Lightning to shop Brad Richards at the draft???

The Ottawa Sun is providing some huge rumor information. They are reporting that the Tampa Bay Lightning may be willing to trade Brad Richards and his huge contract at this weekends entry drat to either Chicago, Philly or the Phoenix Coyotes, the teams that hold the first several picks at the draft.

It is reported that the Lightning may need to clear out some contract space in order to sign a goalie. Richards is said to possibly be expendable due to the recent trade for Chris Gratton. HTR believes that Gratton is in no way a top player any longer and that the Lightning would be sorely disappointed by the end of October if they tried to replace Richards talent with the often uninspired Gratton.

Read the article from the Ottawa Sun from its source

36 Responses to Lightning to shop Brad Richards at the draft???

  1. Girardi46 says:

    I hope they don't think Hlavac will take them very far…

  2. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Toronto should get in on this, depending on what the Light is looking for.

  3. leniwm1 says:

    I can totally see this happening, because it makes so much sense right now with 3 top draftees, and Richards is vastly overpaid and overrated. He, like Datsyk and others should not be paid on how many "nice moves" they pull off. Granted, Pavel had an OK playoff, still, not enough. And Richards, dont get me started on him.

  4. malkin_71 says:

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  5. 29teamsrock says:

    Toronto should get into every trade right now… but alas, they have nothing anyone wants.

  6. Neely4Life says:

    Anymore?? Is HTR implying that Gratton was ever a top tier player?

  7. phat_cat says:

    Tampa wants one of the top picks in the draft… Toronto is sitting 13th. Not gonna happen there.

  8. malkin_71 says:

    One spot left

  9. the_word says:

    This is wishful thinking, but Richards is exactly what the Leafs need, a talented young centerman to build the future of the franchise around.  He is locked up long term on an expensive contract, but if aquired is an untouchable.  The Leafs have no one (included Kaberele) whose is untouchable.  Oppertunities to get a talent this good and this young don't come along very often.  Any team that picks up Richards would be fortunate.  If I'm JFJ, I pick up the phone and ask Fester what does it take.

  10. Mainer87 says:

    Leafs' Fans pipe dreams are always laughable. Richards isn't going anywhere.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Datsyuk is a much, much, much more skilled player than Brad Richards. Richards has no hands, if he's not coming in on a guy with a lot of speed he's not going to beat him. Dats can stick handle in a phone booth, something Richards could never do. Richards mis-handles passes a lot too, his hands are made out of cement. OVER RATED AND OVER PAID. But Dats is alright, I can't agree with you there.

  12. bernie1parent says:

    from the flyers stand point, why!?  unless you can get tampa to eat some of that contract, which still wont matter b/c it will still count a shit load against the cap.  The flyers should just make an offer to gomez that he can't refuse, hes better then richards and will come at a smaller cost then 7.8 million.  I'm figuring a 5 year deal for 32.5 mill would do the trick.  Thats 6.5 per year, a 1.3 difference between him and richards.  Id rather take gomez then richards, unless we could manage to swing lecavieller, haha, thats not happening though.

  13. the_word says:

    Thanks for the insight douchebag

  14. rlhockey46 says:

    how old is gomez   

    how old is richards

    how old is briere

    id rather have briere though.

    but how old are these guys.

  15. nonhl2005 says:

    My thought exactlly when I read that.

    I remember a game in Philly when he stayed on the ice after the period to talk to an official. The Mighty Mites ( one of the local hockey leagues for 8-12 years ) came on to the ice and one of the players bumped into Gratton. The little kid stayed on his feet but Gratton didn't. That is a perfect example of his career.

  16. nonhl2005 says:

    Gomez – December 23, 1979
    Richards – May 2, 1980
    Briere – October 6, 1977

  17. Gagne1286 says:

    I like Richards, I believe some his numbers were skewed due to that he didn't play on 1st line with Vinny and Martin, but I could be wrong. He's a good player, but not 7.8 million good, I for one hope the Flyers don't swing a deal to land him. Like you say I would rather have Gomez than Richards, because than you wouldn't have to trade away and picks or prospects, and he'll be at least a million cheaper than Richards.

