen as when Canucks were interested before in Seabrook Chicago wouldn’t give him up unless there was youth coming back there way.

4 Responses to Legit Backup for the Canucks

  1. canucks_fan2 says:

    k this really doesnt have much to do with this but i am gettin so sick and tired of u *****in ppl rippin on the canucks about trades u call urself fans u rip on them where there in a slump and u still rip on them with there 7-1-2 in there last 10 games stop writin this *****in stupid shit and believe that our team will win the cup

  2. yogi says:

    If you were any kind of fan yourself you'd know that the canucks need a sufficient back up if they're 7-1-0 or 1-7-0.

  3. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    HOLY CRAP 7-1-2 and you're already planning on winning the stanley cup without a legitimate backup goaltender. Geez leafs fans get ripped for sayin we have a chance to make the playoffs when we have an 8-4 record in January and then you come out like this and you're not the only one in the league. It's just a case of hypocrasy from fans around the league. I'm not sayin we're goin to the cup I'm not sure if we'll make the playoffs but I do know if all the Canucks staff and players thought like you do they would be going nowhere fast.

  4. vanfan1910 says:

    hey im with you on this one but it still would be nice to get some help up front

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