  18. bernie1parent says:

    gomez is 5 months older then richards and briere is 2 years older then gomez.  So gomez will be 28 this december.  Not enough of a gap to really care, except maybe on briere, but i dont think hes going to leave buffalo.
    Here are some stats though to compare the three for the last two years
    Richards-05 (82gp 23g 68a 91pts +0)
                 06 (82gp 25g 45a 70pts -19)
    Gomez-05 (82gp 33g 51a 84pts +8)

               06 (72gp 13g 47a 60pts +7)
    Briere-05  (48gp 25g 33a 58pts +3)
             06  (81gp 32g 63a 95pts +17)
    and just because i have a feeling that he might get traded, i'll throw him into the mix
    Marleau-05 (82gp 34g 52a 86pts -12) (turns 28 in sept)
                06 (77gp 32g 46a 78pts +9)
    i mean, out of these, this is the order id like to have of these guys,
    Briere, Gomez, Marleau, Richards
    Id dont see briere leaving Buffalo, but i can see both marleau and richards getting traded, now if the flyers are willing to trade with their top pick, i dont think they are, so i think you'll see gomez in a philly uniform, unless biron can pull some major strings and attract briere since they were room mates on the road and good friends when they were in buffalo.  I dont know, i guess we'll just have to wait and see, but i suspect something will go down on friday, not necessarily involving the flyers though.

  19. bernie1parent says:

    if they go for any trade, id like to see them go after marleau, but id still rather them keep the pick and draft van wilder from cherry hill, NJ and then sign gomez, get some american blood on our team.

  20. wayne2 says:

    Well,if Tampa needs to get rid of Richards because of his salary maybe Toronto satands a chance at getting him and although he is overpaid it is for long term and he is a good young skilled centermen.With the Sundin signing you guys would have a solid one two centers.Richards is specialy a good playmaker.

  21. mundus80 says:

    note to sather. trade montoya and pock and Immonen to phx for first round pick and morris or boynton or a second round pick. then trade both  first round picks and Dubinsky for richards. and do it now

  22. mundus80 says:

    then sign lang.
    line one Straka-Lang/Nylander-Jagr
    line two Shanahan-Richards-Avery
    line three Hossa-Cullen-Callahan/Prucha
    line four Dawes/Bourret-Betts-Ortmeyer/Hollweg
    i think this team would do very well bring orr up when they play a big team but other then that its pretty good.

  23. Radio says:

    Richards is also not a "top-tier" player. A tier a head of Gratton for sure. But not in the NHL elite, although his salary claims otherwise.

  24. Radio says:

    Wasn't there an article on HTR a month or so ago that said Lightning to keep their "big" three"

  25. mojo19 says:

    Sorry Word, cannot agree with you here. Richards isn't that good at all. Kaberle is more of an untouchable than Richards. Richards isn't untouchable at all, and with his contract I wouldn't want him. I'd take him at 4 mil, but not 7. He's brutal and over rated.

  26. the_word says:

    Had a mediocre year by his standards, had a 90 point season coming out of the lockout and still is yet to hit his prime. He put up these numbers on the second line (he doesn't have St.Louis on his wing, gets less PP time etc…) and he plays a complete game, he's a sound two way forward. Brilliant hockey IQ. Tampa agrees with me, its not common to see a team offer an a long term extension paying the max. Tampa didn't even let him become an RFA because they knew he'd fetch a offer sheet. I may be biased, I've always been impressed by this guy.

  27. KingCanada says:

    Richards makes too much money, like 7.8 hes not worth it IMO ontop of us having to give them something back. NO DICE!

  28. KingCanada says:

    Yo Kabrele is a BARGAIN at his salary, easily our BEST defencemen, u can bet ur ass hes untouchable!  He can turn on a dime, evade anyone, the man's a GHOST when he has the puck, u just cant take it from him, u gotta wait till he skates out from the defensive zone, brings it into the offensive zone, then he passes it to someone and MAYBE ull get the puck then.  The guy is the Leafs future on defence, untouchable IMO and pretty much everyone else's.

    Richards IMO is overpaid/overrated, and if we were to trade for him we wouldnt be able to attempt to sign Smyth.  We can get Smyth for free (tradewize) instead of having to give something up for a player that doesnt fit the Toronto mold as well as Smyth IMO.

    Smyth over Richards

  29. the_word says:

    Leafs would dodge a bullet if they don't sign Smyth. Smyth's career will be on the decline as he ages and is gonna want a long term contract. I'd rather see the Leafs go into next season with 6 million of cap room than lock themselves into Smyth long term. Next year Symth will be the definition overpaid and overrated, hell even Kevin Lowe could read the writting on the wall. Not to mention its never a good sign when the Islanders are trying to sign someone long term.

    I agree Kaberele is a bargain, our best defenseman and a top 10 ten defenseman in the league. He isn't a player you can build a franchise around though (especially seeing how he only has two years left on his contract, then he'll fetch a huge raise). Kaberele is an excellent piece on a roster, but he isn't a foundation. Getting Richards means you have cornerstone to build a franchise around.

  30. Maxvince says:

    I beleive the Lightning can get a lot for Brad Richards and I hope they will ask more then a good spot for the next draft. So here something I believe can be good for the Lightning and Montreal. Let's take a look:

    From Tampa: Brad Ridhards

    From Montreal: Alex kovalev, T. Plekanec, J. Halak

    I think both team get what they want, Tampa get some space on the salary cap and two good young guys. Plus Kovalev will probably love to play under Tortorella because he only use two line in tampa so Kovalev will get a lot of ice time.

    For Montreal they will get the center they were looking for and they have the money to pay him is big salary. With Kovalev gone it's 4.5M less to pay.

    Anyway let me know what you think about that.

  31. the_word says:

    No one want Kovy's contract, Halak isn't a starting goaltender, the last thing Tampa need is another goaltender than is barely LNH quality.

    So its a bad contract, filler and T. Plekanec for Richards?  Not gonna happen.

    Richards for Montreal's 1st, Ryder, Higgins and Huet, that'd be fair package

  32. Penssuck says:

    Richards is over rated?  Smyth over Richards?

    If i'm the leafs, a actualy real life center seems great to me.  COnsidering you have a bunch of has beens/wannabe's down the middle. 

    Kabrele isn't all that, but he most def doesn't suck by any means.  I hate how leaf fans keep preaching about how he was a bargain, wait until his contract is up and your paying him 6 or 7 mil a year. 

    Evade anyone?  I've seen him get laid out a dozen times that are fresh in my mind.  He's really good, but please, stop the non sense.

  33. Pony says:

    Not to mention an over PPG game playoff average with a Conn Smythe to top it off, something neither of the other big three can say.

  34. Pony says:

    Bias and contract aside there is no one on Philly I would take over Kaberle.What exactly was your point on his contract, he is an insane bargain and will be for the next 4 years. By your logic there is no such thing as a good contract because someday they end, crazy.

    If they're so fresh in your mind other than the Janssen hit why don't you share some and stop the non sense.

  35. mojo19 says:

    I'm not saying he's not good, but he's over rated for sure. And he plays top PP unit (sometimes on the point, sometimes down low). If not for his hot playoff and unfortunate winning of the Conn Smythe he doesn't get that contract. And he has hit his prime, he's in it now, this is as good as he can play, and he mis-handles more passes than any other "star" in the league. He's brutal to watch live. But he's got a speed and a shot so he can hurt you on the rush. I hate him personally, so I guess I'm biased too.

  36. the_word says:

    Richards was a star going into that playoff run and he matured into a superstar during that Stanly Cup winning stretch (lets not marginalize that).  Followed it up with a 90 point season (thats pretty impressive).  Most centers peak around 30-33 years old, Richards is still got some upside in him. 

    I must not be watching the same Tampa games as you, because from what I've seen he's best asset is his decision making with the puck.

    No big deal, its not like he's coming to the Leafs anyway.

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